Chapter 18

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It Was a Barrier
(Using magic without taking lessons about magic first is dangerous. Using magic with only the knowledge obtained from books may easily lead to an accident.)

The words of ancestors were correct.
I have learned this firsthand.
That handling magic without proper knowledge is inviting trouble not only for myself but also for the people around me.

Good children! Magic is dangerous! Please use magic only after learning how to use it correctly!

I didn’t follow the instructions properly.
A paling event caused by inappropriate use of magic has occurred.

Berta fortunately (unfortunately?) only saw the shocking scene after opening the door to the terrace.
It can’t be helped that she couldn’t act for a while because of a shock, but she immediately recovered and rushed towards me.
Neesan! As expected of you!

Berta urged me who didn’t understand the situation to look back.
I fearfully turned around to see the situation that could make Berta’s face so pale.
The sunlight pouring down from between the green of trees was there. At least, that was the case a while ago.


I became speechless. I opened my mouth wide like a fool and absentmindedly stared at that scene.
I couldn’t understand what I was looking at.

Nothing was there.
“Reduced to nothingness” might have been better.
There literally wasn’t anything, a world of “Nothingness”. Just a pure white space without any signs of life.

“Okusama, please return the trees back!”

Berta’s words returned me who was completely frozen back to reality.

“I have questions, but do first what must be done! Okusama, please cancel this magic.”

“C, cancel?”

“Yes, it’s without a doubt the result of Okusama’s magic, right? If so, you should be able to cancel it.”

I finally begin to move because of the words of composed Berta.

Cancel, cancellation of magic? How do I do that?

To think it would become like this… no, this is not the time to lament. I will have plenty of time to lament while getting scolded by Berta after I cancel this magic.
T, this is too scary. But, you reap what you sow, I should resign to the scolding.

All right, what did I do when casting the magic?
Conscious of magic, and then… I turned the key.

In other words, yep! If it’s locked, unlock it is enough, or it should be. Right? There’s no other way!

I immediately feel the magic, hold the key and turn the key into an opposite direction.
Oh, God, I plead you! Please, somehow return us to the world of our loved ones! I plead you!
I unwittingly open my eyes while praying.

“We are back…”

I helplessly crumble down after witnessing the familiar scenery of the garden.

“Okusama! Are you all right!?”

Berta who ran up to me lends me a hand and sits me down on a chair.
I, who somehow regained composure, tell Berta what should be done.

“Berta, we must urgently confirm the safety of people who were in the mansion.”

“Understood. Okusama, you stay here please.”

Berta’s relieved expression tightens, and she leaves the library.


I know he is safe because he is in the main building, but I want to see his face and hug him tightly.
However, even if I want to see him quickly, I have to restrain myself not to cause him unnecessary worries.

After a while, Berta returned to the library with a tea set.
The conclusion is that everyone is safe. I’m told there were no changes in the mansion’s surroundings.
However, what is surprising, is that no one noticed this unusual phenomenon.
It felt like a considerable amount of time has passed, but in reality, only about five minutes has passed.
Because of that, it seems there wasn’t anyone leaving the Sunlight Mansion or looking from the windows during that time.

I’m glad. I’m really glad.
That everyone is safe, that everything turned back to normal, and that Berta was the one who noticed.
Thank you, God! Berta-sama, thank you very, very much!

Nevertheless, the question ‘what was that?’ still remains.
I put aside my elementary magic manual『Introduction to Magic』and stand in front of the bookshelf to find the answer to that phenomenon.
Then, one book in the bookshelf starts shining because of my skill.

Is the answer written within that?
When I look at the cover of the shining book, I find that the author of this book is the founding hero of our nation, the magician Joerg Ballschmiede.

I start reading immediately.
Impressions, too thick! Letters are too small! There’s no table of contents or index! Something like that. Author-sans of this world! Tables of contents are necessary!
There are no illustrations either so I can’t find it quickly.
I can only read it. I can only read, read, and keep on reading.

My eyes, my eyes hurt. Is it an eye strain and dry eye syndrome…
Let’s confirm whether eye drops exist later.
But now, let’s keep on reading.
If the contents were boring, that would be the worst, but this is actually fascinating to read.

Ah, is this is?
After reading to the middle, I found what I was looking for at last.
After reading it carefully, it seems the magic I used was a type of “barrier” just as planned.

It says, “Dimensional Barrier.”

It detaches a target to a different dimension and prevents interference from outside.
But, because a considerable amount of magical power is necessary, the materialization of this magic is low.
Joerg didn’t write if he could use it or not.

The book even touched its risks.
Of course, “Dimensional Barrier” isn’t something a beginner should lay his hands at. Well, it’s generally not used.
If superficial magical power was used, one might not succeed in returning back.
It’s possible to get locked in the dimension and be locked up inside for the rest of your life.
Furthermore, larger the extent, the more magical power is used.
Using a whole mansion was a foolish act.

I’m truly sorry for involving everyone.
Berta pours me a tea again when I close the book with my shoulders dropped.

“Berta, I am really sorry for causing trouble today.”

“No, it didn’t get out of control. Wirbel-sama is returning soon. Should I prepare snacks and tea on the terrace?”

Berta says without worries.

“Yes, please.”

When I move to the terrace feeling slightly down, Wirbel ran up to me from the front.

“Okaasama! I have returned.”


I tightly hug Wirbel.


Wirbel shows bewilderment to my unusual state.

“It is nothing. I was just happy to see you.”

“Okaasama, I will always protect Okaasama without fail! I’m a man, after all! I will study and practice sword with my all! Therefore, please cheer up!”

In response to my uneasiness, Wirbel tries to cheer me up.
I will say it many times! My child is a good child!
He’s so cute, so cute I can’t help it anymore.
Wirbel, when you get a wife in the future, I swear to get along with her! I won’t cause trouble for my daughter-in-law! Don’t worry!

All right, I can’t be downcast forever!
All will be all right if I practice magic with my all! All I have to do is to move forward!
I might even aim for a founding hero of a nation! Fufufu

“Okusama, in moderation, please.”

Berta calls out to me.

U, why was my revival found out?
Am I possibly too easy to understand? Simple? No, no, that shouldn’t be the case, Berta just must be too sensitive.
I have realized that Berta is amazingly keen from this accident.
I had no intention of disobeying from the start (because she’s scary)! Neesan, I will follow you!

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