Chapter 28

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The Person Who Made Me a Selfish Woman

As I was walking along the path of the garden of the royal palace, I hear bird’s singing from the opposite side of tree leaves that were filtered by the sunlight.
The light and pleasant wind, gently brushing on my cheeks feel comfortable.

Unlike the hurried atmosphere inside the Royal Palace, the path to Obaasama’s place is tranquil with almost no pedestrian traffic.
Although I know it’s not good to roam the Royal Palace without a single maid, but it has been my habit since I was a child to walk alone.

“A bird, huh…”

I suddenly remember something unpleasant.

Yes, the descent of the Maou Berta.

The vest I embroidered saved the life of a small bird (Apparently).
That is excellent.
The children were delighted, and the vest proved to be useful for Wirbel’s safety. The best possible outcome.
However, when the best possible outcome is accompanied by the lack of common sense, it will turn out to be not so good.

Right, what I mean by the lack of common sense is that it’s not normally possible to grant clothing magical effects.
There are legends about swords and armor imbued with the power of magic, but those are merely legends.

Moreover, those are apparently created by the gods, not something that could be produced by a human’s hand.
To add even more oil to the fire, the magical powers lie not in Masterpiece weapons or armor made by skilled craftsmen, but in ordinary daily clothes. (That is what the Maou-sama told me with bloodshot eyes)

And, the lack of common sense number two, is the magical effect.
First, it’s not possible for a half-dead bird to instantly recover. (Absolutely not possible! It seems)

In the first place, the healing magic is not almighty, its effects vary from person to person.
Even if the effect is the same, the experience and knowledge of the individual will influence it.
Although healing magic has a general use, appropriate treatment is still necessary.
Everything won’t get solved with a chant of a spell.

Despite all this! I have sewed healing magic into the clothes. I did not have a particular effect in mind.
When it comes to the words I was unconsciously thinking while embroidering, that would be “complete recovery,” “miracle,” “rescue,” and such.

It turned out like that as a result.
Because the small bird has miraculously recovered.

This is the lack of common sense.
Berta-san broke into tears… I am deeply sorry for making you worry. Yes.

First of all, I forbade the children from speaking about it.
Because it will definitely make a ruckus if this spreads.

“Oh well, I think my magic improved?”

If I said that in front of Berta, I would get knocked down. Probably.
Besides, I am conscious of how much I can improve my magic the day after tomorrow.

I think “ingenious” counts as words of praise nowadays. Fu.

“That’s gross.”

While loosening my lips and talking to myself, a rude remark resounds from behind me.

I was surprised at the sudden voice, but I knew whose voice it is before turning around.

“Oh my, what a happy meeting, Your Highness Justus.”

“Ah, because of your weird face, my good mood was spoiled.”

I almost unconsciously crushed Obaasama’s present in my hands.

Face!? Of all things the face!?
If you’d say weird behavior, I wouldn’t be able to retort. It’s the truth after all.
But, a weird face, you say!?
Amalie is a baby-faced beauty! It sends (should) people into mania!

Moreover, pointing out the thing woman are most concerned about, you fail as a gentleman.
This fellow fails as a prince! Go follow Ojisama’s and Bel Niisama’s perfect gentlemanly conduct and relearn! This dumbass prince!

“Oh my, Your Highness, there’s dust on your shoulder…”

“Ouch! What are you doing!?”

High Highness Justus grimaces in pain.

“I just picked up the thread from your shoulder, you know?”

“Stop lying! You have splendidly pinched me!”

“My, so exaggerating! To complain of pain after being touched a bit, you areally are frail, are you not?”

I look at His Highness Justus with an evil smile.

“This stubborn wicked woman! Feigning friendliness in front of Chichiue and others!”

“Oh my, I am not feigning. My attitude just depends on the person I am talking to.”

“Don’t be so full of yourself!”

We match our eyesight and glare at each other.

It is like this since we were children.
This person is Bel Niisama’s young brother, the second prince of this country, and he always picks fights with Amalie for some reason.
Amalie continued this without settling, and this sour relationship was born.

“Chichiue and the others spoil you too much! Even if your eyes look like beans and your mouth protrudes from your face, they always say how cute you are! They say that this grain is adorable!”

Who are you calling a grain!? I will bury you!!
His behavior is too improper? Yes, that’s right! This fellow is a dumb eggplant after all!!

“Someone like you, Bel Niisama is…”

I start talking and quickly shut my mouth.

“What is it, just say it properly? I’m just a failure that doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to my superior older brother, that’s what you wanted to say, right?”

“… I have not said such a thing.”

Because his older brother is too great, His Highness Justus is sensitive about getting compared to his older brother.
He has been wounded by the casual words of adults since he was small.

“Stop lying! You, the selfish woman who always says offensive things doesn’t care about hurting other people with your words.”

“… I am sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”


The silence between the two people completely changed the mood from the previous dispute.

“… You, are you happy right now?”

His Highness Justus mutters.

“… Yes.”

“I see… well, Duke Flaksburb is pitiful, but well, I’m glad. I’m not so free to spare all my free time for you, I’m leaving now. Laters… Millie.”

“Yes, see you again.”

When I say that, His Highness Justus faintly smiles and walks down the path.

When Amalie was a really little child, she was a reserved, obedient child.
Coming to the Royal Palace, she hardly spoke.
The one who made the selfish, hysteric woman within Amalie bloom, was in a sense, His Highness Justus.

Quarreling and shouting at each other.
Rather than being shut out by herself, would it be better to say that Amalie was rescued by becoming hysterical?

By quarreling with His Highness Justus when she was a child, Amalie spat out her accumulated emotions.
Changing a little by little, Amalie became known as a bad, selfish woman, but if she hasn’t fought with His Highness Justus in those days, Amalie would perhaps already meet with misfortune.

“If it can’t be helped, I wouldn’t mind marrying you, you know?”

I feel irritated every time I remember that, but those words were His Highness Justus’ words of kindness without a doubt.
This is really irritating, though!

The proposal of His Highness Eggplant.
There was no mutual love no doubt, but there was some certain sense of solidarity.
Because there would definitely be blood flying if I married to that gentlemen, I’m really glad that I didn’t accept his proposal, but well, was it wrong to completely ignore it?

But, there’s no woman who would be happy from hearing “Can’t be helped” “I wouldn’t mind”.
As his childhood friend, I think that a cute wife that will suit His Highness Justus will appear soon.

Do your best! Eggplant prince!

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