Chapter 177

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Emotional Singing
Theo’s birthday party progressed smoothly and with the greetings finished, various performances were happening.
The servants did various performances such as a play, singing, and dancing.
A buffet has opened in the party hall, so the participants were having friendly chat here and there while enjoying the performances.

The leading actor, Theo, was seemingly having a good time while chatting with Prince Genovi and his friends from the academy.
But, I noticed that he had peeked several times at us. He probably wants to introduce us.

It was only Prince Genovi who came to us on the second floor.
Therefore, his friends have not greeted me, Ojiisama, Obaasama and others, say nothing of introducing themselves.
My Oniisama was apparently boasting of his beloved little sister even in the academy, so it’s obvious that he wants to introduce me, who is not able to leave the mansion to his friends.


Well, we will be doing our birthday present performance in a little while, so introductions and greetings can come after that.
In fact, there’s a proper reason for the present to be pushed this far back.
That’s because the leading actor of today is Theo and Obaasama and Ojiisama don’t want me to end up snatching the spotlight from him.
But, that’s not definitely all.

Even though the subordinates of Obaasama and others investigated the people that were invited, it’s not clear what could happen on the appointed day. A considerable number of people came today, so they are being re-checked.
This is what I heard from Kuti, but Prince Genovi’s side was apparently reconsidered twice.
He might be Theo’s amiable friend, but he’s royalty.
Although the Christophe Household are Great Nobles that even the royal family can’t interfere with, there are limits.
That’s why they are stalling it even now. If he wasn’t from the royalty, it surely wouldn’t take this long.
As I thought, having royalty as an opponent is quite a chore.


That being the case, we are waiting here, waiting for our turn, while observing, and making sure that we don’t steal the spotlight.

“Ellie, Lily. It’s almost our turn, let’s go change?”

“Yes, Ena.”


“Do your best~ you two.”

“Go get ‘em. I am looking forward to it.”

“Yes, Obaasma, Ojiisama.”

“Will do my bessst~”

“You have practiced a lot. You will surely do great~”

“I wasn’t able to hear you practicing the song even once in the end, so I have high expectations.”


Receiving Obaasama and Ojiisama’s encouragement, I went to a different room with Ellie, Ena and our personal maids to change.
Ellie was gently holding my left hand, while Ena held the right.
These two… no, my personal maids and Scarlet too, they don’t seem to be nervous at all.


Not being nervous even though they are about to sing in front of so many people on Theo’s birthday, I can only say as expected of them.
Well, my personal maids and Scarlet are like that, so I think it would be rare for them to be nervous.
Ellie and Ena have quite the courage too, and I am not nervous at all either.
Far from that, I am looking forward to it.


Now then, let’s wish our Oniisama happy birthday.
The servant who was acting as the host gave a narration and the noisy party hall got immediately quiet.
The curtain on the stage has not opened yet.
I can’t see the curtain itself, but I would know it got opened since I would immediately get to see the people behind it.
Additionally, the flow of air feels a bit confined, so it’s truly easy to tell.


“Lily, let’s have fun singing. If we enjoy ourselves while singing, Theo will be happy too.”

“Ai. I will have fun~”

“Indeed. Let’s enjoy the moment. I don’t mind if you guys make a mistake, so enjoy yourselves. Ah, but Scarlet. You can’t sing off-key on purpose, okay?”

“So I was exposed? Let’s sing perfectly then.”

“Seriously, gee…”


Ena’s personal maid, Scarlet, shrugged her shoulders in a nonchalant manner.
She is a special maid that is also the Christophe family’s guest.
She is from the rabbit clan just like Lacria, she is as tall as Ena who is of high stature with nice proportions where it counts.

When I looked up at the towering Scarlet, she who noticed my gaze smiled cheerfully at me.
That’s because Scarlet noticed that I was observing the flow of her magical power.
I have no idea how or why, but it’s not like she holds any malice towards me, so there shouldn’t be any problems.


In the meanwhile, the host announced us.


“Now then, let’s have fun.”




With Ellie’s voice, the personal maid Scarlet joined mine and Ellie’s hand to form a semicircular shape.
Ellie was naturally holding my hand as well.
Ena stood behind me and Ellie and she placed both of her hands on our shoulders.
While feeling the warm body temperature of the three, the curtain opened and I could see Oniisama and my parents on the opposite side. I also saw many guests.

Theo immediately started clapping his hands and following after him, large applause broke out.
After everyone curtsied to respond to the applause, the beat of our song started playing.

“The Starry Night”

It was a song talking about the many stories of the countless shining stars in the night sky.
The stories were various, a happy story, a funny story, a sad story, a story of the future, a story of the past, a story of love.
The time of the stars flows slowly.
It was a song for a long night.


The opening was Ena’s.
The party hall got wrapped instantly with her perfectly clear, beautiful voice.
Following was Scarlet with the chorus and the main verse was sung by me and Ellie.

Delivering the results of all the practice, I was able to have fun while singing.
And then, as if going one volume down, my and Ellie’s voice resounded around the party hall.

Taking one step ahead, I presented one of my palms that was now free to the audience.


This is the highlight scene where the stars get together and talk in excitement.
Raising the hand that I extended towards the audience up was the signal to dispell the concealment magic tool that me and Ellie were using.

The concealment was also dispelled from Ena and her personal maid, Scarlet at the same time and they quickly got into position.

Something akin to wavelets occurred from the ceiling which made the party hall to immediately sigh in admiration.

In the beginning, everyone on the stage was wearing chic formal dresses.
The magic tool was hiding our light-colored dresses.

With the concealment dispelled, four wings appeared on everyone’s backs except me and Ellie, and the dresses also turned vivid.

Me and Ellie were special as six wings appeared on our backs and Inumimio on our heads.
A necklace with a model in the shape of Reki-kun shined on my chest.

Ellie and I who were slowly floating up sung the story of the stars’ future.
And then, as if mirroring each other, we started the doggy dance.

Scarlet kneeled down as if praying and slowly overlapped her voice with ours.
The party hall was wrapped in a warm atmosphere and everyone watched our doggy dance in admiration.


The story switched from the future to the past, and Ena who was the main singer for this part overwhelmed the warm and fluffy atmosphere that was currently flowing within the hall.
Ena’s singing voice was just that natural, with an overwhelming impact. The appearing magical power swiftly engulfed the party hall.

The magical power Ena showed so far could only be considered feeble.
But, the magical power Ena is showing now could be compared to Claire’s.
There are many things that can manifest magical power, but Ena’s magical power always has a common point.


That is its clear translucency which is as beautiful as Ena’s singing.


Looking at the audience, I could see people shedding tears here and there.
Even though Theo’s eyes were watering too, he was showing a wonderful smile.
His Highness Genovi next to him was already crying out loud, though.


With Ena’s story of the past done, there was only one story left to tell——the story of love.


Ellie, Ena, personal maids, Scarlet.
Everyone stood so I was in the center of the stage.
Right about now, a spotlight is surely shining upon me. Unfortunately, I can’t see it, so I can’t tell.


The story has begun and the stars’ love resounded around the hall.

Light, sweet, and fickle.
Pure and clean, the vast love spread around the party hall.


With such thoughts in my mind, I wrapped the party hall with my magical power and I spun it while looking straight at Theo.


While wrapping the hall with such a large amount of magical power, Theo already started weeping… but, he was showing even more wonderful smile than before.


I was able to enjoy singing the last piece without a hitch and the song ended.

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