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Personal Maid’s Secret Challenge
She’s one of Lilianne La Christophe’s personal maids.
Jenny belongs to the fox clan, but she hardly interacts with them.
Before she was able to understand what’s going on, she was in an orphanage living with many orphans like herself.
The children in the orphanage were culled by the men of the procurement staff at fixed periods.
She was also culled when she was five years old.

But, she was lucky.
No, the beginning might have been cruel as cruel can get. But still, it can be said that she was lucky overall.
The place of her culling was a facility where maids and butlers are reared.
When she was in the orphanage, she wasn’t able to eat until she was full. She just wasn’t starved.

The first thing that happened to her in the facility was a thorough washing.
It was definitely nothing simple as washing the body. She and the other children have been thoroughly washed off all disease-causing germs, it was equal to torture.
However, there was no guarantee for her life in this facility, rather, the life of Jenny who was sent here for culling was a trifling thing.

After being washed thoroughly for several days, she has been immediately imposed training.
It wasn’t a classroom lecture, but harsh torture for her small body.
Tests were held at fixed periods, and those who didn’t pass them were further tortured with training.
Those who have passed are forced to watch the training imposed on the people who failed, thus engraving in their hearts that failure is not an option.

Those were truly hellish days.

But, Jenny discovered a pleasure in this hell-like every day.
In the orphanage, she was given just enough tasteless meals not to starve.
But, this place was different.
She was properly given three meals per day that were properly considering the nutrition balance and had a world of difference in taste compared to the meals in the orphanage.
It was enough to make her think that she was glad that she came to that place.

There’s was another reason besides that.
Her abilities boasted of top class among the dozens of people training together with her.
She has never failed a test, and at eight years old, she was given a private room as a reward for good achievements.

She, with her slow way of speech, possessed unthinkable physical abilities and her special skill――stealth abilities, thus not only the instructors but even those above them also recognized her existence for her abilities.
At ten years of age, she displayed her stealth ability to its fullest, and she was scouted by an elite group called Shadow.
But, she rejected them.

That’s because she wanted to go to the same place where even more supreme existence is.
That person casually smashed Jenny’s arrogantly raised nose, trampled her down, and even thoroughly burned her until even charcoal wasn’t left.
The fact that she was smashed up by a girl with half-open eyes from a minority clan like the bear clan, her junior at that, she had made a decision on her future direction.

And now, she successfully found the same employment as that existence, and because of turns and twists, and after talking with fists many times, the two have now become close friends.

Jenny, who became Lilianne’s personal maid like her, is now trying to accomplish one mission with the full use of her stealth abilities.
That mission is to touch Lilianne.

That’s right, just a touch.
Just a small and light poke.
If possible, she would like to touch with her whole palm.

She’s not making light of it.
Lilianne is living in a room with the strongest being on the Lizwald continent besides her, in a mansion where security is so strict to be called severe.
She leaves her room only to watch her siblings’ training or to have a meal. She spends most of her day in that room.
Moreover, only the family and personal maids can enter inside.
In case this rule is broken, the strongest existence in the room will immediately snap necks.

No, this rule was already broken by a being from the same clan as Jenny who was on a stand by in front of the room before her.
But before that, it’s not even possible to invade the mansion, though.

All servants of the Christophe House know this rule.
And if broken, they will be too.


Jenny got such the highest honor of being able to go inside, but after going inside, she wasn’t able to touch her master even once.
The work Jenny was given is basically to be Ena’s assistant. Except that, she has to stay on alert in the corner of the room.


Of course, she was interested in what kind of existence the Christophe House made such precautions for even before she was chosen as the personal maid.
The rumors were about doll-like beauty that doesn’t show a glimpse of emotions.

In Ovent, dolls are fundamentally extremely high-class items.
Supreme masterpieces made by craftsmen with god-like skills. They are famous for often appearing in old tales, but it’s really rare to see one in person.
Even the stuffed animals, which are relatively inexpensive, are priced at a monthly wage of a common level family. Dolls which are priced far higher are no longer even comparable.
The appearances of her master were swelling up in Jenny’s fantasies, but when Jenny saw her master for the first time, she came to understand the meaning of ‘beautiful as a doll.’
She was much more beautiful than in Jenny’s imagination.

Jenny became her master’s captive at first sight, but immediately after thinking she’s happy just by watching, her feelings changed to the feeling of wanting to touch her.

Jenny who had never thought that her feelings would be seen through by the strongest existence which is always in the room was given an interesting proposal.


“If you make good use of the stealth abilities you are so good at…… let’s see, I won’t mind if you try to touch Lily-chan while standing on the alert in the room, you know?”


She wasn’t certain why she was proposed such, but it was the best she could ask for, so she naturally accepted.

At first, she thought it would be a simple mission since the strongest existence is not going to get in her way, but the strongest existence added one rule which became the biggest obstacle.


“Right, right, if Lily-chan notices, that will be an out. You will immediately return to the standby place, all right? It’s fine to resume if Lily-chan loses interest when you return to the standby place, but to keep on going just like that…… that’s no good?”


That’s no good, Jenny clearly understood that such words meant that her head would separate from her body if she continues while Lilianne is interested.

Thus, Jenny continued her challenge for a few days.




“So, another failure today?”

“…… Ojousama is amazing.”

“That’s right~…… enough~ to make me think~ whether she has eyes on her back~……”

“No, but is that really true? I mean, isn’t Jenny an amazing fellow that can blend with background right in front of your eyes?”

“…… I won’t notice if I lose interest.”

“It should be~ like that, but~”

“Then, as expected…… Ojousama is incredible?”

“…… Affirmation.”


Jenny crestfallenly falls onto the bed, but that is not her bed.
As usual, all personal maids gather in Nija’s room before going to bed to talk about Lilianne.


“T, that…… I certainly think that Ojousama is incredible, but…… Is Jenny senpai’s stealth ability really that amazing?”

“Huh? Mira has not seen Jenny’s ability before?”

“Ah, no. I didn’t.”

“…… Should show.”

“Nu~…… so troublesome~”

“Isn’t that fine? Just show it to her.”

“U, umm. You don’t have to push yourself?”

“If you say it~ like that~”

“…… Ue!?”


Jenny who face-planted onto the bed gradually disappears.
Mira who was firmly looking had to rub her eyes to make sure she sees right.
And just a little while after, Jenny completely vanished from the bed.


“W, what is going on!?”

“…… Sorcery combination.”

“Yup, Jenny is able to use sorcery at incredible speed. Only from the stealth system, though. Well, that’s not everything, though.”

“I, I see…… they occasionally appear right, people with a tremendous affinity to a certain system of sorcery and people with extremely short chanting.”

“…… Jenny is that specialized type.”

“Right, right. They occasionally appear, but there’s no doubt that there’s not anyone with such good affinity as Jenny in Ovent.”

“T, that much, huh~…… well, it certainly is amazing when used right in front of you.”

“Right~…… I don’t understand how could Ojousama noti~ce~”

“Whoah…… you have moved over there…… I couldn’t tell at all……”


Jenny who disappeared from the bed reappeared on top of an available chair.
Excluding Jenny, two out of three people in this room are experts, but the two also can’t perceive Jenny’s stealth abilities.


“Seriously~ Even Nija can’t perceive it, so how does Ojousama do it?”

“…… Because she’s Ojousama.”

“If you~ say it like that~ there’s nothing I can~ do~”

“T, that’s right……”


Jenny who returned to the bed let out a miserable cry, but Mira couldn’t do anything, but to smile wryly.


“But, since it’s something Great Madame brought up, didn’t you consider something like this could happen?”

“I did, but~…… I didn’t~ really think that someone besides Great Madame~ could perceive me~”

“Couldn’t you ask Great Madame about that?”

“…… Already asked. The answer was no.”

“I, is that so?”

“Did Great Madame do that in order so we would understand Ojousama’s power?”

“…… I already knew.”

“I, I also knew.”

“Mira knows~…… because she was pleasured, right~”

“Tha! That’s……”


Looking at Mira who hung her bright red face down in shame, Jenny sighed and thought about today’s failure.

She looks back at the moment where she was completely in a blind spot and discovered on the third step.

When Ena took her into her arms and sang a song, she was discovered on the second step.

She challenged many more times, but today’s most regrettable result was the third step.


“Haa~…… when will I~ be able to~ touch Ojousama~……?”

“…… I didn’t touch her yet as well.”

“I’m the same, you know~”

“I, I……”

“Whoa~ what is this, are you boasting?”

“…… Unforgivable, Mira.”

“This~ needs a punishment, right~”

“…… Eh!? W, wait a moment, please!? I, I’m not at faultmon!”

“It’s futile to resist~!”

“…… Guilty.”

“Resign~ your~self~”


The friendly chat of the four, no three people continues today as well.

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