Chapter 178

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Party Hall
With loud, exciting cheering in the hall, Theo rushed over.
He went up on the stage and embraced me with an excited, joyous, glittering smile, but even though he practiced controlling his strength on a daily basis, I still felt a bit suffocated from his embrace, which was very Theo-like from him.


“Thank you for the fantastic present, Lily. That was a wonderful song! This was the best ‘The Starry Night’ I have ever heard!”

“Ai. Happy Biwthday, Nii~ni.”

“Lily! Thank you!”


Theo embraced me again, but it was with a little more strength than before. But, it definitely wasn’t to hurt me, as I felt powerful warmth from him.


“I know that Lily’s singing is supreme, but we were singing too, you know?”

“Ah, thank you as well, Ellie. Ena and everyone else too. That was a wonderful song.”

“… You sounded somewhat apathetic, but oh well. Happy birthday, Theo.”

“Happy Birthday, Theo.”

“””We wish you Happy Birthday, Theo Bocchama.”””

“Thank you!”


While hugging me, Theo lifted me up in his arms and turned with a smile towards Ellie and others.
When the Silver Flash Noble showed his magnificent smile, everyone’s expression and flow of magical power got wrapped by warmth.

The loud cheering in the party hall was changed with applause, and all the people on the stage gave their blessings to Theo.

Theo accepted the blessings with delight. The audience ratings of our show were also apparently excellent.
Ojiisama and Obaasama who were on the second floor came down and went up on the stage.
The guests who saw Ojiisama and Obaasama go up on the stage started being noisy, but they quieted down with a few words of the servant who acted as the host.

Ojiisama nimbly lifted Theo, Ellie, and I in his arms and Obaasama faced us with a smile that was more splendid than usual.


“You were wonderful, Ellistina, Lilianne. Even pros would feel embarrassed. I am very proud of you!”

“Truly~ You were even lovelier than during the practice. Receiving a wonderful present like this, you must be really happy, Theo-chan~”

“Yes, Obaasama! I am the luckiest man in the Ovent Kingdom! This is my first time feeling so happy, this is the best birthday ever!”

“Fufu… indeed~ As expected of Ellie-chan and Lily-chan~”


Obaasama gently patted Theo’s head and rubbed her cheek against his and then did the same to me and Ellie.
Ojiisama who still held the three of us in his arms acted as if not seeing the audience in the party hall turned around without looking back and Obaasama followed after him.
Loud cheering arose in the party hall again as Obaasama waved her hand at the audience.
As expected, there was no Annela or Roland chant, but their popularity was tremendous.

Theo’s friends were looking at the two with sparkly magic power escaping from their eyes.
In fact, I saw them being excited while we were singing too.

It was the right call to put the seats of these two popular people on the second floor, though.
They have completely swallowed both our performance and Theo’s birthday.

At that moment, Obaasama who received a magic tool from the servant who was hosting the party held it towards Ojiisama’s mouth who spoke into it.


“Thank you for gathering today for the birthday party of my grandson, Theodore. Both Theodore and you, the guests, must have been smitten by the singing of my grandchildren, right? The party will still continue, so please keep celebrating Theodore’s birthday to the fullest.”


A Roland chant broke out when Ojiisama gave his light greetings through the amplification magic tool, but it soon turned into Theodore chant.
Ojiisama gave a proper warning that today’s star is Theo.

While watching the smile of our Oniisama who was waving his hand to the audience who was doing the Theodore chant, I finally breathed a sigh of relief upon the success of our present.

After I finished changing and returned, Theo immediately came to escort me.
Normally, he would be fighting with Ellie over my hand, but today’s leading actor is Theo, after all. Ellie doesn’t say anything even when Theo monopolizes me.
However, the flow of her magical power has become fierce.

Endure, Ellie! Ellie, stay! Stay!


But, apart from the terrifying flow of magical power, she looked like a fleeting noble lady.
Ellie’s cover surely boasts strength the same as my own expressionless.


“Ellistina-san, that song just now was wonderful. Your singing voice is as beautiful as the voice of an angel. The beauty of those wings has also brought out your loveliness. Were those wings magic tools? Was that work of the 1st-grade sorcerer, Eliott-dono?”


When Theo brought me and Ellie to his friends, His Highness promptly stepped forward and kneeled, took Ellie’s hand and lightly kissed the back while admiring and questioning her with a handsome smile.
The expression of the receiver of the handsome smile, Ellie, did not change in particular as she cast down her eyes and glanced at Theo.
She apparently found it bothersome and decided to leave it to Theo.

To other people, it might have seemed like a young lady that was bashful to talk with the prince, so she sought help from her reliable elder brother.


Well, since I know Ellie so well, I don’t need to look at the flow of her magical power to tell that she was bothered.


“Yes, Senior. That is certainly the work of Eliott-dono. It’s made from the left-over magic stone that was previously used on Mother’s birthday. That time, Obaasama and Ojiisama went to obtain a magic stone for Mother.”

“Unexpectedly, it’s making use of a magic stone? As expected of the Ovent’s… no, Lizwald Continent’s most celebrated magic tool craftsman.”


He lightly nodded in surprise to Theo’s explanation, but he did not forget to indirectly praise Ellie at the end.
As I thought, this hunk prince is a hunk.


Under such hunk actions of the hunk prince, Ellie was whispering to Theo.
She must have been using Theo as an intermediary. Precisely, a shy type of caged young lady.
It’s just it’s unfortunate that Theo doesn’t convey her words just as she told them.
The hunk prince would probably not believe his own ears otherwise.


“Thank you very much. My little sister also agrees about the beauty of Eliott-dono’s work.”


Theo momentarily smiled wryly at the prince and friends and spun his words.
Just as I thought, the words were totally different from what Ellie told him.
In fact, what Ellie told him was——


“Theo, I am hungry, can I go already? Of course, together with Lily.”


What do I say, a hunk prince? Is that tasty?

As a matter of fact, I felt a little for the hunk prince, but I did not know whether the powerful Ellie would be able to keep feigning her feelings, so I decided not to mind it.


Children at this age are extremely sensitive, after all.
I believe that His Highness would receive a really big blow if he came to know that Ellie was only feigning friendliness all this time.


Hearing Theo’s intermediation… or rather, fabricated words, the hunk prince who was in a good mood praised Eliott’s magic tool in rapid succession while not forgetting to reference Ellie’s beauty.
Because the conversation wasn’t quite ending with Theo’s intervention, Ellie’s flow of magical power has gradually become more irritated.
While curious about what she usually does when she’s being courted, I figured that she must be able to manage someway or another.
She doesn’t show any signs of dropping her cover.


However, she has not said a word to the hunk prince since the beginning, is this alright? No, he’s royalty, so intervening in his conversation must be out of the question.
Theo is the leading actor today, his other friends are also only listening in.

Theo is acting as an intermediary and the one actually talking is——I think——Ellie.

Well, I wonder whether the royalty can’t do anything about this just because we are the Christophe family.

Finding the hunk prince endlessly making passes at Ellie boring, I yawned.
Theo who was keeping His Highness company until now promptly kneeled to drop his point of view.


“Sorry, Lily. You must be bored, right? Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”


The hunk prince who was in the middle of the conversation couldn’t hide his surprise, but he had no choice but to swallow his words as Theo aura changed.
He directed it away from me so I wouldn’t feel it, but I could tell easily.
He was oozing a violent aura to silence his opponent.
This aura born from strong emotions appears next to the magical power, even if others can’t sense it, it’s meaningless to conceal it from me, whose eyes are able to see magical power.

This aura is something Theo would absolutely not use normally, but there is one person with similar aura.
That is, of course, Ellie.

Her cover is blowing off, but she seems to not care.

Seriously, when it comes to this Lilianne, others are only secondary to these two.
Even though I just got bored, the two don’t seem to care about the reason whatsoever.
The two must be of the same opinion that the one who made me this bored is the hunk who kept talking endlessly.
Moreover, this aura coming out unconsciously is the big problem here.
Ellie aside, I don’t think Theo wants to direct this aura towards his friends.
Really troubling.


For the sake of the nervous hunk prince and Theo’s friends, I have to follow-up for him here.

“Nii~ni, is fine. Will go dwink watel with Nee~ne.”

“I will go with you.”

“Nii~ni is the host. You kan’t.”

“Ugh… indeed. I will leave her in your care then, Ellie.”


The dangerous aura has been immediately calmed down with my words.
They were doing it unconsciously just as I thought. Theo will surely follow-up for himself once he sees the tense faces of the hunk prince and his friends.


“Leave it to me. Well then Your Highness, everyone. Excuse us, please. Now then, Lily. Let’s go.”


Ellie who returned to being a secluded young lady smiled at the prince’s nervous group and took my hand and left.

I could hear Theo boasting of his little sister with a wry smile and apologetic tone, but I soon couldn’t hear him anymore.
They have surely heard Theo boasting of his little sister before and will surely misunderstand something from this incident.


Well, I can’t say for sure that Theo wasn’t aiming for that himself.


I sat on the chair that was prepared for me, received the fruit water——apple-flavored——from Ellie, and slowly sipped.

I was able to see the facial expressions of the members who were listening to Theo boast about his little sister gradually cramp, but oh well.
It looks that he boasts about his little sister on a regular basis anyway.


Many side shows were performed on the stage and currently, a street performance known as juggling was being performed.
I couldn’t see the person juggling, but Ellie who was next to me explained to me what was going on.


Completely different from a little while ago, Ellie’s voice sounded happy and comfortable.
Theo’s birthday then went on without any problems, and it seemed that Theo who was boasting about his little sister more vigorously than usual was able to make His Highness and his friends misunderstand him successfully. The birthday party came to a close safely.

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