Chapter 99

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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You are my child.
“Yurika, are you okay?”

I couldn’t help but call out, “Father-in-law,” at the appearance of my reliable ally, but Denis didn’t find fault with me. He told me that he was glad to see me safe and sound.
Just then there was a thud and Anton had knocked down the soldiers who had captured him. It seems that he was trying to take advantage of the moment when we were distracted. He had taken something out of his chest and was thrusting it towards His Majesty Liamus.

“Your Majesty!”
“Mother’s enemy. Prepare yourself!”
“Stop it— Anton.”

The voices of Denis and I overlapped. I felt as if the time in the place had stopped as His Majesty collapsed while Anton stood there looking at him.

“As if I would recognize someone like you as my father.”

Anton was re-captured by the guards. Anton yelled in opposition.

“Your Majesty, your wound will only get worse. Please don’t talk anymore. Quickly call for a physician.”

Denis who was holding the fallen King frowned at his son’s words.

“Why did you violate my mother?”

His words were full of disrespect towards His Majesty. Even those who didn’t know the situation could feel the hatred Anton felt.

“I… see. You…”
“What are you saying? Anton. What kind of misunderstanding is this? You are my child.”

His Majesty tried to speak with his frail voice, but Denis interrupted him from the side.

“You think you are His Majesty’s child? What a presumptuous delusion. Are you still trying to deceive yourself? It seems that my unworthy son, at last, got crazy in the head.”
“… Father.”
“You have put your hands on the King of another country. This is an unforgivable sin. When we return to our country, I will have no choice but to offer my head too.”


Because of your selfish actions, the entire Garland family will have to accept punishment, Denis said with his eyes watering. To me, it seemed that Denis was desperately trying to make it known to the surroundings that Anton was his son.
There were guards from the Troyl here, as well as those under Denis’ command from Ligisia, who have been brought here by him. From what Anton had done, they would all have realized who his real father was at a glance. That I think, is what Denis fears.

“That’s fine with me. But what about Noah? He’s just a child. I don’t want you to take away his future.”

Anton didn’t seem to be persuaded by Denis’s words. He stared at Denis with hatred.

“Are you trying to criticize me? You, who have put the daughter of Duke Manela and her son ahead of me and my mother, your family?”
“You are wrong, Anton. You are…”
“Stop the excuses. You should be detesting me. I’m a child born between the woman you loved and another man, after all.”

Hearing those words, His Majesty commanded feebly.

“Everyone… leave… this place. Don’t approach… until I call for… you.”

He ordered the guards away to let him have one last conversation between father and son, so everyone left the place, leaving His Majesty and Anton, the father and son alone. Anton’s body and wrists were tied with ropes to prevent him from moving. I wondered if I should leave as well, but Dora rushed in as a doctor, and I was kept in the room.
Dora swiftly treated His Majesty and brought him the couch that had been placed to the wall of this room and had His Majesty lie down there. I thought it would be a good idea to carry His Majesty into the bedroom, but His Majesty refused to do so, saying he had something to say to Anton.

“I have never hated you. No matter what you say, you are my son.”
“My mother told me during her last moments. That I am not your child. That my father is Prince Liamus of Troyl.”

Anton told Denis that no matter how much he tried to hide the truth, he was taught the truth by his mother.

“That’s why my mother told me to not expect too much from you, even if you showed interest.”
“My goodness…”

Denis looked devastated, seemingly saying that there’s no way he would ever act in such way.

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