Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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This is?
My body is heavy.
Probably because have been sleeping for a long time, my head is dizzy, and I have a little bit of a headache.
Did I oversleep? No, perhaps a cold?
The high fever robbed me of physical strength making it awfully hard to move.
When I open my eyes, the room is dim.

I tried to sit up.
I immediately became dizzy and fell back on the pillow.
“Haa, thirsty…”
I mutter in a low voice unconsciously.
Then, a canopy quickly opens.

“Okusama!! Your consciousness has returned!! I will immediately call Doctor-sama here!!”
I don’t understand well because it’s dark, but a woman raised her voice and ran out in a hurry.

… Where is this? Not my house?

I’m… I’m, who?
No, I know.
I’m Tanaka Yuri.
Did I skip school because of the cold?
I seem to have a high fever, I should naturally be resting, right?
But, why am I not at my house?
What about my mother?

Doesn’t look hospital?-ish, but… a super hospital for celebrities?
But, they have no beds with canopies, right?
My head is still hazy, I can’t think properly.
I’m tired…

Footsteps resound from the corridor.
The door opens with a batan, some people enter the room.

“Okusama, please excuse me.”

I heard a man’s voice and my hand is taken.

A doctor?
I open my eyes and look to the side.
An Ojisan with a mustache above his mouth takes my pulse and measures my temperature by putting his hand on my forehead.
A doctor.

“Water… gohogoho.”

My throat is dry, it’s hard to speak.

After I cough, a spoon is pushed against my lips.
The water wets my lips, and my mouth gets faintly watered.

“Thank, you…”

When I say the words of gratitude, the spoon on my lips twitches.
N? Thinking so I look up and see Nurse-san? with a shocked expression staring at me.
What is it?


“Okusama, your fever has come down, but you need to rest for a little while. Please, drink this medicine and soup broths for meals.”

“Yes, I understand… thank you, very much.”

“Well then, I will excuse myself.”
The doctor leaves the room.

“Okusama, should I prepare the soup?”

… I have been called Okusama since a while ago, is it really a celebrity hospital?
No, is this even a hospital?
Something is strange…


“Ah, sorry. Could you prepare the soup?”

I hear grumbling sounds from my stomach.
I feel like I could eat a whole Baumkuchen. I have enough room.

When I look up, the Nurse-san, or not? is frozen with her mouth open wide.
Is she okay?

“Is there something wrong?”

“N, no, I am terribly sorry! I will bring it immediately.”

The revived… Maid-san? Yeah, rather than Nurse-san she feels more like Maid-san.
Maid-san quickly leaves the room.

Fuu, tired, sleepy, hungry… sleepy…

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