Chapter 32

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Skill Inspection
After eating the Moon Fox with Ado.

“Ado, what happened to the Moon Foxes?”
“Several escaped~ Gaooing all of them was too troublesome~”
What a reliable answer.
It seems they had overwhelming numbers.
Ado-san, you are strong after all.
If that’s the case…
Didn’t Ado’s level raise considerably?
Appraisal-san, please.

Name: Ado
Race: Hell Earth Dog-Human
Level: 7
Description: Demi-human. A monster that became human by mutation. Ancient species.
Able to use fire magic.

Although her level was 1 just recently.
She already overtook me…
Ado’s growth is so fast.
Goshujin-shama is happy.

I should check my level just in case.

Race: Baby Vampire
Level: 5

As usual, no change.
It’s not particularly alright, but alright!
Not changing is good.
But, this reminds me of the tortoise skill.
I can’t see the skills in appraisal, but let’s try the “Harden”.

I think the use is the same way as Blood Bone Alchemy.
Because the image of the skill flowed inside my head when I acquired it, I shouldn’t be wrong.
Well then, let’s give it a try at once.


Mishimishimishi Mishimishimishi
My skin color changes to gray.
As if I have changed into a stone statue.

“Go, Goshujin-shama… became a stone.”
A lump of meat falls down from Ado’s mouth.
She stares at me with her eyes open wide.

“Ado, no need to worry. This is a skill.”
“Amaz~ing~ Goshujin-shama. So cool~”
Is that so?
I’m certainly like a statue, but… is that cool?
Should I strike a pose?
A little bit stylish.
Should I freeze in a pose while walking?
Well then, a signature pose.
“Goshujin-shama~ You look like a hero~”
Ado’s eyes sparkle.
I will get embarrassed if you praise me so much.


However, this is not the time to strike poses.
I’m sure my defenses raised with the change of appearance.
Let’s try it.
“Ado, won’t you punch me lightly. I want to test the change.”
Ado spins her arm around.
Then I remember.
Ado is an owner of a power that can hunt Moon Foxes while on a stroll.
Isn’t that dangerous…
I may get fatally injured if I let myself get hit.
Ado also looks quite motivated.
She thinks of me as a hero.
Don’t overestimate me.
Let’s tell her to be careful just in case.
“Ado, gently, gently. Just lightly, slightly poke me.”
“I understand~ Coming~”
“O, ou.”

Dogon Dodododododododododododododo Zudon

I was blown off and destroyed every tree in a ten-meter radius.
I have created a road just like that tortoise.
Rather, Ado-san is ridiculously strong.
That surprised me.
I thought I was going to shatter into a thousand pieces.
Thanks to the『Harden』skill, I have not received any damage.
I feel tingling, but no pain.
This skill, isn’t it quite useful?
Though it’s not clear from the name, it may be absolute defense skill?

“Goshujin-shama~ Are you ok~ay?”
Ado happily rushes over.
I’m alright.
“No problem. It doesn’t look like I have received damage.”
“As expected of Goshujin-shama. Even though I punched slightly harder.”
You really did it Ado.
I felt like that wasn’t a gentle punch.
Thank you, skill.
I cancel the skill and return to normal.

“Ah, Goshujin-shama returned to normal~”
“I have canceled the skill.”
“Do it again~ Do it again~ Please~ Goshujin-shama.”
Ado shakes her ears and tail.
Kunkun Kunkun
She rubs her cheek against mine.
Can’t be helped, since you want to see it that much.
But, getting blown off again is a little…
However, there’s something I’d like to try.

“I understand. Okay, but wait a little.”
I load a Moon Bullet into the revolver and shoot myself.
I can understand that my body became light and my physical ability increased.
Then, I activate the “Harden” skill.
I want to confirm the influence of physical strength.
Can I be under two effects at the same time?
Or does only one apply?
An investigation is necessary.
“Wa~ Goshujin-shama~ Became a stone again~”
“Right. Then Ado, punch me again. Same strength as before is alright. Gently, okay?”
“Ye~s, here I go~”
Ado spins her arm around…

Dogon Dodododododododo Zudon

O, oou.
I was blown away again, but only three meters.
The distance decreased considerably.
It seems my defenses leveled up considerably after using the Moon Bullet and Harden together.
Looks like the effects stack up.
I’m glad.
I think that.
If by any chance the effects negated each other, it may have ended quite dangerous for me…

I don’t mind that it’s over.

Ado comes over.
“Goshujin-shama~ Crafty win. Even though I have punched more than before, Goshujin-shama didn’t fly at all~ sniff.”
I was slightly suspicious.
Because I have heard an exploding sound at the moment of impact.
“By the way, Ado. Can Ado defeat a Moon Fox with that punch from now?”
“I can~ If I Dogon them a few times~”
I see, I see… I’m glad.
Apparently, my defenses are higher than Moon Fox’s.
Like this, I may be able to stay alive in this jungle.
Peace of mind for the time being.
You have to start from the defenses after all.
Defenses are the most important in any game.

Ado flaps with her hand.
It may have damaged her hand.
“Are you okay, Ado?”
“A numbness came to my hand~”
It would be better to cool it off in the water.
I retrieve a water container from the item box.
Since I was thinking about selling the salt, I have brought quite a lot of water.
That water is essential.
“Here, you can cool it off with this.”
“Thank you~”

Ado cools her hand.
I drink some water.
Hie~~ so cold.
Comfortable coolness!
It preserved its comfortable temperature in the item box.
This is a convenient cheat item.
This water tastes like fresh, natural water.
Quite good for a journey.

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