Chapter 36

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Judged, The Judges (1)
The Imperial Palace surrendered and the Empire fell into the hands of the Salbuveirs.

According to the legends, the Salbuveirs who accomplished their revenge should have felt fulfilled and ascended, but that didn’t happen.

Most of the people were murdered in cold-blood when the palace fell, but some were not killed.

The former Emperor Altonius, Empress Iline, Side Consort Aluris, Third Prince Shukul, on top of the Prime Minister, countless nobles, knights, civil officials were being judged.
There were thirty-eight people in total. Conversely, you could say that only thirty-eight people out of two thousand survived, and you would realize how thorough the slaughter of the Salbuveirs was.

Those who survived were to be brought to justice and were imprisoned in the Imperial Palace, awaiting their trial.

The place where they were imprisoned was the audience hall. They were able to keep the imprisoned people together thanks to the size of the audience hall.

“I will survive no matter the cost.”

The former Emperor muttered to himself. His mutter was so quiet it didn’t reach anyone’s ears.
Each and every noble around him was also trying to come up with countermeasures for the trial held later so that they could survive.
They had to succumb completely to the armed forces of the Salbuveirs, but they were strangely motivated now that they could battle with their brains.


(Even though people who accept their sins will have an easier time…)

Third Prince Shukul sighed as he observed those around him.
His elder brother Etra certainly lost his life, but he already heard that his ending was quick.

(The Salbuveirs are only taking revenge against us. We, who are the cause of their suffering, have no choice but to accept their blade of vengeance.)

You could say that the twelve-year-old Shukul had the most sense of responsibility among those awaiting trial.
Shukul feared death. He might get distraught and unsightly when death is imminent. However, he never intended to escape from his responsibility as a member of the Imperial family.

“It will be fine. Since the Salbuveirs are holding a trial, it means that if you can prove your innocence… you won’t get killed!”
“That’s right! We are innocent, there’s no need for them to kill us!!”
“The Salbuveirs were originally fair and just bunch. They won’t execute us with no proof!!”

The voices of the nobles gradually grew louder as if they were trying to blow off their uneasiness.
Most of them were unaware that the Salbuveirs imprisoned them all in one place because of their lust for life. Originally, they should have been imprisoned individually, so there wouldn’t be a possibility of them matching their stories.

Those who were to be judged were reminded that the trial will be held seven days later.

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