Chapter 36.1

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Big brother’s sword—
“However, a sword that suits your taste will probably not be easy to come by, Alice. Besides, I can get one when I come back home.””

“And until then, you’re going to use a sword that’s in such shoddy condition? Are you trying to pick a fight with me, Big brother?”

I glared at Big brother and he flinched. I’m sure he would be able to find a sword worthy of him when he returns home… But!! How long do you think it will take to make one? Even the sword on his waist is a masterpiece, made after dozens and dozens of failed attempts, you know? There’s no chance that it will be delivered during the vacation. He could send a letter now and have it made, but until then, he would have that poorly-maintained sword on your hip, so that’s a no.
And then, after Big brother and, Alicia thought about it for a while.


They both shouted. Please don’t make sudden noises like that. Anyway, did they come up with something at the same time? The only thing I can think of is to have the best craftsman in the country make the best possible weapon, even if it costs a fortune, or wait for the auction.

“Have you come up with something?”

“Alice, you must have a sword in your treasury, no?”

“Young lady should be able to provide one.”

… I wonder if these two were listening to me? What’s in there are basically sealed items that we put away because they are too dangerous. Well, there are a lot of sweets, materials, etc., but the rest are basically all wrapped in a holy shroud so that they can’t be activated. It’s not something I can just take out.

“… I dyon’t.”

I bit my tongue a little, but I have to strike a firm pose that I don’t have any swords. The performance of the cursed sword I found earlier could be called cute, the swords I own are of a totally different kind as their power lack common sense. It’s not the basic performance of the weapons that worries me, but the performance that is sealed within.

“… How cute… what do you think, Alicia?”

“She definitely has one. I don’t believe she has no swords in there while having a magic furnace.”

“Magic furnace is another thing altogether…”

“I dyon’t have one.”

Why are they doubting me!! My magic furnace was exposed too!!… No, they haven’t seen the actual thing yet, so it must be just an inkling, so I’m sure I can pass it off as not having it, because even if the door to the treasury is open, it is warded off, so only the people I designate can enter. If no one else can enter, the truth can be kept in the dark.

“I dyon’t have magic furnace or any swords.”

“You really suck at lying.”

This time, I was seen through!! No… it’s just a sophisticated trick. If I get upset here, it’s the same as saying I have it. I feigned calmness, recovering my gaze that had almost wandered off. This is how I keep the others from reading my emotions!!

“It’s so very obvious. When the Young lady lies, her shoulders twitch and her gaze is very direct.”


I can’t hear you, I’m not listening.

“Come on!! Give me the strongest sword that is worthy for me!!”

Do not kneel like a knight. I won’t give you anything!! Or rather, the strongest sword I have can’t be used with the amount of magic power you have, Big brother. I made it (in about 3 days) when I aspired to become Samurai Princess in the future. Naturally, I made it based on my plentiful magic power, so it has a bad fuel consumption. Even Alicia would faint if she used it just for a few minutes. And I have three swords in total, including the cursed sword I just picked up. The last one was a complete failure.

“………… Dyon’t have.”


My Big brother seemed convinced that I have a sword suitable for him. Alicia was silently pressuring me to get it out quickly. Am I in a blue raccoon-like position? I won’t be coerced by such a whimsy… the stares from those around me were hurting me. Is it okay to cry? Kneeling before others on the street must be a form of harassment. I’m embarrassed too, but my Big brother was still waiting with a twinkle in his eyes.

“… Anyhow, let’s go back to the inn. Staying here is embarrassing, so please use Invisibility, Alicia.”

Alicia’s “Invisibility” covers anything Alicia touches, so she and Big brother sandwiched me between them, and held my hands… something about two lads in black and an alien came to my mind.
Big brother finally noticed the gazes of the people around us and became quiet. And after about 30 minutes, we arrived at our room at the inn. I was exhausted from walking all day, so I sat down on the bed. Big brother sat in a chair and Alicia was preparing tea (no snacks). Alicia and Big brother are the strength-type people, so they can go on a military march for weeks, not just all day long. I would probably go down after the first day.

“You have too little stamina… you should exercise a little more. And, please quickly give me my new sword!!”

“I dyon’t have anything like that.”

So persistent. I don’t have (anything to hand over). The swords are still alright, but other products can’t be used unless I teach people how to use them, and since they are imitations of products from another world, they are clearly over-engineered. That sword is also a failure and should not be taken out.

“Please, Princess, just give up already and take it out. You are not as deceptive as you think.”

Grrrr, how did they find out? I should have fooled them perfectly.
It can’t be helped.

“… I have, but… I only have three, including today’s loot. And one of them would be useless even in Alicia’s hands, so the last one… that one is a failure. I didn’t even name it.”

“So you have swords, after all. However, a failure, huh… still, you are hiding it in your treasury, so it’s better than ordinary swords, no?”

“Failure is a failure, and it was a big failure at that. In exchange for its high performance… it can kill anyone… it’s a demon sword that would kill a trained Knight, even a child’s hands. It can cut almost anything, rendering armor and shields useless, which is why it is a failure.”

On Earth, it would be the equivalent of a gun. The gun is a revolutionary invention, but it gave even children the means to kill adults. It allows children to be soldiers too, which is a big mistake.
The current situation with only one in existence is good. But what if the mechanism of this sword gets analyzed and mass-produced? Although unlikely, I cannot take it out.
When I said that, they both fell silent. But you know what?

“If you can control the sword… I can give it to you, Big brother. But, if you take it, you have to use it until the end. Never give it away until it breaks. I can give it to you if you promise me that. Hear my wish. I ask you, door of the treasury that disappeared into the void, reveal your treasure to me for a moment.”

When I took out the key and chanted the keywords, a door appeared. The door opened on its own and the objects hidden inside come into my view. Some of them were just boorish frameworks, others were things that couldn’t be recognized from their appearance alone. And many wooden boxes.

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