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Silver Demon of Destruction
Many shadows are moving through a jet black darkness.
But, it’s difficult to seize shadows that blend into the darkness.
The shadows have encircled a certain mansion.
This mansion is a mansion that has been bought by certain nobles several months ago.

The front gate is grandly decorated. Only two guards at the front.
Having armed guards at the front gate is popular among nobles, but those who wear it are mostly soldiers who just had general soldier training.

However, there is no opening, as if seeing well in darkness――the guards are watching the surroundings firmly, even in the darkness where moonlight doesn’t reach.
There are two shadows who slowly and quietly approach such guards.
However, the guards have not noticed the two shadows.

While cutting necks that are gushing out a lot of blood, the two guards guarding the front gate lost their lives without uttering a single word.
After the two shadows casually murdered the two guards that showed no opening, with a magic tool possessed――the shadows disposed of the bodies――treating them like garbage.

Darkness consumes two garbages with no sound nor light.
Even the large amount of blood on the ground was all eaten up by the jet black darkness.

After dealing with that, the shadows looked at the lock type magic tool, instantly unlocked it with an exclusive magic tool and soundlessly infiltrated the mansion.

On the contrary to the extravagant front gate and large mansion, a front yard that has not been relatively taken care of.
The shadows don’t make a mistake such as getting sniffed out by guard dogs.
They threw out more than twenty iron scraps the moment they entered through the front gate.
Practically all of them accurately ended the lives of the guard dogs.

In addition to the guard dogs, other guards and people are going around, but the shadows have turned all into garbage together with the dogs.

Even at the gate in the opposite direction of the front gate, an identical thing happened, and all guards in the garden around the mansion were exterminated. With no sound, absolutely silently.


There is little light leaking through the windows of the mansion.
According to the prior investigation with a detection type magic tool, there should be around seventy people.
Many shadows are encircling the mansion, but only four shadows penetrated the gates.

It’s not an overwhelming force, but the shadows are not losing their bearings. On the contrary, they continue their silent actions.
They know it. Even if the opponent has twenty times more people, it has no meaning.


Today, even if only one person is waiting outside for their signal, even if the opponent has 1000 times the numbers, it wouldn’t matter……


They are sure of it.




The decorated door which perfectly matched the luxurious mansion was thrown open.
No, thrown open may be a wrong expression.

The door got broken into two in the center, the hinges got instantly destroyed, and they stopped after crashing into the edge of the entrance hall.
It can’t be said that they have been thrown open. Destroyed, that’s the expression that fits the best.

Without glancing at the former door which crashed with a thunderous roar, the two shadows who entered through the front gate and a woman that did not stop smiling even while killing and who kicked the door open slowly advance through the entrance hall.

When the shadows advanced to the center of the spacious entrance hall, hurried footsteps from all around the mansion targeted the shadows――the garbage has appeared.
Preys of large and small sizes. Entirely clad in armor or robes.
Swordsmen, spearmen, archers, on top of that sorcerers, there are people of various occupations.

But, there’s no confusion among the three people. Rather, it would be disappointing if the information didn’t go around fast.


The garbage raises its voice and shouts something.
Due to the soundproofing magic tool stretched around the two shadows, they weren’t able to hear the loud voice.

The two shadows and the woman thought from the beginning that it’s not necessary to listen to the garbage’s voice. It’s a soundproofing magic tool for a reason.
One of the garbage on the upper floor who noticed that drew his large bow and fired.
But, the fired arrow has not reached the shadows.
The arrow that came flying at high-speed was changed into another garbage by a piece of iron scrap.
Another piece of iron scrap flew towards the garbage who fired the arrow and turned him into complete garbage, making it fall downstairs――to the entrance hall.

Falling on the head, his neck pointed in a weird direction, but it was an unrelated story of garbage that came crashing into the floor after getting hit by a piece of iron scrap.

To that sight, angry roars started echoing around the entrance hall after a moment of silence.
Due to the soundproofing magic tool that is still in effect, the angry roars didn’t reach the two shadows and the woman.


The garbage flocked towards them all at once.

Taking the initiative is offensive magic by the sorcerers.

Flame Arrow, Ice Arrow, Wind Arrow.

Variously colored arrows rush towards the three, but the two shadows block it all, killing the sorcerers and increasing the garbage.
Generally, it’s difficult to counter magic attacks with physical attacks.
It shouldn’t be possible if there’s no difference in skill and precision that exceeds the opponent’s, but the two shadows did it without any fear and took the sorcerers’ lives.

But, doing such a thing was trivial for the two shadows.
Thus, they intercept the people swarming towards them.
The shadows are both holding two deep crimson blades in their hands. A total of four crimson blades.
The moment they grasped the deep crimson blades reminiscent of fresh blood, the shadows’ figures appropriately melted into the darkness.

The tragedy that began around the woman was caused by the beheading of the four crimson blades.
The spurting blood, screams, and angry roars tainted the entrance hall.

In the meanwhile, the woman was like a spectacle in a painting.

The darkness in the entrance hall is illuminated, revealing red floor and corpses turned into garbage.
One woman standing in the center.

Innocent-looking features.
Her shoulder-length silver hair flickering in the light with the red floor adding a tinge of red oozes with fascination.
It seems that a woman’s smile has not been affected even by the sight of her surroundings.


“Great Madam. The disposal of the vanguard has been completed.”

“I see, good work. The people outside will exterminate the escapees, let’s erase what’s left.”


After the four crimson blades had made the entrance hall silent in about ten seconds, one of the shadows kneeled down in front of the woman and quietly informed her.
Keeping her smile when the planned progress was announced, she began to climb the spiral staircase leading upstairs.

The shadows disappeared as if dissolving into the darkness.




The innermost part of the second floor of the mansion. A large amount of blood and garbage follows through the corridor.
There are no other wounds besides just one blade cut on the bodies that already extinguished.
Everyone has their throat cut, having their head separated, dead.

When the woman gently pushes on the door to a room, although it looked like there was no force behind the push, an unbelievable impact and thunderous roar resounded, and the door was blown away with a tremendous momentum into the set barrier sorcery around the room.



“As expected of the rumored Silver Demon of Destruction. Even a third-class barrier can’t resist.”

“Good evening, might you be Rafflesia’s Boss-san?”

“Indeed. I’m Rafflesia’s Boss――Gobre Io Odol.”


In the room, there are ten armed garbages and somewhat odd garbage of garbage.

The somewhat odd garbage bitterly stared at the door that was blown away, and he spoke his name.
Taking that as a signal, the armed garbage rushed at the two shadows and the woman, but the shadows easily intercepted them.

The four crimson blades slashed.

Many garbage who’s head got separated, lose the command of their bodies, waggle and fall to the ground.
The blood kept on flowing after death from their wounds.

There were only four living in the room, but the shadow was unable to attack the somewhat odd garbage.
They who have shown overwhelming fighting power so far, hesitate to attack for the first time.

The odd garbage――it’s due to the unusual feeling emitted from Gobre.


“You guys stand back. That would be too much as your opponent.”



Even in the fiendish thirst for blood emitted from Gobre, the woman orders the shadows to step back unfazed.

One step, two steps, the woman slowly advances.
Taking the woman’s approach as an opportunity, Gobre draws the sword hanging from his waist.

The shadows shudder with fright after watching the blade.
The sword Gobre is holding, the so-called magic arms are widely different from the normal weapon.
A slash of magic arms cuts rocks like butter.
It’s a weapon that has turned into a magic tool which is able to hold various special sorcery effects.

But, the woman’s steps don’t change.
She knows. You are dreaming if you want to injure me with magic arms of that degree.

Seeing the slowly approaching woman, a smile of victory floats on Gobre’s face.
Although there were more than ten meters between the woman and Gobre, it’s still the average range of magic arms.

A released sword flash. The magic arms――The special attack Sword Flash Thorite was extinguished by a high pitched shrill before even touching the woman.

The sword flash which disappeared before touching the woman destroyed the walls of the room in front of her.


“Impossible! You have defended against a sword flash!?”

“What are you trying to say with a child’s play of such level?”



Gobre’s surprise is reasonable. Until now, only people who defended against the sword flash were those skilled in barriers.
Everyone except them has turned into corpses the moment the sword flash touched them.

The repeatedly released sword flashes all disappear before touching the woman.
Stepping back while trembling in fear and shock, Gobre was still releasing the sword flashes, but the curtain was lowered with the woman’s little sigh.

When the woman penetrated through the momentary gap between the sword flash release, it all ended with a sigh and a poke of her thumb on the garbage’s forehead.
Gobre who had his forehead poked stopped all movements, and his stormy sword flash stopped as well.
The body of Gobre who stopped inflated from inside and the armor he wore popped off.
Gobre already lost the focus in his eyes, far from that, both his eyes are separately turning into different directions. Something wriggling like a worm breaks through his skin, there should be a large amount of blood spouting out from the torn skin, but there’s nothing.
Something wriggling all throughout his body has already protruded, but Gobre is still alive.


“M, monster……”


Those were Gobre’s last words.
Finally, his head has greatly expanded, and the something wriggling exploded Gobre’s upper half of the body.


After the woman and the two shadows left the room, only the lower part of the body somewhat odd garbage and scattered Sword Flash Thorite remained in the room on the second floor.





“There’s no damage. Everything ended smoothly.”

“I see.”


To the words casually asked by the woman just before leaving the mansion, one of the four shadows following after her answered as if he already prepared the answer beforehand.

The woman who heard the answer looked uninterested and left the mansion with a few words.

That day, five organizations were destroyed.



Several days later, the woman arrived in the Ovent Kingdom’s capital city Ovent. To a certain mansion enveloped by a barrier, where she met her third grandchild for the first time and her smile while exterminating grew even deeper.

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