Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s the Standard
I who was dragged along in a summoning to a mysterious world by a shitty country is a person from a different world.
I don’t know anything about this world except what little Mapple can teach me. The explanation of those good-for-nothing people doesn’t count. That was naturally kept as minimal as possible. Rather, it was too lacking. That’s why I’m going to subtract it.
Such I, a person from a different world doesn’t know how to live from now on. Because it’s a world with magical power and magic, the knowledge from my original world won’t be that useful, will it?
That being the case.

Tell me, Mapple. Explain what should I be doing!

…… Mapple with a somehow reluctant feeling displayed an endless stream of words on top of the tablet――I decided to nickname it Maplet――…… it’s hard to see, please itemize it.
Ha? That’s a luxury? What are you talking about? Isn’t it a reasonable demand? If you go out to society with hard to see documents, you will be immediately discarded. You need to rewrite it, you know? Look, hurry up.

……, …… It took a considerable amount of time and it somehow turned into a discernible state.
Mapple, you…… the knowledge you gathered, it’s too low.

…… The screen became darker, but I pay it no attention. N~……

“Current location”
Alt Mountain, the border mountain between Guzena Country (summoning country) and Merdy Country (neighboring country). There’s Kadiz village in the westernmost part of Merdy a few hours walk away.

First of all, because identification papers are necessary, it’s recommended to register as an adventurer. I should go to the Adventurer’s Guild. There are guilds in every towns and villages.
Everyone can become an adventurer as long as he passes a fixed threshold of magical power. Adventurer’s identification papers are universal.
Other than that, you have to pay the country fee to issue the identification papers. It’s impossible to immigrate to other countries if you have papers issued from the country (my condolences to citizens of Guzena).
Once I become an adventurer, it’s possible to earn income for living by hunting monsters, researching magic, odd jobs, exploring ruins, etc. There’s no retirement. There are many active duty grandmas and grandpas.

“Law and the like”
Similar to my original world, you are considerably free unless you commit a crime.
A reward is put on those who commit a crime, they are to be caught alive or dead, and you will receive a reward if you bring them to the guild. There are also adventurers who are living as bounty hunters.
The citizens are obligated to pay taxes, but they are guaranteed safe livelihood.
Adventurers have no obligation. They live accordingly unstable lives. Everything is self-responsibility.
It’s possible to buy a house and settle down, but the country won’t recognize you as a citizen unless you have papers issued from the country.

“Adventurer’s Guild”
Completely neutral, independent, national-like thing.
It’s like a state, but because it has no territory, each country made spaces for the guilds to be built, it’s controlled and managed by adventurers.
In exchange for borrowing the space, they cooperate with subjugating of the monsters. However, wars are out of question. They have a contract of utmost importance to never involve the guild in wars.
It seems that violating the contract will cause a crisis of national survival level.

…… Umm…… there’s a poisonous-like, ambiguous part here…… is it alright?
But well, I somehow, understood…… I think?
First of all, not getting tied to any country and becoming adventurer should be fine, right? Yep, that’s right.
I don’t want to get involved in something like a war. Declaring that it does not allow participating in wars is somewhat relieving?
Ah, adventurers have obligations to the guild?


In exchange for issuing identification papers, you fundamentally can’t decline designated and compulsory requests.
However, designated and compulsory requests can be declined when the person applies and the guild approves.
The rewards for designated and compulsory requests are considerably sweet.

…… Was there a need for the last explanation? Are you saying it’s necessary? Just how much greedy Mapple are you?

Nevertheless…… starting from the summoning, magical power, magic, monsters, adventurers…… it’s going the standard way, isn’t it……
N? ―― That’s “Royal Road”?

W-H-Y! Why do I have to follow the royal road!!

Rather, explain the different world’s royal road!!!





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