Chapter 47.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Research Institute
“Then, here’s the floor plan. I’m building down from my workshop. In the future, I’m going to build a passage here.”

“Guhahahahaha, this fulfills a man’s dreams, and it would certainly bring a good scolding if it was discovered. But can you really build it in a place like this? I don’t want to say this, but the ground around here is solid.”

“That’s why I learned to use Golem magic. I’m going to deploy golems so that they can work without me. I want to start construction in earnest by the end of this year. Mr. Grantz, you can start helping me as soon as the laboratory is ready.”

After that, we finished discussing where to put Mr. Grantz’s workshop and other underground facilities. It was still in draft form, but I have secretly obtained my Father’s permission, so there is no problem. He also said that he has no problem with the underground facility as long as it doesn’t affect the Capital. However, I didn’t want to be disturbed, so this was a secret agreement.”

“Come on, let’s get it all out of the way, shall we? What were you talking about? I’ve never seen Lord Grantz in such a good mood. Tell me everything, please.”

When Alicia woke up, she used a hidden dagger she started bringing on her from experience, and when she cut herself free from the restraints, she came up to me and asked.

“It’s a secret. I can’t talk about it, as long as there is a possibility that you will report it to someone else. This is a project under my direct control.”

“You are cruel…”

However, can’t I somehow get Alicia to come over to my side? She is a person with a strong sense of duty by nature, so she would not be able to betray the country she serves. Well, I haven’t acted to betray my country, but I have done enough to get my butt whipped if I am found out. And since that is a threat to me, so I can’t tell Alicia everything.
Come to think of it, I’m still royalty… I’m pretty sure Father chose that title for me for a reason, so I’m going to take advantage of it… If Father is not careful, I could make Alicia my subordinate and snatch her from the country, but it’s not very likely. I am sure that Father will not let his guard down. But if I succeed, Alicia will be mine.
And once she is my subordinate, she will not be able to betray me unless I betray my country… let’s take the chance.

“Well, I will tell you about it next time.”

“Princess, you are making a scheming face.”

Alicia was slightly taken aback. But this was a revelation for me. This is exactly the strategy I usually use with my Father.
Well, the negotiations were over, and I was currently holed up in the workshop. I kicked Alicia out of the room, telling her to leave me alone because she was in the way, and released a phantom image of me in the room. The phantom of me created is the usual one that takes out a book from the shelf and puts it back after a certain time to take another book. The book was also an illusion, but this should make the peeping Tom behind the window think I was just reading.
I pushed the second volume of Continental History from the bookshelf in the back. The bookshelf slid to the side, revealing a staircase leading below. This was the path to my cool planned laboratory. For the next two hours, I will be expanding this underground space.
I will use earth magic to expand the space and throw the excess soil into the Treasury. I will also use earth magic to strengthen the surrounding space that has been created to prevent it from collapsing. Currently, I have a space about the size of a gymnasium.


“Dig here, Coote.”


When I ordered him to dig around there, he happily obliged, he seemed to enjoy digging holes. Sometimes he finds metal ore and brings it to me, so I give him dried meat in return. He is in a good mood when digging holes.
After about two hours, the space has expanded by the size of a gymnasium again. It was perfect, as long as I dump the dirt somewhere so that it won’t be discovered later.
I’m afraid Alicia will distrust me if I try any more tricks today, so I will have to stop here. Let’s build the cool lab little by little, and when it’s done, let’s show it off to my Father and Big brother. I’m sure they will be jealous.

“Young lady, that’s enough reading for today. It’s time for your studies.”


It’s time for homework and private lessons from Alicia before dinner. Alicia, outraged by my recent behavior, has taken it upon herself to improve my princess power by giving me all sorts of lessons.
An example was practicing walking with good posture with a book on my head… I couldn’t hide my surprise that this existed in this world, but a few books were fine. However, I will be crushed if the book is too heavy.
She was not teaching me anything related to knowledge, since my academic ability has surpassed Alicia’s. She also teaches embroidery. Music was considered avant-garde, so I don’t do much of it. I was also scolded for embroidery when I wove something that turned by itself into a magic circle.

“Hah~~ That’s enough for today. Take a short break, and then it will be time to eat.”

“I think that’s a waste of time.”

Alicia’s heart was about to break because of the ineffective study time.
Think about it. At my age, I’m finished Madame’s education course, you know? My freewheeling behavior is not because of my education, it is my nature. No matter how much she teaches me, it will be meaningless, if I don’t use it.

“You are capable of courtesy and manners… why don’t you use them on a regular basis? A normal princess would act more politely.”

“You get the Arland quality.”

There is only one person like that around me, and that person is seldom in the Capital, so there is no way I could have grown up to have an elegant way of speech. Come to think of it, I think the Granddaughter Princess also talked like that… I don’t remember because I wasn’t that interested in her tone of voice. I hope you are well.
Today, I heard that my Big brother and Father had turned into corpses in the office and stopped moving, so my Mother and I had dinner together by ourselves.
I casually asked about the situation of my Father and Big brother and was thinking of treating them if it was bad, but Mother told me to leave them alone until they calm down because if I did that, I would get endless requests from the Prime Minister.
After dinner, I took a bath, got dressed, and then it was time to read. Today, Alicia was going read me a fairy tale… Yes, it’s a bedtime reading. I hate myself for falling asleep to it.

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