Chapter 19

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Bad for Heart Day
I look to the right, I look to the left.
I move carefully, trying to not make a sound.

I have to arrive at the place of destination without being discovered.
I confirm the rear just in case. Good, no one’s here.
Ha! What about the ceiling!? … Yep, no way someone’s there.

“What are you doing?”

I scream internally.
My heart beats dokidoki and bakubaku at high speed.
No good, I may have a premature death. They say that living organisms have a fixed number of heartbeats(unconfirmed). My lifetime!
I’m sorry, Wirbel! Your Okaasama may not be able to see you become Ojiichan!

“Calm down.”

An unimpressed voice reaches from overhead.
Au, auditory hallucination? The voice I hear is from a person that is not supposed to be here.

“What are you doing at such a place?”

That’s something I would like to ask you!

“Christhard-sama too, when did you come to the Sunlight Mansion? Moreover, why to this place?”

There, Dannasama was calmly looking at me.

Why are you here!? Isn’t this time you normally go to work? Furthermore, this place is an area for servants, you know!?
It’s not a place where the patriarch of the residence should be.
Well, I’m not one who should be saying this, but this is too much!

“Ah, I sensed a presence.”

Scary! This person just said something scary!!
He chased a presence!? Does this mean that with this presence detection, you know where who is!?
Please, teach me this detection by all means! With that, such inconvenient situations like this won’t happen again.

“Does it mean you know who and where people in the Capital are?”

“It’s not such ridiculous ability. The highest detection scope of this ability is around the size of a small village. I’m aware of the presences around the mansion at best.”

“Is that so?”

I’m glad~ I was about to leave carelessly.
But, is this ability able only to detect acquaintances? Quite a delicate ability? The scope is narrow.
Well, it doesn’t change the matter that it’s a terrifying ability to me, learning concealment magic is necessary!

“So, what are you doing here?”

“… I was on my way to the kitchen.”


“I can’t?”

I am Amalie on a high horse.
Fu, I’m the one that surpasses arrogance! O~hohho!


Christhard-sama raises his right hand and calls Berta’s name.

Eh!? Berta? Where!? I look around restlessly.
Have I been found out by the enemy!? Regrets!

“Ha, doesn’t look like she’s in the Sunlight Mansion at the moment.”

Christhard-sama continues with the out of place words.

Y, you deceived me!? To fall into such rudimentary trap…
After showing my emotions so openly, it would be difficult to deceive him.

It can’t be helped… To have been found out by Christhard-sama of all people. Haa.

“Yes, Berta is not here. I have sent her on an errand.”

I say while starting to walk towards the kitchen, Christhard-sama follows.

“So? What are you scheming for?”

“How rude. I am just heading to the kitchen to cook.”

When I became defiant, Christhard-sama didn’t answer back.
I just wanted to do some cooking while hiding from Berta.

I arrive at the kitchen and gather the ingredients.
Eggs, sugar, milk, and bread.

I make an eggwash, soak the bread in it, and lightly heat it in the oven.
The egg will penetrate into the bread when heated.
After that, I melt butter in a frying pan and slowly cook both sides!

It’s done! French toast!

All right, let’s have a taste then!
N? When I raise my eyes, Christhard-sama holds a knife and a fork while sitting on a stool at the counter.
… Why do you look determined to eat?

“Would you like to eat?”

“I would.”

Christhard-sama cuts the fluffy French toast and eats it.

“I see, it’s delicious.”

“Yes, the cooking is simple, but it is a dish the children love.”

Right! It’s as usual, but this is for Wirbel’s sake. I wanted to cook for him today by myself.
Because I made Wirbel uneasy the other day, Okaasama will recover today his spirit with this dish!

“Wirbel will surely end up saying ‘Okaasama is amazing! Fufu’.”

“I was wondering what you are scheming, so it’s something like that.”

Christhard-sama sighs.

Whoa, so creepy! Something I wanted to hear came from my own mouth! Oh, excuse me, were you startled?
Too calm! Well, it’s good to be careless, the one who laughs at the end will win!

“So, for what reason has Christhard-sama came to the Sunlight Mansion? You surely did not come to eat French toast, right?”

When I change the subject while sulking, Christhard-sama puts down the knife and fork.

“Yes, it’s about the matter of magic that was used in the Sunlight Mansion the other day.”


“Did you perhaps think I wouldn’t notice magic of that extent? There were clear traces left behind you know? I even thought that we were attacked by the Demon King of Darkness at first. But, the lingering magical power was incredibly intimate. What were you thinking to do such a thing?”

Oh, so ‘bad news travel quickly’ meant this…
I was foolish to think I could conceal the matter. I’m sorry.

“I am terribly sorry. It was a really thoughtless act of me. I read a book and casually cast barrier magic. I have no excuse.”

Christhard-sama mutters “That was a barrier? Magic of that extent just from reading a book?” at my words with a tired voice.

“… Meaning the feelings of evading magic in you disappeared.”

“That is… yes.”

“Well, that may be a good thing.”

Eh, it’s okay? Does Christhard-sama possibly have amazingly positive thinking!?
Although he always looks like a serious at work Knight-sama, as expected of person Amalie wanted to marry.
Without a flexible mind, that hysteric woman wouldn’t be able to last for a second.
Uu… it’s somewhat painful talking about myself like that.

“Well then, I will be excusing myself. I think you understand, but proceed carefully, okay?”

Christhard-sama left with these words.

And then, after making many French toasts and exhausting the fire, a cold voice called out to me from behind.

“Okusama, what are you doing here?”


“Be, Berta.”

… As everyone has guessed, I listened to Berta-san’s scolding for a little over an hour.

Today’s day for somewhat bad for my heart.
But, there’s a cure right in front of my eyes now!
Wirbel is delightfully eating my handmade French toast.

“Okaasama, this French toast is delicious! To think that Okaasama made it, this is too amazing!”

Wirbel looks at me with sparkling eyes full of admiration.

Yay! The goal has been achieved! Above all, I got an adorable smile!
While leaving a share of French toasts for the Maou Berta-sama (I have to appease her!) I listen to Wirbel’s happenings as usual.

“That’s right! Otousama came today to the practice place and showed us an incredible move! He was really cool!”

Wirbel says excitedly.

Whut? He had such nonchalant face and yet… didn’t he want to be told he’s amazing himself!
To oppose me, what an impertinence!

“Is that so, that is great.”


When my smile becomes stiff, Berta stealthily cautions me.
Haa, calm down me! Tomorrow is the day of appointment in the Cooperation Union! I will work hard to preserve Wirbel’s smile!

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