Chapter 33.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shopping with Big brother (1)
You can’t beat a Vajra Tortoise with just a little bit of training. It’s a monster that even mid-level adventurers will run away from if they see it. By the way, the shell is said to be sold at a very high price, but it’s extremely difficult to defeat, and even if you do, your weapons often end up broken, so it’s not very profitable, my Father told me so. In fact, the sword that my Big brother has is more expensive. It’s a sword that was forged by 10 master craftsmen from the Dwarven territory, and was presented to him. It’s worth about 200 gold coins.
Well, it would be great if we could find a replacement for Big brother’s sword, that would be great. This is a country with a culture and education that doesn’t engage in war, so I don’t expect much from the weapon shop, but maybe there’s a holy sword for sale… I doubt there will be a holy sword. I hope there’s one, though.
Then I chased my Big brother out of the room to get ready—He was going to watch me get dressed nonchalantly. I prepared to dress myself up and do my hair. Originally, I wanted to talk about all the that stuff after I was done. As a lady myself, I am embarrassed to be seen in my sleep. If it wasn’t Big brother, I would already shoot them out of the window into the sky with magic.

“Magic… I can’t control it at all…”

“Young lady, your skill of controlling magic is already that of the sorcerer class. How much magic power you have in store?”

“Enough to use all the advanced magic I want if I choose to.”

Advanced magic with a high degree of difficulty consumes an order of magnitude more magic power than other advanced magic. Basically, advanced magic is unlimited in power and range as long as you have magic power for it. Fortunately, I have a team of spirits with me, so my injuries I suffered in the duel were already healed by the Light and Water spirits. I’m fine with using such spells, but I don’t like the pain… Well, I guess I’m stupid for using magic while ignoring the burden it has on my body.

“Hm~~ Would you like me to take a look into it then? It might be something else that’s causing the problem, you know? Normally, you would be able to use it chantless as much as you please.”

“Yeah. I don’t want to collapse every time I use magic.”

“I would be happy if you took the option of not using it at all, but you can be very stubborn at times, Young lady.”

I enjoyed chatting with Alicia while I got dressed and ready. Although, I’m not stubborn. I’m just looking for convenience. Therefore, if there are any faults, I will do my best to fix them, okay? I used to read books about magic. It’s my fault that I read the beginner’s book while dozing off. I was able to use magic without remembering most of the content, so I didn’t study it much. So I guess I need to relearn magic from scratch. Maybe I missed something.

“I know of a former Mage, Old Master Ignace, who resides in this country, so let’s have him examine you, Young lady. He is also one of the reasons why you were allowed to study abroad. You are in good health, but your body is not that strong, so there is a possibility that we might have to perform a sealing procedure on your magic.”

“It’s not an amount of magic power that can be sealed. The commercially available magic tools simply break when I touch them.”

One of the reasons I create my own magic tools is that I couldn’t use ordinary magic tools. According to my Mother, the amount of magic power I possess is too much, and the excess magic power that leaks out is causing problems with the magic tools, so if I don’t take that into consideration, the magic tools will break or run out of control.

“It would be difficult to seal, but it is not impossible. It is His Majesty’s desire not to destroy the Young lady’s potential, but if it is detrimental to your health, it is an unavoidable measure. Well, even if you don’t have any magic power of your own, you still should be able to use magic with the help of the spirits anyway.”

That is the reason why I don’t object too much to it. It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for. Even if my own magic power is sealed off, I can still use magic if the magic power is supplied externally. I believe this is possible because if I have a contract with spirits, who can supply me with their magic power for me to use.

“A world where you can use magic even if you don’t have any magic power of your own is nice. Normally, I would have thought that if my magic was sealed away, I wouldn’t be able to use magic anymore. Worst case scenario, I would try to build a magic furnace to replace my own magic power.”


“Please don’t do that!!… You don’t have one, do you? You didn’t make it, did you? You cannot joke about this!!”

I turned my head to the side in silence. I’m not very good at lying, so if I say it out loud, people might find out that I have a prototype. If I keep quiet, at least she won’t be sure if I have it. I’m also an adult woman who can lie.

“… Your Highness~!! This can’t be possible!! You definitely have it~ It won’t be a laughing matter if another countries get a hunch of this.”

“I… I don’t have it, you know?”

“Please discard it!! Right now. That invention was called The Nightmare of the Ancient Civilization, you know?”

Alicia was very energetic in the morning. I’m still sleepy.

“It’s fine, things that could destroy the entire world were used on standby on a daily basis in my past life.”

Magic Furnace is just a toy when compared to nuclear missiles.

“The world you have lived in, in your past life, is too terrifying, Young lady.”

“Explanation would be a pain in the butt, so I’m done, I don’t have any Magic Furnace. And since I don’t know if the raw materials for those things in my previous life exist in this world, I won’t make them, and even if I do, I will probably get caught up in them and die.”

I don’t have protective gear or anything like that, and I don’t have the equipment to make it from scratch. In other words, I can’t build anything related to nuclear weapons. Even if I did, I would have no use for it because I have no concept of electricity. Missiles are impossible without testing. There is something similar, but it has a different purpose. Anyway, let’s get this over with. It looks like Alicia’s SAN value is about to get whittled down.

“You definitely have it, she definitely has it, she definitely has it, she definitely has it.”

I brushed her tail to shut her up. She’s been having a rough time lately. Is she under some kind of stress? I’m the one who she takes care of, so if she’s going to call herself my maid, I want her to keep her tail looking its best at all times.
As such, Alicia was useless, so I prepared myself on my own. Today, I was wearing a white blouse and a skirt with a pattern similar to playing cards that hid my knees, and I had attached a holder to my waist belt, so I can put my wand there. (In the case of the dragon staff, it is carried on the back). I put on a beret, and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that I still had a few remains of sleepiness, so I brushed them off and everything was fine. All that’s left to do was to leave the broken Alicia behind and get out of the room.

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