Chapter 21

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Red Rouge Plains’s prospects are good.
Therefore, unlike in the labyrinth, surprise attacks are becoming more difficult.
Besides, beast type monsters have good hearing, their sense of smell is also good.
I can only approach after considering things like wind direction. If I mess up, it will call for friends and I will be surrounded.
There are not many monsters acting in a group but…… Better safe than sorry.
I won’t make the same mistake I made with the Lesser Evil.

There is a reaction from the Heat Detection.
The number is 2. Body temperatures are stirred, they are probably in the middle of a fight.
After the Evolution, my overall capability has improved, but my Heat Detection improved the most.
As the by-product of the sudden temperature decrease, I can detect even the slightest changes in temperature.
The temperature of living beings changes depending on their emotions and physical condition.
If I attack my opponent, I can understand their emotions and condition.
As ever, I will lose sight of it when concealed with magic, but I’m happy that my precision rose.

I walk towards the location slowly in order to avoid suspicion.
I watch the opposite party while hiding behind a big rock.
Two Night Wolves are fighting each other.
Apparently, they seem to be fighting over the meat of some small animal.
…… Both of the same species, there’s not much difference between their abilities.
A top of starvation, they are getting fatigued from the fighting.
This is a chance.
I jump up on the rock and wait for the moment when the distance between the two shrinks.
At the moment they bare their fangs in order to bite, I leap with all my might.
Before the Night Wolves notice me, I attack their necks with handsword. They couldn’t even react.
I turn around in an arc and see two heads floating in the air.
Together with sounds of two heads hitting the ground, I swing off the blood from my hands.

In approximately three hours, I hunted several other monsters besides the Night Wolves.
For example, a spider that could swallow a human child whole “Tsuchigumo”.
A “Sword Lion” that had numerous thorns that resembled rapiers instead of a mane.

And a slightly difficult to handle, a 5-meter long snake, “Violent Serpent.”
The snake feels its prey with heat just like me.
Thus, I who has a body covered in ice, couldn’t hide and had to face the snake upfront.
The tactics I use are fundamentally assassinations.
With these tactics, I was able to win against opponents stronger than me without sustaining major injuries.
To be frank, fighting head-on is troublesome. I was almost swallowed whole. Let’s escape next time.

Afterward, ah right.
I encountered a pseudo-human again.
A monster which had the appearances of a wolf mixed with human, a “Werewolf”.
It was male, unlike the Harpy from before but…… I couldn’t kill it after all.
Ah, in the first place, it’s not like I didn’t kill the Harpy because she was female.
It had sniffed me out thanks to its nose but fortunately escaped after figuring that I was stronger.
However, the next encounter may not go so smoothly.
What I came into contact this time…… Wasn’t only the Werewolf, I have confirmed another two species of Pseudo-human race.
A monster in the same system as Werewolf, not with outer appearances as a wolf, but a cat “Werecat”.
Limbs covered in solid scales, a strong tail, and horns growing on its head a “Dragonewt”.

Dragonewt is especially dangerous. Unlike others, it’s stronger than me.
Right now, I don’t have the resolve to kill Pseudo-humans, I didn’t even settle to my new ways, and I encounter something like that. That was the worst.
In addition, there are many other monsters stronger than me in this plains.
Actually, I was lucky to catch the Sword Lion by surprise and penetrate its heart.
…… I must quickly discover how things work here or I will be in trouble.
The environment is too different from the labyrinth. The terrain, enemies, everything.
First of all, I must think about how will I deal with Pseudo-humans.
I have obtained a considerable amount of Magic Power today, let’s return back to the labyrinth.


I stop in my tracks on the way back.
I spread my senses and perform Heat Detection.
The reaction…… Nothing in particular.
There are no monsters within the range of 200 meters around me.

However…… I felt something watching me for an instant.
I will look around just in case.
My night vision isn’t that special, but at least I can see.
There’s no sight of any big creatures nearby.
Caution is necessary if the opponent uses Magic concealment, but somehow it feels different.
Just my imagination?
I trust my senses 100%, I’m not overestimating myself.

While increasing my vigilance, I start walking again.
I can’t feel it anymore. It was just my imagination after all.
I’m still not familiar with these hunting grounds. I may be mentally fatigued.
I will rest a little once I return.

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