Chapter 186

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Heart Healing
There are only two weeks until my birthday.
It’s not that I have to complete the sorcery before my birthday or anything, but it’s a good time to take a break, so I made it my goal.
However, our progress is quite hopeless because of the many problems before us.
Kuti is also suffering from the sluggish growth of the processing capacity, so this is also hopeless.
Still, the settings of the filter keep on increasing, so at least that is helping.
Careful investigation of the information obtained through the Information Analysis is absolutely necessary, but it’s also the truth that this is the only thing that is going well for us.
I have been twisting my head to solve our problems, whether I sleep or awake, but no definitive idea popped out.

Sani Sensei, who was unable to watch us anymore, gave us a strict order to relax for a full day.



“Hau… abu… mufuu~”


Reki-kun was flapping from side to side, gently brushing my face as if patting it.
This Lord Tail I brush religiously is immensely comfortable.
You can bury your face into it, flap it against your face, its mofumofu levels are at the pinnacle.
I can tell that it was gradually healing my somewhat sulking heart.


“Reki’s tail is quite comfortable, isn’t it~”


“Wappu… fufu… mufuu…”


Kuti, who was given the order of complete rest by Sani Sensei was resting on my head and receiving the healing of Reki-kun’s tail as well.
It wasn’t just me, Kuti also loved Lord Tail very much.
But unfortunately, Kuti can’t enjoy Lord Tail as much as I do because of her size.

By the way, Reki-kun was playing sudoku on the Kutipad, so he had no time to reply with words of magical power.
The movements of his tail must be done unconsciously for most of the parts.
Still, his movements were gentle as always.

It’s not hard to imagine how Reki-kun’s tail would blow me away if his movements were any rougher than this.
Although it’s just a tail, it could be used as a lethal weapon if Reki-kun got serious.
However, I am completely safe even if his actions are unconscious, he absolutely wouldn’t make a mistake like that.


Well, there’s Kuti’s auto-defense mechanism and I could cast sorcery on myself at any time, so I will be fine even if Reki-kun gets on me with his one-ton body.


“Even this already feels pretty comfortable, you know how to make it feel even better right, Lily?”

(Yeah. But I think that would be quite difficult to achieve, you know?)

“True that~… I wonder why I can’t feel the same comfort even though I am made out of magical power?”

(That’s indeed strange~)


Kuti, who was tilting her head on top of mine, fell down.
She got scooped up by Reki-kun’s tail before she hit the floor and placed back on top of my head.
That was a superb timing, but Kuti and Reki-kun’s comedy duo is quite a thing. I am not surprised by something of this level.


“Even if I coil magical power all over my body, Reki doesn’t feel good whatsoever~ Truly, your magical power is too mysterious, Lily~ On top of that, there are no changes to either me or Sani if you touch us in that state~”

(True~ In the end, it only had an effect on Reki-kun and my personal maids. Everyone is related to a Beast, so it might be that it only works on Beastfolk.)

“There’s also this thing where it works only when you touch their furs.”

(Yeah. I was startled that touching their skin directly had no effect~)


Yep, it appears that my mofumofu pleasure skill would have no effect without fur.
This is something I confirmed several times when rewarding Reki-kun and the maids.
However, it has no effect on hair either.
No, it did have a bit of an effect, to be precise, but it wasn’t to the extent it could be called pleasure feeling.

I have come to the conclusion that there’s something in the fur of the Beastfolk that reacts to my magical power, I don’t know anything beyond that.
It has a positive effect on skin and physical condition due to the byproduct that makes their magical power expand and their flow of magical power smoother.

However, this byproduct. It has such an incredible impact it makes me speechless.
Reki-kun is surely a special case, so let’s not talk about him.
My personal maids, on the other hand; you could see the difference at a glance.
They are like different people after a mofumofu session… it’s not actually that much, but quite close, as their skin gets glossy, and their physical conditions get better.
On top of that, it has a tendency to make them feel mentally well, making them enter something that could be only called a positive spiral.


“Mira’s skin gets terrifyingly glossy, doesn’t it~”


Kuti who was sitting on top of my head, was looking at Mira who got rewarded just the other day.
The magical power that my eyes see, can see that her magical power is very smooth and exquisite.
I have also confirmed that the shadow of the magical power that was present before had disappeared beautifully. If you leave that thing alone, it becomes a source of illness, but it disappears thanks to the reward I give and makes the body healthy.
I can tell that her skin is pearl-like with no stains even with my eyes that can only see magical power…


(Even though I was feeling irritated because I couldn’t come up with a solution, I did it quite strongly, but… it was even a bigger reward for Mira, huh.)

“… Indeed…”


I recalled the intense spectacle the other day.
My goodness did I overdo it… Mira who fainted and woke up repeatedly was no longer able to stand after I rewarded her after a long time.
It would be terrible if Sani Sensei didn’t stop me.



…… No, it was already terrible before she stopped me.


(… Reki-kun’s tail is nice, but Mira’s tail is also nice.)

“Yep, it’s nice.”


I set my eyes on Mira’s tail while rubbing against Reki-kun’s tail.
Today, I have a day off. In that case, I have to rest.
This is a mission. A duty, in a sense.
In that case, I have to complete the mission with perfection.
I am bad at cutting corners, after all.

In other words——




“O, Ojousamaa…”




I activated sorcery to conceal Reki-kun who continued playing sudoku in the last moment as I enjoyed both his Lord Tail and Mira’s Lord Tail.

I was sandwiched between to majestic tails.

I fluffed and was fluffed from top to bottom by the two most valuable assets in the world.
It’s getting real bad.

But, unfortunately, this was Reki-kun’s room.
Even if I develop illusionistic space, Mira is not aware of that.
Therefore, it’s impossible for me to wear magical power to hand out comfortable feelings… not that I am unable, but I might accidentally open new doors for Mira if I do it in front of Obaasama and Ena.

In other words, I had lowered my mofumofu levels.
Still, it was pretty pleasant. Rather, it felt good. It was bliss.


“… Fumu. That’s quite something.”

“… This could become a habit~ crap, oh crap, seriously ohh crap~”




In addition to Kuti, Sani Sensei also participated in enjoying the double mofumofu.
Sani Sensei who is not usually interested in mofumofu couldn’t already retort as she also fell to the dangerous charm of mofumofu.

We continued to heal in this time of bliss.




Before I noticed, I was moved to Reki-kun’s belly after he got tired of sudoku.
I apparently was in so much bliss I fell asleep.
Miro, who was the one who most likely moved me on top of Reki-kun’s belly, moved back to her position as she waited for instructions.
I don’t know how long I slept for, but it probably wasn’t that long.


(Reki-kun, good morning~)

“Wafu (Morning, Lily. Slept well? I was getting worried because you haven’t slept much these days, you know?).”

(Sorry for making you worry. But, I am fine. I was able to change paces thanks to you and Mira, so I will do my best starting tomorrow again!)

“Wafufu (Work hard~ I can’t do anything besides cheering you on, but be sure to tell me if there’s something I can help you with!).”

(Fufu… I am happy to hear your feelings. All will be fine as long as you are lively every day, Reki-kun. Ah, but you must continue studying properly, okay?)

“Wa, wafuu… (O, of course? I will be fine, you know? I am telling the truth, okay?).”


I noticed that the irritation I had from the impatience I felt had disappeared completely from the warm and fuzzy actions of the panicking Reki-kun.

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