Chapter 185

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Lilianne of the Anguish
Recently, I am always thinking about the same thing, whether I’m awake or asleep.
And that is my beloved Kuti… actually not, it’s the sorcery we are currently developing.

It’s a sorcery based on Magicprint Search that acquires a large amount of information by Information Analysis which then processes the information and produces an image.
Magicprint Search is very vulnerable to physical obstacles, so when the probing wave of Magicprint Search comes in contact with a physical object, it disappears.
The sorcery’s development began with the reversal idea of observing physical obstacles from the disappearing waves.

We are doing various trial and error, such as trying to cover for the vulnerability by generating waves of Magicprint Search at speeds that can’t be done by ordinary people, or increasing the density by dividing the occurrence points of the waves in layers.
And most importantly, succeeding in obtaining extraordinary amounts of information via the special sorcery that is the Information Analysis.
However, there is also the problem of obtaining too much information, so every day is devoted to making a filter that matches the situation for the purpose of examining the correct information.

When the information is extracted through the current filter we have, the roughness of the video output on the Kutipad is very noticeable.
This is because the processing power of the Kutipad is insufficient to reproduce the information extracted through the filter as a video.
The improvement of the Kutipad’s processing power has been the center of a lot of our discussions, but it has not progressed as much as we thought it would.

It is a difficult challenge to overcome, but we can’t give up.

And the biggest problem that is currently standing in our way——


(Test number 3782. Operation start.)


A sorcery based on the Magicprint Search has been activated in the center of the field where many layers of sorceries were applied for testing.
At the same time of activation, the data from Information Analysis is sent through a sorcery circuit to the filter and converted to an image.
The image was still rough, but it was much more beautiful than it was when the test numbers were in three digits.


“The 4th and 7th layers acquire the rear side of the object precisely.”

“But, isn’t the 14th layer displaying the doll’s hair nonsensical?”

(The details are no good because of the roughness, huh… but, it’s a big improvement since it can be visualized this beautifully.)


One of the great advantages of this sorcery is that even I, who can only see magical power with my eyes is able to see physical objects, but it can also give me information on obstacles that are out of sight.
Switching the filter changes the transparency of the objects, so I can even see through the obstacles.
Far from that, it’s possible to switch viewpoints and even see the image from a different angle.


Well, everything that doesn’t have magical power is still hazy, so that’s frustrating.


One of the current challenges is that due to the lack of processing power of the Kutipad, the fine details still remain rough and do not hold an image.


“Alright, stage one is over. Let’s move onto stage two.”

(Understood. Stage two, standby.)

“Standby. All green. All hands hoay.”


With the signal of Captain Kuti, the sorcery on the testing field started activating.
In a blink of an eye, a cloud filled with magical power appeared over the test field and it started raining.
This rain is special rain for testing with magical power.
Although I say that, it’s only like that to make it visible for me, so it’s no different from an ordinary rain otherwise.

By the way, the ground of the test field is properly enhanced with sorcery, so that it may get wet.


“… So it was no good, after all.”

(… Yes.)

“It’s all messed up…”


The video output of the Kutipad was all messed up due to the rain.
That is one of the problems.

The momentum of the rain is on the same level as a drizzle.
However, even a rain of this degree has disrupted nearly all of the strengthened Magicprint Search waves.
Although the visualization is somewhat possible if the momentum of the rain is reduced to a minimum, the image is still worse than a view in a downpour.

It can no longer be called a video image with a momentum of drizzle, so it won’t be able to visualize at all with something beyond a drizzle.
It will exceed the processing capacity of Kutipad.

I think using an umbrella during a rain could technically solve the problem, but that would only visualize the area where rain doesn’t reach, so it would have an extremely short range.
It would be then difficult to replace it for my eyes.
We had an idea of blowing the rain clouds away with sorcery, but there’s no way we can do that every time.
There was also an idea of preparing a huge umbrella, but it’s not realistic to bring something like that with me every time it rains. There’s no problem in terms of cash, though.

We also thought of repelling the rain with sorcery, but this would also be difficult to do every time.
In existing sorcery, a rain-repelling type of a barrier is defensive sorcery of advanced level.
Although we thought of using a magic tool for this, it wouldn’t solve the fundamental problem.


“Stage two was catastrophic as expected. Let’s move onto stage three.”

(… Yes. Stage three, standby.)

“Standby. All green. All hands hoay.”


The sorcery rain ceases, the image turns back and stage three sorcery activates.
This time, the wind blew slowly across the testing field as its speed increased little by little.
The anemometer on Kutipad was gradually raising.
The anemometer was closing on the numerical value from the results of our experiments so far, and the image was getting gradually rougher.
As predicted, when the value on the anemometer reached slightly above the previous testing’s value, the image stopped and displayed the screen for exceeding the processing capacity.


“It went mostly as planned.”

(… Yes.)

“Well… it hasn’t changed much, huhh…”


A tear flowed down from Captain Kuti’s eyepatch as she hung her head dejectedly.
Kuti is also doing her best. She’s doing her best, but there has not been a single result so far.

The experiment of Stage three is to measure the limit of processing capacity during windy weather.
The processing capacity can withstand wind speed stronger than rain, but it’s still not good enough.


“Let’s move onto stage four.”

(… Yes… Stage four, standby.)

“Standby. All green. All hands hoay.”


Captain Kuti signaled departure, but the next experiment ended in no time.
This time, it was a combined experiment of wind and rain.
It’s not going well when done one at a time, yet we used both at the same time. It was a natural result.


“Well… we knew this was going to happen, but it’s still sad.”

(Wind and rain often go hand in hand… there’s no point if it can’t withstand this…)

“The future is full of difficulties…”


This time’s experiment was the same as the previous ones, the development is stagnant because of the numerous challenges.
All three of us were downhearted, but we cannot end feeling this gloomy.


(We are not done. We can still do it. We can definitely do it!)

“Fuu… indeed. There are still many measures we can take, why don’t we take it easy?”

“True! We still have the last resort of making Lily the girl who causes the weather to become sunny when she goes out, so we still have ways to go!”


Right, the last resort is a ridiculous method of stopping rain and ceasing the wind from blowing when I go outside.
However, what’s amazing is that this is not just a funny joke.

However, that is simply the last resort.
It’s not fundamentally a problem-solving, so we just use it to brighten the atmosphere when we are feeling down, probably.

After all, the main goal is to finish the sorcery to the degree it can cope with any situation.


“Shall we continue with the filter for now?”

(Let’s do that. I’m going to work on the 47-8.)

“Then, I’m going to focus on 78-2.)

“Aight, I’m going to continue working on the 89-99.”


The number of filters has increased considerably.
There might be so many now, but it’s still not enough for the number we have in mind.
We will probably continue working on the filter indefinitely.
I’d like to simplify this area, but I don’t have time to create sorcery for that as of now.


The fairies took their Kutipads and resumed working on the filters immediately.
Seeing them like that, I took my Kutipad and started working on the filters, while parallelly figuring out the measures to our problems.

I’m thinking about something entirely different at the same time, but working on the filters is not difficult as I am already aware of the outline.

Today, the number of filters increased as I was coming up with measures to our difficult problems.

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