Chapter 71

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The third year of my reincarnation in a different world is starting from today.
It’s my second birthday.

Roland Ojiisama’s and Annela’s Obaasama’s present for my birthday is enshrined right in front of me.
I can see the magical power of a living being behind the cage-like magical power.
It seems to be sprawled on the ground, but its face is listlessly watching me.
I can see an examining-like magical power flowing from its two eyes.

Brought to an unknown place with unknown people.
That’s only a natural reaction.


“This is the present from the two of us.”

“Fufu…… this child you see, it’s a child of an extremely rare kind.”


Obaasama crouched down to match my line of sight because I was already lowered on the floor and started explaining, but I didn’t understand a thing from her explanation.


“Amazing…… so they still were on the Lizwald continent……”


From the words of Theo who is thinking out loud, I can understand that the being in front of me is very rare.

But, there’s no explanation. Someone, the explanation……

While thinking such, Sani sensei opened her mouth. If it’s Sani sensei, she will definitely explain things properly.


“Fumu…… if I’m not mistaken, the confirmed population shouldn’t have reached one hundred. Furthermore, this fellow a solid child…… that’s quite rare.”

“That’s right~ I’ve taken a peek at the report of the findings, but it’s actually my first time seeing one~”

(Is that child really that rare? If possible, I would like to hear more about its race.)

“Umu. It’s not rare for it to create a commotion. This rare is called Salvarua, they have lived on the Lizwald continent in great numbers in the past, but they are currently a race of wolves on the brink of extinction.”


In the words of this world, it means the shape and appearances of a moon――moonlight.

Apparently, the medium-sized dog in front of me is not a dog, but a wolf.
Moreover, an endangered species. Is something so amazing as a present all right?


“Lilianne. This was fully trained in order to assist you. Look, it’s safe to approach.”

“It’s all right, Lily-chan. If something happens, I will protect you.”


Prompted by Ojiisama’s and Obaasama’s words, I slowly approach the cage.
These two people are already completely unaware that I have no vision. Well, I have done quite a bit, I can’t complain now.

When I approach, the Salvarua’s flow of magical power gradually shifts to vigilance.
But, whether because of Ojiisama behind me, nothing beyond that happens. It seems to be a truth that it was trained.
And, assistance.
Does that mean that this child was trained as my guide dog?
I’m surprised that there was a concept of guide dogs in this world.

The ears of the Salvarua sprawled on the ground are twitching as I approach, but it doesn’t growl nor bark.




I stopped right in front of the cage and decided to try out a basic dog command first.
If it finished training, something like this shouldn’t be difficult.
But, there was no reaction.


“Lily-chan. This child won’t do paw. Because Salvarua have a lot of pride, we haven’t taught it something like that. It’s very intelligent, after all.”

“Umu. Just teaching it the actions necessary for your support took quite a lot of time.”


According to the two, this child won’t do commands like give paw.
Slightly disappointing.


“Nevertheless, this fellow is not able to see us? Salvarua are basically the carriers of Magic Eyes, are they not?”

“Yeah…… it’s most likely because of this cage. Its power is considerably restrained because of this magic tool. It’s probably just in case measure because this is the first meeting.”

(Do you mean that usually, Salvarua magical power…… they are able to see fairies?)

“Yes, they can. It will probably see the words from your magical power as well. Depending on the knowledge, Salvarua who grow up to adulthood can recognize characters without any problems.”

(Amaz…… even though they are wolves.)

“Of course, it would be impossible for ordinary wolves. It’s only possible because they are Salvarua. Their brains are developed to a considerable degree. Close to humans or even above.”

“Perhaps, we might be even able to communicate!”


Kuti who moved on top of my head says full of confidence. She’s definitely making a smug face.

Salvarua are apparently very bright species.
If we can really understand each other, I would definitely like to talk.
But, it’s still just a puppy, it seems it will be difficult. I would like to teach it slowly and carefully.


(Kuti. Can you disable the power from this cage? Somehow, this child looks weak, it’s somewhat pitiful. Besides, if this cage is removed, it will be able to see magical power, right?)

“N? I think so~ Disabling the cage is simple, simple, ei.”

Kuti gives a brief comment and the magical power surrounding the cage disappears.


“Huh? Ro, the cage stopped working.”

“Mu? Really. I wonder what happened?”


Because Kuti completely disabled the caging magical tool, the surroundings became noisy.
Obaasama dropped on her knees, ready to wrap me up in her embrace in case something happens, but I’m glad that she stopped just there.


(Can you read, I wonder? I’m Lilianne La Christophe. I’m your new master…… I think?)


The Salvarua puppy noticed that the cage has disappeared, and its sharp eyes became even sharper, but it soon opened them wide.
Somehow, it did not feel weak nor mindless.

Dog…… not, the wolf opening its sharp eyes wide was a quite weird spectacle.

But, I drew words of magical power without minding, but there was no reaction.
It wasn’t looking at the words, its gaze was directed to an entirely different place.
It was looking at the fairies floating beside me.


“Somehow, it’s watching us~”

“Fumu…… are we that unusual? You are far more unusual, dog.”



The wolf responds to the fairies words with a low cry.
And then, it finally notices the words.
It was stunned this time. It has truly colorful facial expressions.


(Umm…… are you finally looking? Hello.)



Because it responded to my greeting, it most likely can read characters.
I don’t know whether it was replying because it was in the language of wolves, but it probably was a reply.


“Yo! It should be restored now.”


Simultaneously with Ojiisama’s voice, the magical power around the cage returned.


“Seriously, what was that? To fail all of sudden…… a defective product?”

“But, this was prepared by those I trust. I don’t think it’s a defective product.”

“Uumu…… I wonder what happened?”

“The Shadows have already moved, and no harm was caused, let’s leave it at that. It’s Lily-chan’s birthday today, we don’t have time to be worrying about something like that.”

“You’re right. So, how is it, Lilianne? Are you pleased with it?”

“Ai, ariato~gojaimasu. Baa~ba, Jii~ji.”
   (Hai, arigato gozaimasu/Yes, thank you very much)

“I see, I see! Let’s give it a nice name later! This fellow is already yours!”

“That’s right, Lily-chan. Let’s give him a cool name, okay?”


From the way my grandparents are talking, is this child a male?
Well, it’s not something that important to disable the cage again, so let’s leave it at that.
She said something about moving shadows, but it’s probably something like an investigation force or something. Rather, when did she contact them? I think I would notice if Obaasama said something since she was glued to me, but……
No…… it’s Obaasama. Contacting them without me noticing must be a trivial thing to her. As expected.


“We planned just the meeting for today, but let’s prepare so you can play together tomorrow, okay?”

“Umu. We have prepared different presents for you if you aren’t pleased with this one, but it will come to waste.”

“Oh my, there’s no such thing. We might as well give her all the presents. Now then, Ro, bring them.”

“Ooh, that’s right! I have empty hands! Alright, wait for me!”


Saying such, Ojiisama disappears somewhere in high spirits.
You have prepared reserves in case I wasn’t pleased?
Well, I guess I should have expected it from the way these two are doting on me.


Because the cage reactivated, the Salvarua lost its spirit and sprawled on the ground again.
Does that restricting cage influence his mood as well?


His stunned expression because of the words of magical power and his reaction to the fairies was funny, so I wanted to play with it a little, though.
It appears we will be able to play together tomorrow, so let’s mind it then.


The objective is to climb on its back and make it my mount!
Small children get on the back of dogs and ride. That well-known thing in manga and novels. I thought I would like to definitely give it a try if an opportunity arises.
I feel like it would be possible for me to ride on the back of the medium-sized dog, Wolf-kun who is in front of me.


My second birthday passed quietly while I was making secret plans while watching Wolf-kun who was fixedly staring at me even though he lost vigor.

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