Chapter 30

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Minister’s point of view.
The buildings in the noble district seemed to be less damaged than those in the commoner district, but some of the windows and walls were still broken.
The streets, which had always been kept clean, were stained with trash and discarded armor, and the beauty that had once been a symbol of status was nowhere to be found.
Seeing such a scene made me wonder whether the mansion was safe, but I’m sure the knights of the mansion were taking good care of it.
——That’s the only thing I can hope for now.

Dietrich gestured for us to hide, and they all slid into the space between the buildings, so I rushed into it in a hurry, too.
Running with such a heavy load on my back seemed to have quite an effect on my lack of exercise, and I couldn’t help but get breathless.
Then Randolph looked dumbfounded.

“Should I carry it? Don’t overdo it.”

“No… it’s fine. This is all I can do, after all.”

And if I can’t even do this, I will be sent away.
I put the slipping backpack back on, corrected my breathing, and looked at Dietrich, who was staring at the building ahead of us, seemingly oblivious to my presence.
If he had suddenly sent us into hiding, there was a good chance that he had found something dangerous.
For example——

“This is bad, there’s a unit of knights heading to the castle. We have to do something about it.”

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous to do for just us? Shouldn’t we call in for assistance?”

“No, then we would lose sight of them at worst and won’t make it in time. Can’t we get their attention somehow?”


Dietrich and the others began to discuss the matter, and I thought about what I should do.
Perhaps that’s what Barth meant when he said that the knights were gathering. I’m sure that’s it, considering the location of the barracks.
I’m not sure if the King ordered the private army to move, or if the nobles were working together to get something in return.
The reason for this is not clear, but as Dietrich fears, their objective must be to take control of the castle.
Randolph, who was watching the knights move forward, looked back at me with concern.

“Your private soldiers are not among them, are they?”

“Not unless the King came directly to tell them to move. And under the circumstances, I don’t think they would obey anyway.”

Ivana, whom I left in command, has astonishingly far better ability to make decisions than me.
I’m sure she’s either waiting for me to give orders to evacuate, or she has already evacuated my family and is protecting the compound.
Randolph muttered, “That’s good,” and looked forward.

“Alright, I’m going to buy some time with this guy. You all get ready.”

With these words, Dietrich held in one hand a special stone that emitted a dazzling light into the surroundings on impact.
At the same time as I hurriedly covered my eyes with my arms, there was a burst of exploding sound and screams that followed right after.

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