Chapter 35.2

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Shopping with Big brother (3)
First shop

“Look Alice, they have Orichalcum sword here!!”

“Big brother, that is not Orichalcum, it’s fake.”

It seems that my Father’s family believes that any weapon is good as long as it can be used, and my Brother inherited the same way of thinking.
By the way, the reason why they don’t care about the weapon’s quality is because there are plenty of weapons on the battlefield, so if theirs get broken, pick up a new one and use it. My Father’s family must have been a war tribe. I’m just like my Mother, so I don’t have such a crazy mind. After all, my way of thinking is to make weapons that won’t break. My Father has been using a legendary war hammer ever since he got it in a dungeon, so he has no problem with weapons. However, he told me that he once cracked his war hammer in a duel with Mother. He said that even his legendary level weapon was no match for my Mother.

Second shop

“How about this? It’s a Mithril sword!!”

“Too many ornaments, extra weight, and low durability.”

My Brother helds up a sword that seemed to be made just to please the nobility. It would be a good subject for a picture book. However, the sword had no practical use. Carving various patterns all over the sword is a good look, but it sacrifices too much strength. The sword would break in no time and would be useless. It was a gift, an ornamental sword.

Third shop

“How about this one!! It’s beautifully made, it’s rugged, but you can feel the craftsmanship.”

“It’s a good sword, but it’s made of steel, it’s not suitable for you, Big brother.”

We found a sword that was a masterpiece of craftsmanship, but unfortunately, the material was not good enough. Unlike the previous world, Orichalcum, Mithril and Adamantite exist in this world, so steel is not such a good material. If it’s my Brother’s sword, it has to be at least Damascus or Attribute Iron or I won’t accept it.

Fourth shop

“What about this—!!”

Big brother held up a sword that clearly gave off a dark aura. There was a bloodshot eye on the hilt, and the entire sword was bound with a black chain that gave it an aura of disgust. This must be the weapon of the Demon King or the Four Heavenly Kings, so why is it in the weapon shop in the city? Moreover, the weapon’s shop’s uncle has clearly lost his sanity, saying stuff like: ”Is this the next Lord? He’s so bloodthirsty, let’s use him to bring chaos to the world…” This is an accidental case that the Church should clean up well.

“… Let go of it right at this instant. That is not something a person should hold on to. It’s definitely cursed.”

I had no choice, so I bought it myself. Alicia objected, but it wasn’t a sword that should be kept in an ordinary Weapon’s shop in a city. When I reluctantly paid for it, I took it from Alicia (who was delirious from the sword), who said she would seal it herself, and stunned the sword with an excessive supply of magic power(?). Even though it stopped moving, it still tried to control my mind, but it couldn’t control me, who had the blessing of the spirits.
I wrapped it around with the holy shroud (magic tool), that I usually use to seal my Dragon Wand, and isolated it in the treasury with a Quick Close.


When the magic sword disappeared, everyone came back to their senses, including the uncle who was guiding us. It seems that even though he was delirious, he did not lose his memory, so my Bog brother was depressed because he was defeated by a sword.
As for me, I’m glad I got my hands on a sample. I can analyze it later, remodeling it into a Holy Sword or something that won’t hurt other people ever again sounds amusing.

On the way to the fifth shop



“Young lady? Are you trying to splurge again? Do you need to be reminded over and over again that money is finite?”

“Money can be earned again. If I need, I just have to sell some of my works to my Father again.”

On the way to the fifth weapon’s shop, I spotted a merchant selling minerals and tried to wander over there, but Alicia caught me. The Mithril was sold so cheaply, though~ They must have discovered a vein of ore in a nearby mine, and gobbled up all the Mithril they could find. It’s cheap. If I could pour all my money into this place, I could buy a lot of materials.

“Absolutely not!! This is why I can’t let you spend your money freely.”

“I get it now.”

It was a terrible betrayal, because I thought my Big brother would understand, since he always spends all his allowance on weapons and armor. And Alicia? Why can’t I use the money I have earned? Isn’t it fine? I will earn it back.
I can’t use my money freely, and she won’t tell me the total amount… It’s unreasonable, you know?

Fifth shop

“Darn it!! There are no good things in here.”

“I think so too… it’s all second-hand stuff.”

“Young lady, this is not a dangerous country… There are no better weapon shops in the Capital than this. The only other place would be the black market, but that’s a bit much for a little girl like you, and even I don’t know where they are located.”

A black market would be a little… the origin of the weapons in there would be too suspicious, and there is a possibility that we may come across a weapon that contains the grudge of the original owner, so I reject visiting the black market.

“Well, it’s a peaceful country, so we won’t get much more out of here than that. That’s enough for today. I have given you your reward, and you can help your daughter with it.”

“I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do anything like this again. I will never forget what you have done for me, and I will continue living in shame.”

The uncle thanked us and left.

“Alicia, please don’t do anything strange. If you do anything, I won’t trust you anymore.”

“… Are you really okay about this? You have never seen this person before. According to the law, his crime is a death sentence.”

“Call it hypocrisy if you want, but I don’t want to be a person who doesn’t do anything.”

If it’s for someone I have never met, I’m hesitant, but if it’s someone I have met and talked to, I’m eager to help. I have plenty of money, so I’m willing to lose three gold coins. If it was a lie, I would be sad, but if it was true, fewer people will be sad. Families are happier when they are together.

“By the way, what are you going to do about my sword? I don’t mind keeping my old one.”

“I will never allow it.”

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