Chapter 55

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Magic Battle has ended, and my noisy everyday life returned the calm everyday life aga…… it didn’t return.
I stay in the baby room all the time except when Ojiisama, Theo, and Ellie are practicing.
When I looked at Ojiisama, he was giving some instructions.
He remains in the baby room while giving instructions through the magic tool he received from the butler in the theater.
Obaasama is here as if it was already natural, I’m sitting in her lap all the time. When I’m sitting in Obaasama’s lap, there’s 80% chance that she will tease me, I want her to stop for a moment. No, not only for a moment, I want her to stop.
But, I can’t come to dislike this person. She’s isn’t scary or anything.
Certainly, considering her strength opposing her with a single word would be reckless. However, she usually feels like a gentle and pleasant person.
But, she’s a bully.


“Fufufu…… here, here~ fufufu~…… tsun, tsun…… tsutsun…… fufufu~”

“Hiya…… fui…… nya~!”

“Fufu…… Lily-chan is really adorable, aren’t you?”

“…… Baa~ba, kiai!”

“My, oh my, which would be troubling, wouldn’t it~…… Ei.”

“…… Uni…… bu~”


I have become able recently to counter-attack Obaasama’s tsuntsun attacks with words, but I’m troubled because she continues attacking with a smile on her face.
I don’t really dislike Obaasama. I properly know where the limit is.
Therefore, I don’t really hate her, but…… this Obaasama is seriously troubling.


“Muu…… I want to mix in too, though……”

“Please, you empty the mountain of documents first, okay?”

“Guuu…… why have so much piled up in the first place…… I know I have properly cleared it before, but……”

“That’s because you have created a personal Knights Order in a hurry, you know? Did you not know that this would happen?”



Ena mercilessly pierces Ojiisama with words.
She’s not looking up――she’s probably saying that without taking her eyes from the documents.
Today’s Ena is wearing glasses.
Unlike Ojiisama who’s wearing a monocle, she’s wearing the modern type Obaasama wore before.
It suits her very much. Obaasama was a female teacher, but Ena feels more like a female boss.

I had no affinity towards glasses in my previous life, but it seems that glasses are my attribute in this world.
The wonderfulness of Ena and Ojiisama who are wearing glasses has increased by 50%.
They surely have the fake glasses too. I would definitely want to obtain for Ellie and Theo.


About that elder brother and elder sister, they went over to their friend to play.
They have holidays.
I feel like they would usually rather stay with me than visit their friends, but while they were obviously reluctant to part today, they were dragged somewhere by some brawny men and the wonderfully equipped maid――Scarlet-san. Scarlet-san is apparently Ena’s personal maid.
So if Ena orders, she’s willing to forcibly carry Theo and Ellie away.
She left at a quick pace with a wonderful smile, with the brawny men carrying Theo and Ellie under their arms on her side, the maid-san is incredible.

Two adults dealing with the documents and Obaasama who’s enjoying teasing me.
It’s not quiet, but it’s a calm time.
I was spending my usual time of happiness while being bullied by Obaasama.




The next day in the early morning…… it was the time to hear Ena’s sleeper’s breath.
Pechipechi, I feel a touch on my cheek.
That touch was very gentle, similar to a tender manner of using hands for your dear person.
My consciousness surfaced, and I feel something besides me.


How nostalgic. Extremely nostalgic. An existence which is my other half.


The moment I felt that, with a great vigor that could make pachi sound, I opened my eyes.


“…… Ah, morning~ Lily.”

“…… Kuchii……”

“Ehehe~…… I have returned~”

“Yesh…… yesh…… oaeri.”
   (Okaeri/Welcome back)

“I’m home…… I’m home! Ehehe~……”


Her bashful smile returns to the supreme smile and my finger crawl to her cheek.
It felt like quite a long time, but also like yesterday…… while feeling such, her temperature transmitted to my finger.


“Even though I was hurrying a lot~ I quite couldn’t return~…… I’m sorry.”

“Nu…… Kuchii a kaete kita dake ueshi~yo.”
   (Kuti ga kaette kita dake ureshi yo/I’m just happy Kuti has returned)

“Ehehehehe~…… me too…… I am also incredibly happy to see Lily! Incredibly! I’m happy, okay!”


Kuti overcome with emotions embraces me.
Her warm flow of magical power and the nostalgic warmth of my dear other half.
After I thoroughly enjoyed what I yearned for…… I suddenly noticed.

That there was something else besides Kuti and me in the crib.


That’s…… terribly dim and blurry, an unnatural flow of magical power as if it was being jammed by something…… there was something.


“Hou…… it seems what you said is true, Kuti.”

“…… Kuchii……”

“Ah, I forgot…… n~…… I will introduce you, okay!”


After feeling something soft on my forehead, Kuti reluctantly separated her body from mine, and she points at something blurry with her usual smug face.


“This fellow, you see~”

“Rather than your introduction, I will introduce myself on my own. Be silent.”

“…… Ye~s.”


The blurry something stopped instantly stopped being jammed, and a clear figure appeared.
What appeared was a similarly small figure as Kuti.
Transparent insect-like wings.
Dressed in white robe-like clothes, she looked at me as if observing with her characteristically sharp eyes.




It can be said that my encounter with her was the turning point of my life, it was precisely one of the turning points.

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