Chapter 31

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Non-productive Day
After returning to the territory, I took it easy for a while.
Even if I say that, I have to do a minimum study. Because of that, Teacher Shirin came today.
I have asked about the white-bearded Ojiichan that was with Otousama the other day.
I thought that since Otousama took him along, he must be someone important.

“That was Teacher. He’s also my master~”
“Eeh~! Teacher Shirin’s! Then, is he someone like Kingpin or something to me? Teacher?”
“Don’t say Kingpin……”

Theo inserts a tsukkomi. Isn’t that okay! Being Kingpin!
Then, we proceed to talk about the door we opened.
Teacher Shirin said that’s it’s quite impossible magic to do.
Certainly, from here to my room in the capital! Is impossible.
What is different from the other time, is most likely that my imagination is not strong enough.

“Then, how about you put the room aside and try something else~? The entry hall, for example.”
“Entry hall?”
“Yes. The I’m home~ feeling should make it easy on the consciousness.”

I see. But, for I’m home~ feeling, the entry hall of the mansion in the territory is easier to imagine.
After all, to the capital by carriage…… my butt…… uu! Just imagining it is painful!

“…… It will be lonely when you two go to the capital. Teacher knows a lot more than me~ please, go visit him, okay?”

I will send you letters, okay? Teacher Shirin says.
Teacher of Teacher Shirin. I will definitely go out to play!

“However, that would be spatial magic, huh~…… that is out of my expertise.”
“Isn’t Space okay since the places are connected by space?”
“That’s right, but movement? It’s different……”
“Movement would be when I move by myself, right? Transfer also feels like I moved by myself.”
“After all, is it Space?”
“Space…… let’s see~ Space might be it, but.”

I’m not good with words, Teacher Shirin smiles wryly.
But, somehow, it’s not like I can’t understand what she’s trying to say.
Fixed space? That’s not it. Connect the Space…… able to move back and forth instantly.
Spatial link? Ah, this is it. Surely, this.

“Spatial Link, is it?”
“Yes! Something like that.”

No matter what type of magic it is, giving it a name is important.
Because of that, it will be easier to understand the image.

“I was thinking, but not a place far away. How about trying a nearby place?”
“Nearby place?”
“Yes, for example, from your room to the entry hall.”

Ah, that may work. I will be able to flee!
I thought such, but I was immediately seen through by Theo and rebuked.
N, no, I won’t really do it! I will only try hard not to do it, though.

“Certainly, the image of a nearby place may be easier to grasp.”
“But, if used to flee, I will be troubled.”
“Ahahahaha! I won’t do something like that.”
“Oh my, did I suggest something uncalled for~”

Theo says to Teacher Shirin who apologized.

“Letty Ojousama is an ojousama with an excellent character. Therefore I believe that she won’t use it at her own convenience to flee from the house, yes.”
“Ah, yes. I won’t, will not, definitely won’t……”

I was magnificently done in.
Teacher heartily laughed at the two of us as usual.
Yep. We are as usual.
That will surely not change even in the school, I believe that.

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