Chapter 7

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It’s a Cheat
“I, I thought I was going to die……”

I sit down right beside the precipitous cliff and sigh in relief. I seriously thought that I was going to die.

The reason I could be saved is simple.
In the middle of panicking and falling down from a cliff, I made the cheat items I shamelessly call by names work for me.

First was Mantle. It suddenly expanded like a parachute and slowed the speed of my falling. At the moment of landing, it fluttered behind me and returned back to normal.
One-piece. It changed the shape just like Mantle in order to reduce the wind resistance and became like an overall that fitted my body. It turned now back into the one-piece.
Boots. They suddenly grew feathers and flapped to keep me balanced. They are currently normal boots.
Toki. It was the shoulder type, but changed into the rucksack type and set itself at my front and expanded as if to prepare for the possible crash. Did it want to turn into an air-bag!? Right now, it returned back to the shoulder type and it’s mimicking (?) a normal bag.
Machi. Even though it’s supposed to be a staff, it abruptly split into two gauntlets that perfectly fit on my both hands――No, because it stated that『Changes size according to the user for easier use』, so I can understand the perfect fit, but does it also have a shape-changing function!? ――So, on top of gathering magical power on its own, it fired a shock wave. It returned into staff after that.

I slowly landed into the dead center of that empty plot of land. Right, slowly…… it appears that my items were paying meticulous attention so that the impact won’t come. They are truly way too cheaty.

Somehow, the items that seem to be happy that I have brought them out from that dusty collection happily cooperated with each other. However, if this was Japan, they would be called “Tsukumogami”.

A kami or spirit may dwell in the old, high-performance items, huh…… does that happen often? Ah, it doesn’t.
Hm? The spirits dwelling in the items are attracted by people with strong magical power and delighted when used? That is often the case? Ah, it’s not as I thought.
Does that mean that the outwardly granny me has a quite high magical power? You don’t know? Oh well.
First of all.

“I’m saved~~~~~~”

I felt relieved again. I don’t desire such trouble.

…… Mapple…… is indicating “……” on the tablet!! You, are you sure you don’t have a will!?
Eh? Because you fused with the help function, simple conversations are possible?
…… Stop lying to me! You could hold a conversation right from the beginning, right! Hey! Stop erasing it from the tablet to deceive me!!

Seriously…… what is this, this army of cheats. Will I the user & consumer be all right?
Oy, you appeared again, Mapple tablet.
Ha? It’s better like that? Because it’s fun?
…… I’m not having fun!!!

I look at the map Mapple is displaying in my head again. Because I took an unthinkable shortcut, Mapple is displaying a barely visible village of the neighboring country at the edge of the map.
Whether it’s a town or a village, how far is it? Ah, two-three hours on foot? That’s quite a lot.
Hm? There are many monsters on the mountain in search of the prey and sometimes they just go for a stroll――Eh? They are going on strolls? ――So there was a community made in a separated place? …… Hee, is that so?

Well, fine. Let’s rest for a bit.
As expected, my body isn’t tired, but I’m tired mentally……

Ah, taking a break is wasting time, isn’t it?
Since I’m going to do it, teach me what I should do from now on, Mapple.



Work properly!!!

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