Chapter 48.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Senior Knight
There are two types of Knighthoods in the Arland Kingdom. One is the common Knight, in other words, the lowest grade of nobility. And the other is the Senior Knight.
A Senior Knight is a special type of Knighthood that can lead an army, although it is a non-hereditary title. To become a Senior Knight, one must be recognized by the Royalty, and only Royalty can appoint Senior Knights. In other words, they are at the top of the Royal Guards list.
Originally, I was supposed to be a Duke, and I was not supposed to have a choice, but since I founded a Viceroyal family, I had a choice to make.
Well, I don’t have a position of the Viceroy because I am still a minor, and the position of Viceroy was created to to assist the King, so I don’t need that position right now. However, now that I am officially a Viceroy, I will be going out in public in earnest, so I really need to appoint a Senior Knight to be my personal guard.
However, I am a minor. Even though I have the right to appoint, my Father, who is my guardian and protector, requested me to choose from one of his choices. And so, a book was sent to me. When I looked inside, it was a list of candidates. And, of course, on the last page, there was a whole page devoted to King Draconia. What was he thinking, that the King personally could be my Senior Knight? Even if I appoint him, it would not be valid. Because my Father is a higher ranking person than me.
However, I thought about it. If I get stamp of appointment on the last page from my Father, I could get Alicia on my side.
The trick is simple. Change the shape of the ink to Alicia’s name using water magic so that Father will not notice and hand it back to him to sign. If I get lucky, Father will be so pleased that he will sign his name on the spot and appoint her as my Senior Knight authorized by the King.


The result was a great success. The overjoyed Father stamped his stamp without thinking. He didn’t even know that his name had been changed to Alicia’s.
I showed it to the Prime Minister and put away the evidence with Quick Close. As long as the stamp was officially stamped, Alicia would serve me from now on, not the country.

“Great success.”

“You gave it a lot of thought, I see. This is completely Draco’s fault. I hope he learned his lesson.”

Mother didn’t think I would choose anyone else, and she expected me to do something about it. In case you are wondering, Big brother was lamenting beside my Father, asking why he was not chosen instead. This Father and son are exactly alike.
Alicia was currently away because she was in a meeting somewhere else. I will surprise her later. I will ask for Mother’s permission and I will talk to the Prime Minister. I don’t want to be disturbed.

“Well, you won’t need this refreshing band to soothe you fatigue, then. I made it so that the thoughts of the workaholic Prime Minister wouldn’t dull with fatigue…”

The workaholic Prime Minister always has dark circles around his eyes. That’s why I made him a magic tool that restores his strength little by little. If he wear this, he can prevent physical fatigue and illness, and he can also prevent a lot of dry skin problems due to lack of sleep.

“I see. We have to be flexible in our thinking, just because there is no precedent, doesn’t mean it’s not allowed. So this is a good opportunity to set a precedent. The ability of Lady Alicia is plenty, so I think she’s a good choice. Can I have one for His Majesty and His Highness as well? Our work has been slowing down lately.”


The Prime Minister quickly extended his palm, my Father and Big brother behind him were looking at me with vacant eyes. Apparently, the work-intensive days never seem to end.
And so, I got Alicia!! And all her rudeness towards me will stop. Alicia will be my subordinate and my secret will not be shared with any other Royalty. Perfect. Father and Big brother were sacrificed in the process, but Father is a person who accumulates a lot of work, so he deserved it, but Big brother was a bit pitiful, so I patted him on the head.

“Fufufu, who cares about these little documents!! I can handle 10,000 more!!”

For some reason, Big brother was quickly revived and began to process the documents at super speed. By the way, the reason why they are so busy right now is because of the Viceroyalty they forcefully created. Well, it’s my fault too, but they deserve it because I would have no problem even if I was made a Duke. I mean, even if I was a Duke, family is family. I still have to bow my head to the rest of my family members in public anyway, so I don’t get what the difference is.
And Father, please don’t look at me with such envy in your eyes. After about 10 minutes of continuous staring, I lost my patience and decided to pat my Father’s head as well. Come to think of it, this is the first time I have ever petted him. I’m sorry for not acting more like a child.

“Nuooooh, Volken, hand over the documents!!”

The Prime Minister, who had recovered from exhaustion by using the magic tool, handed over more and more documents as the two handled them at super speed. Everyone seemed to be leading their lives to the fullest.

“That being the case, you are my Senior Knight from today onwards, Alicia. I won’t allow any reporting about me to Father or Mother without permission.”

“Why am I your Senior Knight!? This is my first time hearing about this. Are you telling me to get harassed by other nobles even more? Princess, do you dislike me that much?”

The official appointment will be made next time, but since it has already been decided, I reported it to Alicia, and she was distraught, as I expected. Well, it’s the first time in the Kingdom’s history that a female Senior Knight is elected. I know people wanted a while to curry favor with me, but I don’t want someone I personally don’t know at all by my side. I don’t need more stress in my daily life.

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