Chapter 27

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The Place of the Loved One
“Please, wait here a moment.”

To room I was guided to is a room I am “well familiar” with.

The elegant yet not too extravagant furniture represents the character and profoundness of the master of this room.
It’s well-kept, but it didn’t change much from the time I were here for the first time when I was a child.

A natural smile floats on my face.
This is the place the little Amalie has loved.
Her favorite place of the person she loves.
Over here, her heart wouldn’t freeze, a gentle, warm time passes here.

In front of that favorite person…


“Come in.”

When I look towards the door, a wagon with tea comes in the room first.
And then, I heard a familiar voice.

“Heya, Princess.”

Youth with an elegant face approaches me with a smile on his whole face.

“Bel Niisama! What is going on? Should you not be working at this time? I have heard that documents have piled up in the preparations for the Founding festival.”

“Ah, I had trouble thanks to your husband and His Excellency the Prime Minister.”

Like the mischievous boy he is, Bel Niisama broadly grins.

“My, have you slipped out?”

“Because Chichiue was in a strangely good mood today, I asked him what’s going on, and he told me that Millie is coming today! That person kept silent so he could monopolize you. Seriously! Unbelievable.”

“Millie” is Amalie’s pet name, only four people in this world call me like that since childhood.
Otousama and Okaasama aren’t among those people.

“I think he did not want to make things to grandiose because I was the one who wanted to see him this time.”

“No, he definitely thought of me as a hindrance.”

Bell Niisama declares with resentment.

“Then, what is going on with that Chichiue-sama? I guess you are busy, aren’t you?”

“Let’s see, certainly it is busy. Despite that, he was planning to make himself free for a considerable time. It would be okay if it was only that, however, he forced all his work on me so he could spend a happy time with Millie!”

I came to the Royal Palace after a long time, but troubled smiles float on these people faces as usual.

Although Bel Niisama and Ojisama have the reputation of sharp and able people to the public, they act childish in front of Amalie.
Since the old days, Ojisama and Bel Niisama were more affectionate to Amalie than her birth father and brother.

“By the way, Bel Niisama, you did not possibly transport the wagon yourself, did you?”

She looks at the wagon with tea near the door while saying so.

“Ah, I just told a maid to bring it here. Can I ask you to prepare the tea, Millie?”

Naturally, tea brewing is one of the basic practices for women born in good families. However, in aristocratic society purely based on social status, one of high social standing is not allowed to prepare the tea for someone of lower standing than his own.
However, it’s unnecessary for Bel Niisama to take that into consideration.

That’s because Bel Niisama is this country’s His Highness the Crown Prince.

“Chichiue will probably come soon. Let’s have tea before that. Can I hear Millie’s recent happenings?”

Bel Niisama wants to start without Bel Niisama’s Chichiue-sama, in other words, this Morgenrot Kingdom’s His Majesty the King.
However, it’s not like I can reject His Highness the Crown Prince.
Well, although I know this person wouldn’t get angry even if Amalie rejected.

“I am not sure if it can be called recent happenings, but I made new sweets the other day. I have brought it with me, would you like to eat it?”

“Ah, is it perhaps the one next to the tea?”

I show Bel Niisama a covered plate on the wagon.

“Yes, it looks like they prepared it in the kitchen.”

When the tea is poured into the cup and put together with the sweets on the table, Bel Niisama puts the sweets in his mouth at once.

“This is called Baumkuchen. I hope it suits your tastes.”

Before I could finish, Baumkuchen disappeared from Bel Niisama’s plate.

“Delicious! Millie, I have never eaten sweets like that! Did a chef from the Flaksburb House come up with this? This Baumkuchen? only wants me to open a store! I will happily present the Royal Family purveyor sign!”

Haha, a dry laugh escapes his mouth.

I think I can see a vivid afterimage of Becker when I close my eyes.
I have recently learned that Becker is unexpectedly running wild and getting carried away.
I have learned that he’s so enthusiastic that he runs around spreading strange anecdotes of me.

“Thank you very much. The person who made it would definitely be honored.”

When I try to deceive with harmless and inoffensive words, the door suddenly makes a loud noise.

“Millie! I have kept you waiting. Some people were getting in my way!”

After talking to me while smiling, His Majesty the King of our country glared at his son.

“Chichiue, you were quick. To shake off those two this fast, as expected of Chichiue. However, I would like you not to disturb Millie’s and my time.”

The two top people of this country start arguing.

“Umm, Ojisama? Bel Niisama?”

When I call to them, they turn towards me with gentle smiles.

“Millie, forgive me. Even though you have a business with me, this idiot is getting into our way.”

“Millie was enjoying her time with me until Chichiue disturbed us.”

The two started calling each other hindrance and nuisance repeatedly and plunged into a childish war of words.

“Millie’s first puppy love was me!”

“I was expecting for Chichiue to bring that up, but that was only a little girl’s delusion. If I were a little older at that time, the results would be completely different, don’t you think?”

“Fu, stop making poor excuses. It’s unsightly.”

“Chichiue is the one who is unsightly. Millie’s son has the “bel” taken from my name, you know? She is calling him while thinking of me everyday.”

“How laughable! I thought what you were going to say next. You must have coerced Duke Flaksburb anyway, right?”

These people… while being at a loss, a calm voice called from the other side of the door.

“Your Majesty, Your Highness Belhold, your voices are echoing even around the corridor. Lowering your voices is highly advised.”


“Prime Minister.”

Ojisama and Bel Niisama turn towards the prime minister of Morgenrot Kingdom with uneasy expressions.

“Your Highness Belhold, His Majesty has an appointment, I’m terribly sorry, but I would like Your Highness to return to the office.”

“… Haa, Millie, see you later.”

Bel Niisama resigned and left the room.

“Then, excuse me.”

The prime minister politely bows and just before leaving turns towards me.

“You look healthy, Amalie.”

“Yes, I am glad Otousama also seems healthy above all.”

The gazes are silently exchanged.

His Excellency, the Prime Minister, is Amalie’s father.

I honestly don’t know how Otousama feels about me. I have never been given anything or scolded by him in the past. He has never been disgusted with me, but he also didn’t show any affection.
He was in the Royal Palace more often than at home with Okaasama and me.
Otousama who has married a princess who was the former king’s niece and the present king’s cousin must have various circumstances going on.


When I sank into deep thoughts after seeing Otousama off, Ojisama gently called to me.

This person always made Amalie calm down.
In front of this person, Amalie wasn’t a hysterical woman, but an obedient and slightly bashful girl.
The person who was the target of my first love.

“Ojisama, thank you for making time for me today. Please, listen to my story at once.”

Thus, I began talking about the powder and its dangerous effects.

“A poison… I understand, I will do something about it. It is definite if you have seen it with your ability.”

Ojisama promised the restriction of the powder.

Only Ojisama knows about this special ability of mine.

When I first became aware of it, I was really frightened.
Amalie who was taught by her mother that strong magic makes her an abomination was extremely frightened of her new ability.
Without being able to talk to anyone, only Ojisama noticed Amalie’s anxiety.
It’s not evil. It’s very useful, unique ability, he said.
I was extremely relieved. It was too heavy secret for a little girl to bear.

“Thank you very much.”

“Yes, not then, I shall return back to work. It will be troublesome if I get scolded by Raimund again.”

Good grief, Ojisama shrugs his shoulders.

“I will now go to show my face to Obaasama.”

“Right. If you return home without seeing Hahaue first, she will force herself to your house.”

If it’s Obaasama she would really do it, I exchange glances with Ojisama, and we laugh.

Obaasama who is the Queen Mother, is a gentle person loved by the people of this country.
However, she’s also a person you don’t want to anger.
She’s also a person I genuinely want to see.

Now then, shall I go to meet Obaasama!

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