Chapter 21

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A Big Step
The Chief’s magic short course is very useful. However, I’m afraid to say that the classroom begins to exhibit the signs of hypnosis.
Everyone’s head is slowly swaying.

S, sleepy! I seem to have forgotten what I learned.
No, is sleeping the correct answer here!? I have a feeling that I heard somewhere that sleeping organizes memories.
That means sleeping is actually a good thing!?
Ugh, I’m so sleepy I can no longer think clearly…

Drowsiness defeated most of the students, and when I was about to join them, the Cooperation Union Chief extended a helping hand.

“Well then, let’s move to the practice grounds, we will put the knowledge to practice next.”

“Yay~! It finally ended! I was so sleepy.”

“Jonas! That’s rude thing to say!”

A girl scolded a boy who shouted with his fist raised at the end of the Cooperation Union Chief’s words.

“Ah, I’m sorry…”

“Fumu, although you are still young, being able to compose yourself is important for an adventurer.”

“I’m sorry, Aunty told me that Jonas was restless from the moment he was born.”

“Oi! Emi you were sleeping too!”

“It’s not manly to sacrifice others only to justify yourself!”

“Don’t say such troublesome things! How about a woman that won’t admit that she slept!”

Oh, so heated.
The Cooperation Union Chief watches the lovely two without interrupting.

“Oneechan said that boys who don’t yield to a girl are small!」

“What do you mean by small!”

“I don’t know! Bl——eeeh!”

“What! Bl——eeeh!”


Ah, they are so cute I unintentionally laughed.
I can only look at the young from the Okaasan perspective, huh.

“Because of Jonas we were laughed at by Bunny Ears-san!”

“It’s because Emi bl——eeh’d me!”

It looks like the two people in the middle of an argument heard my laughter.

“Bunny Ears-san! I’m sorry for Jonas being too noisy”

“Oi! So it’s my fault!?”

As Emi and Jonas approached me while arguing I “There, there” patted their heads without thinking.
Oops, my hands moved on their own.

“U!?” “Hey!?”

“Yes, please have this.”

I present the tea cookies that I brought from the mansion to the two confused children.
Because the Swiss roll was tea flavored, I incidentally brought cookies too. It’s for when being a bit hungry and to manipulate Berta.
Rather, I, did I go beyond Okaasan and became Aunty? So dangerous…

“”Eh? Thank you very much.””

The two gave thanks at the same time and put the cookies into their mouth without hesitation.

“Yummy!! What’s this!? It’s too delicious!!”

“Delicious!! It smells nice~ It’s my first time eating something like that! So happy~”

An expression of supreme bliss floats on the two’s faces.

This world’s sweets are made with a lot of sugar. Rather, it can be said it’s made with lumps of sugar.
Because of that, in this world where sugar is expensive, sugar won’t enter the mouths of many common people.
However, the sweets I make are made with a modest amount of sugar in the first place. Making them with a little bit of sugar is possible.
Well, I still can’t deny the expensiveness of sugar, though…

“These are sweets, right? But, it’s completely different from the sweets served during the every year country foundation festival… It’s too delicious!”

“Yeah! It’s definitely tastier than the sweets served every year during the country foundation festival!”

Gazes of other people gather at my hands because of the two’s noisy review.

“… Do you want some?”

“Is that okay!?”


“I want!”


“”””Thank you, Bunny Ears-san!””””

After that, the boys and girls flock around me.
Because it’s a short course for beginners today, the classroom is full of young boys and girls.

“I will hand it in order so, please line up, okay?”

Everyone simultaneously forms a line at my words.
… It became like a parent bird feeding its chicks.
I hand sweets to boys and girls with faces full of expectations… N?

“Cooperation Union Chief… you too?”

“Discrimination is no good, you know?”

The Cooperation Union Chief had stood in the line before I noticed.

“I won’t do something like that. Here you go.”

“Umu, I will gratefully accept it! … This is! Seriously delicious… I have never eaten such gem before!”

The boys and girls nod at the Chief’s words while happily eating their cookies.

“Alright, it’s time to move to the practice grounds!”

After everyone has calmed down, we have moved to the practice grounds.
I move to the practice grounds while being surrounded by Emi, Jonas, and the other children.
They have become completely attached… the power of sweets is amazing.

“Well then, as I have explained in the previous lesson, concentrate on the magical power with your consciousness and feel its existence first.”

Because everyone has started concentrating on their magical power, I begin concentrating on the magical power myself.
When I close my eyes, an inexhaustible amount of magical power overflows in my consciousness.
Ah, I feel magical power spreading through my whole body.
It somehow feels nice… it’s like meditating in yoga.

“Ena! Oi! Ena!”

N? Chief is calling me?
When I open my eyes, thinking that I how comfortable I was feeling, everyone around me looks at me in silent astonishment.
Are? What happened?

“Ena, do you understand your own situation? Slowly remove your consciousness from the magical power.”

My situation?
I return consciousness to myself.


Wind surrounds my body and small sparks are scattering.
Moreover… floating? I’m definitely floating several centimeters above the ground.


Although I got startled, I somehow managed to scatter the magical power.
That startled me! Seriously!!

“Cooperation Union Chief, you did not tell me something like this would happen!”

When I complain to Chief, he retorts with a shocked voice.

“It normally wouldn’t!! There’s no way magical power could emerge from your body and make you float just by being conscious of it! On the contrary, it’s normal when nothing happens!”

When I look around, the boys and girls look at me with gazes of fear.
Ah, have I done it now?
Even though I wanted to get along…
Seeing the frightened gazes from my surroundings, Amalie’s memories suddenly emerge.

“You must not use such fearsome power”
Okaasama repeatedly whispered in with a penetrating cold smile to Amalie.
“Dreadful, monster, disgusting” although the expression is different, they are the same words.
She continued to deny me and my magical power.
She whispered to my ears while holding me in her chilly arms.
That was the daily life of the little Amalie. The daily life with her Okaasama.
Without some salvation, the heart of the little Amalie might have actually broke…

“Bunny Ears-san?”

Eh? Emi’s voice reaches to me who was lost in thoughts.

“Oneesama is amazing! The appearances of Oneesama floating in the air was like a Holy Goddess!”

“Yea, it was awesomely cool! I want to fly too~”

Jonas’ eyes are sparkling with excitement.
The others “Amazing, amazing” praise unanimously.

“T, thank you…”

My voice is trembling and my throat clogged.

I’m glad I went outside. I suddenly thought so.
Amalie’s world until now was too narrow and obstructed.
From now on, I will gradually heal and feel happiness, rescue the remaining Amalie in my heart, and the cries of the little child in my heart will one day disappear too.

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