Chapter 37

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The Judged, The Judges (2)
The living who will be receiving a trial were only told the date, where the trial was to be held was unknown to them. They weren’t even told who the judge will be.

“Stop the bullshit!! We have the right to know!!”

One of the nobles who just received the explanation shouted out loud. When the arm of the Salbuveir retainer who did the explaining moved, he was already holding a hammer formed from miasma in his hand.
The retainer smashed both of the noble’s knees with the hammer almost at the same time.


The noble fell to the floor and screamed in agony. That might have been a natural reaction for having your both legs broken so abruptly, but that did not stimulate any compassion from the Salbuveirs.
The retainer then mercilessly swung the hammer towards the noble’s arms. “Crack.” such ghastly noise resounded as the terrible scene played before the eyes of the living.


When the screaming happened again, the living turned their dumbfounded gazes towards the retainers, who grabbed the screaming noble by the face and carried him out of the hall.
When the door was closed, the screams of the noble taken from the hall resounded again. Even though the soundproofing of the audience hall should be high, the screams still resonated throughout the hall.

“You guys imagine for a moment what is happening to that fool.”

The retainers glared coldly at the living as their eyes excluded mercilessly glint.

Then, for about an hour, those left in the audience hall were made to listen to the sounds of the tortured noble. They couldn’t tell what kind of brutality was happening behind the door whatsoever. However, there’s no doubt about what fear it caused them to feel.

After about an hour of torture, everyone was breathless when the noble who was taken away for torture reappeared at the audience hall.
His limbs were lost and his body was pierced with several spears. Moreover, what was the most terrifying was that he was not dead yet.
He was gasping for breath hanging on the thread of his life, but he was still conscious. That is because the spears stuck in his body avoided the vital organs. His wounds weren’t fatal because all the important organs were missed on purpose.

“Oh my, isn’t he still alive?”

When one of the retainers asked for an explanation, the other one replied with a natural look on his face.

“Of course. These guys don’t know their position. They won’t understand our displeasure with them until you show them something like this.”
“Indeed. If they understood their position, they wouldn’t be talking about having ‘rights’.”

The living in the audience hall who heard the conversation of the retainers felt their throats blocked. It was because they were about to raise their voices too when the noble complained.

“Oi, come in.”

When the retainer spoke, a maid entered inside. Most of the people here knew that this maid worked in the palace. When the Imperial Palace fell, she was killed and turned into undead by the Salbuveirs.

“Take a good look at what’s going to happen next.”

When the Salbuveirs addressed them, the living gulped loudly. They could imagine the terrible scene that was about to unfold before them.


“If you don’t want to become like her, make sure to be careful about your words.”

As the retainer spoke, a black mist floated towards the maid that transformed her into a three-meter tall black beast. Moreover, that beast had the maid’s face. They had never seen anything so repulsive before.


The living screamed as they saw the black beast with the face of the maid. Those who barely managed not to scream were pale in the face.
The maid’s face was filled with despair. Her eyes were overflowing with thoughts of why did this had to happen to her.

“Do it.”

Following the orders of the retainers, the black beast, the maid, pinned down the limbless noble with her forelegs.

“Guah… sha… ve… miii… pwe… ash… eeeh.”

The teary-eyed noble’s begging had no effect. The maid opened her mouth and fangs popped to his sight.
That scene was truly disgusting. The living tried to avert their gazes, but their bodies wouldn’t move as they were forced to watch all the details of the noble getting eaten by the black beast.

The eaten noble had no longer the power to scream. Although his voice couldn’t be heard anymore, they could imagine the agony he was in from his expression.

His abdomen was torn off and blood flowed out without stopping. The light in his eyes vanished, announcing his death to the living. The smell of blood and organs filled the hall, some of the living even vomited.

“Now then, did you understand what will happen if you displease us?”

The living nodded with pale faces.

“Thanks to the intentions of our Lord, Prince Shukul will be the one to be judged first.”

Shukul, whose name was called, nodded quietly. None of the living had anything to say about it. Including his mother, the Side Consort Aluris. The people here didn’t want to be killed like the noble by speaking up.

“Take a quick look at your sins before the trial ends.”

The retainers left the audience hall, leaving the mangled corpse of the noble behind. The dead noble will be turned into undead later, but they decided to leave him there for the time being to make an example of him.

The maid who was transformed into a black beast returned to her original appearances as the retainers left, leaving her with the expression of relief and plucking her hair off as she recalled what she just did.

The living people had hope that they could survive if they won the trial, but they were reminded of how difficult of a feat that just might be.

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