Chapter 31

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Minister’s point of view.
I sat down on the ground and Randolph anxiously handed me a water bottle.
I thanked him as I received the bottle and I wiped off the sweat from my forehead with my sleeve and put the backpack I was entrusted with back on.

I never thought the knights would deal with the surprise attack so easily and come after us with all their might.
Thanks to that, I felt so fatigued for the first time in my life, but the adventurers luckily found this abandoned house and we managed to escape.
If I had been caught, I would have been executed without having my identity checked, for which I should be grateful.
Dietrich, who was having a serious meeting, approached me.

“Sorry to ask you of this while you are fatigued, but would you please go back to the gate and ask for support? I will have someone escort you, can you do it?”

How long would it take to get to the mansion if we had to go back to the gate?
In the worst case scenario, the battle could escalate and we might not even be able to get there… Should I refuse?

“Understood, let’s go. You can leave the escort duty to me alone.”

When I looked at Randolph with my eyes widened in surprise, Dietrich nodded to him without noticing my reaction and left towards the other adventurers after saying “I will leave it to you then.”
Randolph looked at me with an earnest expression.

“Refusing here would be too suspicious. We have no choice but to pretend to go back and race it towards your mansion.”

“So that’s why you refused the escorts.”


“Yes. This is the only chance we have to go to the mansion.”

I took one last sip of water from the water bottle, stood up and made my way to the entrance of the abandoned house.
Then I felt bad for trying to take advantage of them, and turned my attention to them as they continued their conversation in the back.
I don’t want the commoners’ coup to go well, nor do I want the King to succeed in subduing them, but I will pray for good things for them as we spend the day together.

After leaving the abandoned house, I walked with Randolph down the quiet street towards the mansion, which was in the opposite direction of the gate.
There was no sign of life from the luxury houses along the road, and except for the occasional mysterious popping sound in the distance, it seemed as if everything that had happened earlier had been a lie.
And then Randolph, who seemed to have noticed something, gestured to me to hide.

“Knights. It seems to be the bunch that got dazzled earlier, so it would be better to keep hidden.”


If we get caught, they are going to kill us even without hearing us out. I would definitely do the same if I were on their side.
Nevertheless, getting to my mansion still seems to be a long way away.
——I hope the folks at the mansion are safe.

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