Chapter 22

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Let’s Make it Together
“Okaasama! I would like to try making something too!”

While enjoying the tea and sweets that become our daily practice, Wirbel suddenly said this.

“Wirble wants to cook too?”


“Anne too~!”

When Wirbel vigorously nods, Anneliese-sama who was with us raises her hand energetically.

Hmm, cooking, huh…
Is this the influence of the French toast I made?
But, it’s not like I have the permission to cook, I don’t think Wirbel will be allowed to.

Chirari, I glance at Berta.
Yes, it looks like rejection.
It’s probably an unbelievable story for me to go to the kitchen, let alone to cook.

What should I do?
I will feel sorry for betraying the sparkling eyes full of expectations of these two children…
Ah, right! Let’s make that!
Actually, I was curious about something while strolling through the garden!

“Wirbel, Anneliese-sama, shall we make a sweet beverage together?”

“A delicious beverage? Something different than black tea or wine?”

Right, the beverages children of this world generally drink are black tea or alcohol-free mulled wine. There also are herbal teas, but they are not liked by children very much.
In other words, something like juice doesn’t exist.

“Yes, it is made from fruit juice just like wine.”

“Is that so? Okaasama can make liquor? Amazing!”


Wirbel, Anneliese, and the maids look at me in surprise. I won’t be making liquor!
Besides, drinking age is 20! It’s different in this world, though.

“That is not it. It is much sweeter and delicious beverage. I think that Wirbel and Anneliese-sama will definitely like it.”

While explaining to the children, the surrounding maids were steadily getting closer to listen to the conversation.
Normally, maids and servants are existences that refrain themselves except when serving.
As for our people, everyone seems to have much less self-restraint recently. Well, I don’t mind, but…

“Well then, let’s go to the garden!”

Anneliese-sama reached her hand to me so I held it and when I extended my hand to Wirbel, he joyfully grabbed it.
I begin to walk towards the destination while gently holding their small hands.

“Okaasama, this fruit will become a sweet beverage?”

“Yes, that is right. It has a pleasant fragrance, right?”

“Yes, but I have never eaten it before.”

Yes, the fruit growing on the tree in front of me is not eaten as fruit, nor it’s processed into something in this world. It will just fall, and either become bird’s feed or thrown away.
At the time I recalled my previous life, how wasteful! Is what I earnestly thought.

“Okaasama, this fruit is still greenish and hard. Isn’t it too early to pick?”

Wirbel points out the most important thing.
My child is so clever! I can’t think he’s just three! The children of this world are precocious.
Ah, the children I met at the Cooperation Union were slightly childish?
But, to become adventurers at such a young age they must be precocious.

After that thing, the short course advanced without me. After I had floated in the basics of basics, “Awareness of magic” lesson, the Cooperation Union Chief announced a field trip.
I saw everyone who signed up for the practical lesson off. They were like students going on the athletics field trip.

After making a new reservation and was about to go home, I was surrounded by the receptionist Oneesan’s with bloodshot eyes.
I wanted to ask if their work is okay? The adventurers who wanted to complain were glared at by Oneesans and they dejectedly left… I’m sorry for causing you trouble.
Somehow, every time I come to the Cooperation Union, the business gets suspended.

The cause was the black tea Swiss roll I gave to Clara-san.
They asked me “Where did you get that!?” with eyes filled with tears of gratitude.
Because I have to hide my identity, I couldn’t say that it was made by the Head Chef of the residence. I had no choice, but to say that I obtained it from an acquaintance.

Because the receptionist must refrain themselves from inquiring from adventurers too much, they didn’t ask anymore. It also must be thanks to the Chief heroically stopping them.
What a hero, to be able to stop that maddened group of women! I have unconsciously hidden behind Dieter. Forgive me, Di-kun.
I have returned after promising that I will bring some again. So tiring…

“Hard deshu~”

Ah~ not good!
I turned my eyes for a bit, and Anneliese-sama was already chewing on the fruit.
She quickly took out the fruit from her mouth and spat out the rest.
Small children should be watched over carefully! Dangerous, dangerous!

“As you two say, this fruit are not ripe yet, but they are at the optimal state for cooking. Well then, could you two help me pick some fruit?”


“Picking up~!”

As a result of the two enthusiastically picking, the fruit has been gathered immediately.
I hand the fruit to the maids and ask them to wash and wipe them properly.

“Berta, can you get ready a wide-mouthed jar for preservation?”

“A jar for preservation, is it?”

“Yes, I would like you to pour boiling water in.”

Boiling water will sterilize it. The jar must be sterilized clean!
This world naturally doesn’t know about germs, so there’s no concept of killing germs with boiling water.

“Okusama, won’t the jar break if boiling water is poured in?”

“That is right, therefore, first warm the jar up with warm water and then fill it with the boiling water, it will not break that way. After that, properly dry the jar. This can prevent food poisoning.”

“Is that so!?”

Berta opens her eyes wide in surprise.
Food poisoning and germs are something the people of this world are not able to prevent.
There are healing magic and medicinal plants, but the cause is not being considered. Dirty old things that shouldn’t be eaten would be washed neatly in alcohol.
There’s a recognition that burning one’s tongue is better than falling ill, but that’s all.

“Why does Okusama know such… no… I will prepare it immediately.”

Berta asks the obvious question but withdraws without pursing it.

“Okaasama, what is it going to be used?”

A bottle, sugar, and the fruit that was picked a little while ago is laying on the desk.

“We put the fruit and sugar into the jar and close the lid.”

Right, what we are going to make is a fruit syrup!
The fruit I found in the garden is very similar to a plum. The taste and shape are exactly the same, I was so surprised!
Plum wine can be made by putting unripe plum with sugar crystal into liquor, but a plum syrup can be made with just unripe plum and crystal sugar.
Later, it will become juice by adding water! Delicious!
This world doesn’t have crystal sugar, but it can more or less be made with sugar.

“Wirbel, Anneliese-sama, this will take approximately twenty days before you can drink it. I would like you every day to lightly shake it in the morning and evening. That way, delicious fruit juice will come out. Could I ask you to do it?”

“Yes! I will do my best!”

“Anne will do it too~!”

The two look joyfully at their jars.
Because it’s surprisingly fun to watch the process of the juice gradually increasing every day, I would like them to do it on their own!
That way, they will be able to drink a delicious plum juice they made themselves!

Do your best you two! Of course, I will make it too! It’s deliciousmon!

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