Chapter 31

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Skill Obtained
It’s still me, the Baby Vampire Tokugawa.
It’s sudden, but it’s serious.
An hour passed since Ado went on a stroll, but…
She hasn’t returned yet.
I thought she would come back immediately.
She has a collar attached, but…
She may be loitering somewhere in the grass.
By the way, I have confirmed the time with the watch El Jiisan gave me.

What should I do?
Should I go and look for Ado?
The 49th floor is still an unknown territory…
Stronger monsters than me grouping together, I feel intimidated.
I feel that Ado who hunts Moon Foxes on her stroll will be alright…
I can’t leave Ado-san.
I must fulfil my responsibilities from the contract.
Well then, departure!
I start going up the stairs.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I arrive at the entrance of the 49th floor.
I thought I would be able to see Ado from here, but…
That isn’t the case.
The reality is cruel.

I can’t see Ado’s trails anywhere.
Just where on Earth did you go?
Because we may pass each other, I don’t want to advance, but…

Mishimishimishi Mishimishimishi
Trees fall down and a huge tortoise appears.
T, that is… that fellow I saw before.

Race: Triceratops Tortoise
Level: 7
Description: A huge tortoise averaging approximately 10m in size.
Because of its high defence shell, it receives damage only scarcely.

Right, right, Triceratops Tortoise.
Since the level is the same, it may be the same guy.
Doshi Zu~n
The tortoise stops its movements and freezes on the spot.
Hibernation? Sleep?
It seriously closed its eyes.
It looks like a mummy…

I remember.
Right, like the time I bit the mummy in the Anima Temple.
I obtained an ability there.
I’m sure… I heard the god’s voice saying “Skill ‘God’s Fangs’ activated” and I have obtained the Blood Bone Alchemy.
After that, the life and death battle with the Earth Dogs unfolded.
I totally forgot that I had to hunt in order for my arm to regenerate completely.

Skill “God’s Fangs” huh…
It seems to be the ability to capture a skill.
I may be able to steal the skills from the bitten target.
In that case… I may be able to obtain some skill if I bit that tortoise.

Should I do it?
Should I give it a try?
That tortoise looks dull, it may not even notice that I bit it.
If it does, I can just escape.
It doesn’t look like the tortoise can move quickly after all.

Let’s do it.
Let’s give it a go.
I will shoot myself with the Moon Bullet just in case.
Lightness and increased physical ability.
My body overflows with power.

Okay, charge!
I quickly approach the tortoise…
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I bit into its right leg and suck.
I suck while chanting『Steal』『Steal』in my mind.
Like a mosquito on a summer day.

(Skill “God’s Fangs” activated. Skill “Harden” acquired.)




No, that…
Quite a not pleasing skill.
It probably raises defensive power, but…
Although it will be usable…
To be frank, I was expecting something more amazing.
Something with a name like Tortoise Protection with an absolute barrier effect.

The Triceratops Tortoise starts moving.

Sasa Sasa Sasa
I immediately get away from the tortoise.
The tortoise starts walking and disappears in the jungle.

After seeing you up close, you really are huge.
I’m smaller than the tortoise’s foot.
Can’t be helped since I’m a baby?
The tortoise’s traces are easy to understand because of the fallen trees.
Because it destroys everything.
Cause it’s a bulldozer-like monster.
I think he’s a nice guy since he’s creating a road through the jungle.

Now then, now then.
This is not the time to admire the tortoise, I have to look for Ado.
Where did that girl go?
I hope she’s didn’t get lost.

“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
This lisping voice…

When I turn towards the direction of the voice…
Ado runs from the jungle.
A lively figure carrying Moon Fox meat on its back.
Oh my, Ado is quite a muscleman.

It seems Ado went hunting again.
A stroll with occasional hunting, huh.

“Goshujin-shama~ what are you doing here?”
Ado is pure.
Her eyes are sparkling.
Rather, there’s not a single scratch on her…
This jungle may not be a threat at all for Ado.
“Ah, I came to take a look at the situation. Your stroll seemed to be prolonged.”
“Is that so~ Ado~ found the fox den. And then, and then. Gaooo~ Ado burned them.”

What is she saying…
I sure see a cloud of white smoke in the distance…
The cause is… Ado-san, huh?
“The foxes were in the wrong~ They shouldn’t have chased after Ado.”
“T, that’s right… they started so they are in the wrong.”
“Goshujin-shama~ Will you eat the meat? Will you?”
Kuikui she pushes the fox meat in front of me.
It looks like Ado has already tasted it since it’s slightly bitten.

“This is a bad place, so let’s return to the staircase.”
“Before that, let’s put the meat in the item box.”
“Thank you~ Goshujin-shama.”
I store the Moon Fox meat on Ado’s back into the item box.
After that, we return to the staircase together.

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