Chapter 4

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The Genius Princess of a Small Country
It’s been five years since I was reincarnated into this world.

“Alicetia… that… why don’t you go play outside?”

“I don’t have time for that because I am busy.”

I answered briefly and returned my gaze to the book. What I’m reading today is a book on magic engineering. The contents are complex, but I’ve been able to keep up with it for the past five years because I’ve been conscious of increasing my knowledge and never neglecting to observe and study my surroundings.

“But you know… you won’t find any more books here.”

I learned to read when I was three years old, and now that I can also write at a very young age, I spend most of my free time reading. However, since I was still very young, there was not much to do, and because of that, the percentage of time I spent on reading only grew, so I ran out of books to read.

“I’m going to enroll in the academy then.”

The Central Nations Alliance’s Huell Academy.
This appears to be the biggest school in this world, and only those who pass the exams are allowed to enter. I heard that while the school was discriminatory, even the Emperor couldn’t interfere with the education of the students.

“Listen… even Gil entered the school at the age of twelve, it’s still too early for you, Alicetia!”

“I don’t have enough knowledge.”

“Why is only your thirst for knowledge so high…”

It can’t be helped. I don’t have enough time. In the five years since then, there have been some small skirmishes along the border, but no invasion has occurred as of yet. If I miss out on it now, I won’t have a chance to enroll there again. There is no other school that can keep me safe and prevent outside interference.
I only have knowledge. At this age, my brother received a short sword and polished his skills, but as for me… err… my growth seems a bit slower than average, so I am unable to even swing the short sword. Then I have no choice but to hone my knowledge and use it as a weapon. Yes, I’m certainly living in a haste, but time is finite and I don’t like to waste it.

“Father, please help me.”

I closed the book and bowed to my father.

“Nugugu… t, that’s right! You are able to use spirit magic. You have to make a wand at the very least! I will consider it when you make one.”

Saying that, my father ran away.

Magic and spirit magic require wands in addition to chanting. It’s not that it cannot be used without one, but it amplifies your magical power and assists with the activation of the magic. And its biggest feature is the ability to seal magic. Fundamentally, it’s possible only to seal one magic at a time, but sealed magic’s most unique characteristic is to be able to use it without any need for chanting or magic circles. This is the reason behind the saying that magicians are unable to be taken by a surprise attack.
Even a sealed elementary level fireball can kill people. That’s why it’s such big merit to be able to fire an instant spell without any chanting, but this sealing also has one fault. On top of the difficulty of sealing the magic, no other person can use the practitioner’s wand. In other words, it has to be completely handmade. Of course, there are also general-purpose wands without the ability to seal, and the students at the academy mainly use these, but any real magicians would say that these are children’s toys with painfully slow activation time and saddening amplification effects.

“Let’s make it right away.”

Yes, I can naturally create one, a real “wand”, that is. The knowledge I have accumulated so far will not be wasted, and by combining it with the knowledge of my past life, I should be able to make something good, so let’s go ask my mother for the materials.

“That being the case, please give me the materials.”

I was currently in the midst of imploring from my mother.

“It’s too early for you, Alice. I was already eighteen when I finally managed to create this wand, is there really no other way?”

I wonder if my father was indirectly saying that he won’t let me leave the country until I was eighteen… but I can do it. I will show him that I can make it.

“It’s okay, I have already designed it.”


Then I told my mother about the magic and concept behind the wand.

“That sounds interesting but also dangerous. It’s generally meant for offensive magic, so it’s my first time hearing something like this. And if you are to own a wand, you must make sure to have offensive spells in case of emergencies, Alice.”

“Offensive magic that can’t be directed at people won’t be able to serve even as a threat.”

Yeah, this is why I chose knowledge. I am unable to hurt other people. It’s because I know the consequences of my magic… that my hands would tremble and the concentration of my mind and spirit would waver even if the opponent was a villain.

“Your gentleness is both virtue and vice. If you are not resolved, it will come back to haunt you and those you love. That’s why I don’t want you to become a magician.”

My mother’s kindness to me is soothing, but I won’t change my mind. I want to be a good person like my mother and father, and I want to use this power for the good of this country.
I have been through a lot in the past five years. I have been targeted by assassins and kidnappers, and I’ve seen a lot of people.
The people in this country seem to be happy, they are laughing and living even though they have been fighting for five hundred years. Many of them have lost their families and friends. “But even so, I love this country!! This is our home, so we will all work hard to protect it.” They said.
But the wars also had negative effects on the country. In the west, there are mines that produce high-quality metals, in the north, there is a monster forest that has never been explored by mankind, and there is a sea in the east. The sea does not have a topography to support a large port city, but it somehow manages to support the country with seafood and agriculture. The monsters hunted in the monster forest are said to be of the highest quality, and materials harvested from them are exported for high prices and the equipment made from them can be exported even at higher prices to other countries. But all of these profits are used to defend the country and cannot be used for other purposes. Father was lamenting before that waging wars is costly.

“The magic in our country is insufficient, so I want to be of help.”

“Our country certainly lacks magicians, but their numbers did not fall to the extent the burden would fall on the children’s shoulders, you know?”

I understand my mother’s anger very well. The idea that adults should protect the children and the children should protect the next generation of children when they grow up to adults is a common way of thinking in this country (this seems to be originally the Beastfolk’s way of thinking, but other races approved of their notion and it got generalized), but because of that, there seem to be no people who would understand my train of thoughts.

“I also must share the responsibilities as a member of the royal family. Father is always talking about it. That the royalty exists for the sake of the country.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to rush to live so much. You are most definitely a genius. But you are also a kind-hearted child. That’s why you value your own power too heavily. However, we don’t wish to burden you with these things. Please endure at least for a few years.”

I guess this is far as it goes. My mother is more stubborn than I am, and once she makes a decision, she will never change it.

“I understand about the academy. But I am still going to make the wand.”

“You can make it yourself, but why don’t you buy one instead? You’ve got a lot of pocket money left, no?”

My brother and I are on an allowance system, which is unusual for royalty. We get six silver coins every month, and we make do with that. The government pays for clothes and accessories because they are necessary for royalty, but we buy our own personal belongings so that we can develop a sense of money and try to live an honest life. And since I only occasionally buy books or drink tea at a coffee shop, I save my money in gold coins in a piggy bank.

“I can’t use those because of their low performance. The last wand I bought exploded on me.”

“Your magical power already surpassed mine, huh…”

Magical power increases the more you use it, but the speed it increases at is insignificant. However, I used magic on a daily basis to practice and met with a sudden increase. The younger you are, the easier it is for your magical power to increase, but normal children can’t control magic, so even if it’s a known fact, it’s virtually impossible to accomplish.

“School will have to wait, but having no wand is inconvenient.”

“Indeed~ it wouldn’t be wrong of you to call yourself a full-fledged magician… okay. Wait for a few days. I will consult with that person before making a decision. I’m going to confiscate it if you overdo it, though.”


There will be more things I can do now. But this is just the beginning, I want to know more and I don’t want to be a hindrance to my family. I’m aware that I’m surrounded by kind people, but every day I realize that I need to work harder.
I know that more than a few people have died because of me in the past five years. If I had a strong will, those people would not have died, and those people certainly had families, too. That’s why I will do my best. I will do my best to live with pride.

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