Chapter 5

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A wand is an aid to the casting of magic. With a wand, you can manipulate magic delicately, and sealing allows you to skip chanting. In other words, a wand is an essential item if you want to live as a magician
However, you have to make your own wand as mass-produced wands are not very good, and if you have a lot of magic power like I do, it will even explode on you. Creating a wand is also a sign of a full-fledged magician, so finding materials that match your magical power to create a wand that would be capable of sealing your own spells is a must. A magician’s wand can only be used by the person who made it. Apparently, magical power is a little different for each individual, like DNA, and if you forcefully use someone else’s wand, your magical power will be disrupted and you may faint, or even worse, you may not be able to use magic at all.
A wand can be created by combining a jewel called a “magic sphere” with precious metals or monster materials, but “wands” actually don’t have a predetermined shape. And although the most common types of wands are ones that are as tall as the user and small stick-shaped, there are even some wands that are in the shape of accessories, so everyone is able to bring out their personal characteristics through their wands. Incidentally, my mother has a small stick-shaped wand… it’s a bit rough, though.

“The materials I need are a non-attribute magic sphere, fire dragon’s fang, earth dragon’s bones, and the skin from a water dragon and a wind dragon.”

“!! Just what kind of wand are you trying to make!?”

Three days after I finally got permission to make a wand, I got scolded when I presented the materials I needed to make it.

“I don’t want to rely on the seals, I want to shorten the casting time of all generally known spells by sealing the incantations themselves and that’s why I need materials of all attributes.”

“Do you understand how difficult it will be to collect these items, though? You can’t just go out and hunt a dragon, ya know! … Wait? You don’t plan on relying on the seals? Or rather, is it even possible to seal an incantation?”

“Theoretically, yes. If I succeed, I would be able to activate elementary level magic simply by saying its name.”

“I see… but you can’t get these kinds of materials immediately. How are we supposed to get them for you?”

“You once told me that you won’t lose even against a dragon, Father.”

Yep, my father can simply get these for me.

“So it’s me!? Sure, I won’t lose, but I have a job to do, and wouldn’t it be weird for a King to go on a hunt for dragons?”

Yes, it would certainly be strange. But Mother told me that Father has done similar things before and has been lectured by the Prime Minister over it many times. In other words, doing this stuff once or twice again won’t change a thing!!

“Excuses… as I thought, there is no one who can defeat a dragon on their own… you lied to me, Father.”

When I tried to leave the room after saying that, my father stopped me by grabbing my shoulders.

“I wouldn’t lose, okay? I’m going to hunt a hundred for you!! I will show you just how amazing your father is!!”

After saying that, Father ran out at a high speed. Smashing the door in the process.


Three days later.

“Fuhahaha!! Look at this Alicetia, I have hunted lots of dragons for you.”

In contrast to the smiling Father, the people who were sent to follow him were exhausted.
There was a mountain of dragon materials in front of me. There were so many that I couldn’t even count them, and there were also quite a few magic spheres. I’m sorry dragons, I’m afraid I have released on you someone that shouldn’t have been unleashed.

“There were a number of named dragons who were just in the midst of fighting with their race members, so I wiped them out. Hah~ that was so fun, there were breaths flying everywhere I looked, and when I defeated the biggest one, the rest banded together and came at me, so I knocked them down too.”

A dragon war, was it? I’m sure that is one of the top causes for the downfall of countries, but to go in head-on and wipe them out, isn’t my father actually extremely outside the human framework? Moreover, there is not a single scratch on his armor while the people who followed after him were all injured with their weapons and armor worn-out as if they were the remnants of a defeated army.

“You are way too amazing Father, I admire you very much.”

They were my true feelings. My father is usually nonchalant but with a kind heart and he seldom gets angry before me, so him also being this strong was out of my expectations. Moreover, he often gets the hell beaten out of him by Mother.

“Fuhahaha, isn’t that right, isn’t that right, your father is amazing so even this much dragons aren’t a big deal to me.”

I got lifted up and twirled around by my father who was in a good mood. This is certainly amazing too, but I’m getting dizzy so I would like him to put me down. However, I will let him do as he pleases for now. Being too blunt after requesting him of something like this would be too rude of me, and he collected all this for me, after all.

“But I won’t be able to use up all of this.”

“We will use the rest, so take as much as you need.”

Mhmm, I won’t hold back then. Since magic spheres can be used to create magic tools, I decided to take them all, and I also gathered absolutely every little bit of material that seemed good… oh my, there are dragon’s tears too and since they are quite a rare drop, I will surely find a use for them. The dragon definitely didn’t cry because of my father’s tyranny. The tears were crystallized into a pretty-looking gem.

“Just how much are you going to use? Well, I have no use for this stuff, so it’s fine.”

And that is why I will get whatever I could need. With this much stuff, I will be able to create a particularly useful wand, and in the first place, dragon materials are something that appears on the market only once a year. I cannot endure after being shown so many goods. I have to stock up on these materials for magic experiments in addition to the wand creation.

“I will take all this, can I give the rest to the people who followed you?”

I took most of the good stuff, but there was still a mountain of materials left. Then we should give it to everyone else as a reward. I mean, everyone’s equipment is destroyed and they all seem worn-out, and the rest should be worth a lot even if they divide it among themselves, so it should be just right.


“I don’t really mind. You guys, the rest is yours. You can use it to make new equipment, or you can sell it, do whatever you like with it.”

“””Thank you very much.”””

The subordinates, who looked like remnants of a defeated army, quickly revived and flocked to the remaining materials.

“There’s a dragon’s wing’s membrane! I’m going to make new leather armor out of this!”

“That’s unfair! I’m going to use this dragon’s keel for a new spear then!”

Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Looking at the wreckage of the weapons and armor, I’m sure the dragon material will make the equipment better than before. I’d like to ask them to continue looking after my father, but if I say anything now, it might put a damper on their excitement, so let’s just keep quiet.

“Well then, I’m going to seclude myself in the workshop, so you will find me there if you need me.”

I asked him to help me transfer the materials to the workshop and headed there. Father built the workshop for me after I repeatedly started experimenting with stuff out of curiosity. It’s all about the isolation, and even I have my doubts about some things I create.



Now then, I’m currently in the workshop working on the wand. Normally, I would ask the craftsmen to make the wand itself and then apply magic to it myself, but with the Spirit of Earth in my life, I don’t need to do that. Recently, I have noticed that the Spirit of Earth likes to process and shape things, and they often process clay and wood and give them to me as gifts. So lately we’ve been making things together a lot. Maybe that’s why I often see other spirits chasing after them. I wonder if they’re jealous of them because I don’t ask the other spirits to make things for me as often as I ask the Spirit of Earth.

Well, as for the shape of the wand, I’m thinking of making it the height of the staves the grandpa magicians often have in stories. The material will be synthesized into the wand, and I have been told by the spirits that even if I use leather, it will still look like wood, so let’s use as much dragon leather as possible. The quality of the materials is directly linked to the quality of the wand, so let’s not be stingy.
I’m going to draw a magic circle next. The Spirit of Earth’s sculpting is classified as spirit magic, and just like magic, the chanting and use of the magic circle allows for a more delicate work. This time, the magic is not done by me, but by the Spirit of Earth, so I will be only providing assistance.
The magic circle got completed and I began chanting. I am the only one in this place. Unlike ordinary magic, the spirit magic I’m about to perform is delicate. This spirit magic, which transforms materials into the desired object, requires full mental concentration even if I’m only assisting, so I can’t focus on anything else.

I don’t know how long it’s been, but after the long incantation was done, I was on my knees, breathing hard.

“I’m… exhausted… but.”

It’s done. My own personal wand, which I made with the consideration of my future height was about 150cm long, and I will surely grow to that height as well! As for the appearances of the wand, it had a magic sphere the size of a grown man’s fist attached to the tip, and the whole thing was decorated with dragon ornaments. It was almost as if a Hero’s sword turned into a staff.

“Are you done? That’s quite a good-looking thing.”

Before I knew it, my father was standing behind me. Apparently, I was so tired that I couldn’t see anything around me. I have a lot of magical power, but I forcefully used it all this time, so I won’t be able to use magic for a while.

“I am tired. I need something sweet.”

I stretched out on the sofa.

“Your manners are poor… here, refreshments from Alicia.”

Alicia… she’s my personal maid. She has a difficult personality, but the sweets she makes are much tastier than the store-bought ones, and they are at the top of my list of favorite foods by a great margin.

“Thank you… I’m healed.”

I relaxed while eating the cookies made by Alicia… so soothing.

“And so… you made this… I have never seen anything like that before, did you come up with it by yourself?… Even the Empire’s top magician wouldn’t be able to make a wand like this.”

There are several different ranks of magicians. Those who can use magic normally are called Magicians, and those who are far more skilled than Magicians are called Sorcerers. Over 80% of all people who can use magic are either ranked Magicians or Sorcerers. You can apparently call yourself Sorcerer from the very start if you graduate from the academy’s magic department in first or second place.
And my mother is a Mage, which is a rank above sorcerer. Mages are basically people who serve the country with their tactical level magic, and there are only about one hundred of them on the entire continent. And above that is the rank of the Great Mage, but that rank has been vacant for hundreds of years.

“I only did the basics, the modeling was done by the spirit.”

“I see, I see, they have quite a good sense. You would keep it simple if you made it yourself, after all. There’s no magic in it yet and it already feels quite powerful.”

It’s true that it has a lot of power for its current non-magic state. I’m sure I will be able to make it the best wand ever, but I don’t have any magic left in me, so I will have to stop working for a while.

“I’m going to continue after resting for two or three days as I used too much magical power.”

“Just how much magical power did you pack in it…”

It’s true that I can shoot hundreds of elementary fireballs without a wand, but I haven’t run out of magical power since the first fireworks incident. The sky’s the limit so I’m not in the negative range. It’s just that I used a lot so I feel sluggish.
I will rest for a few days and pack some magic into it and my wand will be complete.

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