Chapter 30

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Theo and I stayed in that situation until Otousama hastily returned from the palace.
Otousama had to enter through the window because there is only one door. Ah, somehow, amazing. Isn’t this somewhat amazing?
He isn’t angry, but he looks at me with resigning expression.
And, there’s a person I have never seen before next to Otousama.

“Letty…… you……”
“Somehow, I am sorry……”
“No, I’m not angry. However, this is……”

I know that we did something outrageous. The person next to him is here probably because of that.
Ojiichan with a fluffy white beard. I think he is a wizard.

“Magic that instantly connects to a faraway place…… Ojousan, how did you do it?”
“My room! I prayed to a very great extent while shutting and opening the door continuously. I was not able to do it alone, but it was possible with Theo’s help.”

I see, that person thinks.

“Teacher, what should we do?”
“No, if they release their hands, only this door would close, ja ro? Do you two feel weariness or you feel sick?”
“There’s none. That, I think this is mostly Letty Ojousama’s magical power.”

Theo says reservedly. As to why he thinks that.
The magical power inside him is mostly not moving. He probably only lent the power of the image.

“Eeh~ Why is Theo’s image stronger even though this is my room?”
“That is…… probably.”

I come to wake you up every morning and lecture you every day.
Because Letty’s room is special, Theo says.
What is with that ‘special’~!

“Does Letty not pay attention when opening the door of your room?”
“I do not, I mean, it is my room, after all.”

That’s probably the difference, Theo says.
Eeh~ I thought my image of the room was stronger since I am the one using it. But, indeed.
I open the door and walk in without thinking anything.
But, Theo is entering a room of someone else. He opens the door with a reserve.
Is that the difference?

“…… Then, would I be able to go to Otousama’s room just by myself?”
“It may be by chance, but I was shown something interesting. Fumu, although this spatial magic still has a way to go, I see the potential.”

That person laughs happily while stroking his beard.
However, since I’m gradually getting tired.

“Otousama, why don’t we return to the territory this way?”
“What are you saying? It has not been decided that it’s safe yet.”
“It is okay, it is okay! Why don’t we test returning this way from there?”

Let’s go, I forcefully drag Theo in.
My heart throbbed the moment we entered my room, but nothing happened.
It’s kind of sad. I would be troubled if something actually happened, though.

“We will clean up here and return to the capital, Otousama!”
“You won’t listen even if I try to stop you, right?”
“…… Theodore-kun.”
“Yes, I understand.”

Take care, Otousama sighs. He told him to take it easy because it seems troublesome. It’s my fault, I’m sorry.

“You will attend the school, right? In that case, come to play at my place.”

I will teach you more amusing magic, he laughs happily.
I immediately answered his invitation with Thank you very much.
My intuition told me. I will have a lot of fun if I associate with this Ojiichan.

“Then, next time!”

Theo and I wave our hands and close the door. Then, there was a feeling of something tightening.

My room.

“Hey Theo, let’s try imagining the room in the capital next.”
“I think it will be difficult.”
“Because it’s hard to imagine.”

However, there’s still time.
I have decided to try imagining our mansion in the capital.
I mean, I hate it when my butt hurts.
However, because of our sudden return, the house in our territory became noisy.
Theo explained politely right from the start, so everyone believed it, though.
If it was only me, I think it would become a great uproar.
What is this excessive feeling of trust towards Theo?
No, no, since Theo is my attendant, him being trusted means that I’m being trusted!
…… I think that something like that is a little impossible for me, yes.

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