Chapter 34.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shopping with Big brother (2)
Half an hour after we left for shopping.
I was being carried along by a stranger, held under their arm like luggage. Was this some kind of new taxi thing?
A slightly skinny man in dirty clothes was running frantically with me in his arms. Surely it must be difficult to carry a human being, even a child. It would be easier if he used a basket from the Edo period, I think? Together with another person, but considering the income, I guess it’s better for one person to do the job on their own.

“Ah, please turn right there. I think I heard there should be a weapon’s shop somewhere around here.”

“What are you saying? There’s no weapon’s shop on the right, ya know? Romulus’ Weapon’s Shop is on the left.”

“Is that so, thank you very much. Please go left then.”

What a kind person. If he was a bad person, he would think of pretending to be lost and trying to collect more of the fare, but he just told me the way. I bowed my head and thanked him as he held me. Gratitude is important, isn’t it?

“Do you even understand the situation you are in?”


I couldn’t understand what he was saying to me as he asked me with a look of disbelief on his face. Isn’t he a taxi-like person? I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s running towards the Weapon’s shop since he turned left just now.
Mhm? I see a dust cloud from behind. That’s my Big brother and Alicia, and they’re already running with their swords drawn with horrifying expressions on their faces. I think they should stop drawing their swords in the city because it’s dangerous.

“Big brother~ Alicia~ you can’t draw your weapons in the city, you might hurt the pedestrians and the Knights Order will be angry with you~”

“Kidnapper—!! That man is a kidnapper!! Return my Little sister to me!!”

“Young lady, you are being kidnapped!! Please resist a little!!”

“You cannot say such scandalous things!! He’s just carrying me to Romulus’ Weapon’s Shop, was it? You know!!”

When I apologized to the uncle for their rudeness, he wiped off his sweat and smiled, saying he didn’t mind. I think it’s not good to suddenly criticize someone you have just met. Their likability was rapidly decreasing in my mind. Those two will get a sermon later, no mercy.
Then, in a fit of rage, Alicia threw heir kukri sword at me. Alicia’s sword, spinning like a boomerang, unexpectedly hit the uncle’s knee (probably not the blade part), and it made his knee buckle. He rolled over with me in his arms. I immediately put Protect on him and me, so I don’t think he was injured except for his knee. And Alicia made me angry.
Uncle let go of me after a few rolls. The injuries were minor. First of all, I have to make Alicia apologizes, and then I have to apologize as well. I don’t remember raising her to be such a violent maid, why would she throw her sword at such a kind person?

“Alicia!! What did you do to the kind man!! Apologize immediately!!”


“Be quiet!! You over there!! I will kill you if you move.”

The people around held him down. I feel like I have seen some of these people before, but was it my imagination? The uncle was not making any resistance. It’s not surprising, because he has done nothing wrong, and he suddenly got pinned down, it’s not surprising that he was confused.

“Alice, you mustn’t follow strangers. This is not the royal capital of Arland, and that man was not carrying you out of kindness, he was kidnapping you.”

“… Is that so?”

Hmm~ I can’t decide, because the man didn’t pull a sword or knife on me. I was surprised when he suddenly took me by the side, but he didn’t tie me up or take my wand away from me. If he was a kidnapper, I think he would tie me up or threaten me, so that I would not move about.
The uncle was restrained and did not move. He didn’t even argue with Big brother’s statement.

“Are you hurt anywhere? I’m sorry for being so rough. However, if things continued like this, Young lady, you would… please resist a little Young lady, you should have been able to escape normally, no?”

Alicia was touching me here and there, checking for injuries while dusting off my clothes. I didn’t get hurt. It’s just that my clothes got a little dirty.
But I can’t understand it. If I can’t recognize a kidnapping as a kidnapping, there’s nothing to resist. From the looks of the people around me, it seems that I was in fact kidnapped, but the uncle didn’t look that evil. He seemed more like a normal(?) person.

“Okay, I am sorry. However, to kidnap me…”

“You don’t put on guard against others, after all. This is my and Alicia’s responsibility, you shouldn’t mind it too much… ehehe, to think… you wouldn’t even notice you were being kidnapped… haha…”

My face instantly lit up. Probably, my entire face, turned bright red. I was so embarrassed. This was my first experience with kidnapping, and I never thought I would be the one to be kidnapped. Usually, the knights are sneaking around nearby and watching, and Father is stalking me (he’s a moron), so someone usually helped me before anything happened… by the way…

“Mr. Bassal. How is your daughter doing?”

“Eh, yes, she’s doing well, she will be turning three soon… hah!!”

Yes, I have confirmed it, there appear to be several knights in the surroundings. I remember Mr. Bassal because I had a conversation with him once a year or two ago. He used to look all serious, but now he was dressed like a vagabond, probably so I wouldn’t notice him. There were a few other people I know.
When I mentioned the names of the knights and soldiers I knew, the knights and soldiers, my Big brother and Alicia gave me a look that said, “Crap!”. There’s nothing wrong with my face recognition skills, It’s just that I don’t intentionally remember the faces and names of the strange nobles, and those who I decide to remember, I remember well. I even remember the face and name of the Priest I met right after I was born.

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