Chapter 98

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Don’t even think about it.
Anton doesn’t think anything of my annoyance with him. But I have no interest in him either, so it’s a mutual thing, I guess? With that in mind, I followed the chamberlain who was guiding me under Anton’s escort. The chamberlain stopped in front of a certain massive door.

“His Majesty is waiting for you there.”

The guards who stood on either side of the door and opened it for us. His Majesty Liamus, who was sitting on his throne, was awaiting us. Dozens of guards were lined up against the wall to protect His Majesty on standby. I felt something odd about it. I don’t know what kind of relationship His Majesty and Anton have with each other, but this felt like he was being on guard.
Even I felt that way, so there was no way Anton wouldn’t notice. But I didn’t feel any change in Anton’s demeanor.
His Majesty’s voice resounded around the room.

“Welcome, Anton, Miss Yurika.”

His Majesty didn’t address me as Anton’s wife. It seems he had remembered it when I told him that I was Anton’s ex-wife.

“Thank you for…”

He raised his hand to stop Anton who was about to greet him.

“No need for formal greetings. It’s going to make Miss Yurika uncomfortable.”

His Majesty said gently and then looked at Anton.

“Anton. Isn’t it about time you let Miss Yurika go?”
“Seize him.”

The soldiers who had been waiting in this room seized Anton from both sides at the que of His Majesty. Another soldier called out to me, “This way,” and I was moved to the wall.
Anton, who was seized in the center of the room from both sides questioned: “Your Majesty. What is the meaning of this?” and insisted that he did nothing wrong.
His Majesty, who came all the way down from his throne and approached Anton and said,


“Anton. We have been requested by Ligisia to hand you over. It seems you thought you did things properly. You thought things were going to be fine, but all of your comrades were already caught. There’s no one on your side here.”
“That can’t be…!”

There was a hint of panic in Anton, whose momentum had been strong even though the guards had captured him.

“Don’t even think about it now, Lord Anton.”

Anna, with her wrists bound, came out the entrance with the curtains beside the throne, accompanied by a soldier. She seemed to have been dragged out of her prison cell and brought to this place, as her complexion looked pale and mellow.

“Anna. You have betrayed me?”
“Wasn’t it you who betrayed us from the very beginning? We were deceived. His Majesty has a warm heart. He promised not to punish my Father and my family if I tell him everything I know.”

Anton spoke in a low voice. Anna, on the other hand, stared at him with no emotion.

“How unfortunate, Anna. I thought you have understood me the most.”
“I also find it unfortunate. That things had to end like this.”

Words were exchanged between each other that only the two of them could understand. I looked at them and thought: It’s over now, but it seems that I, after all, was not even a dot in Anton’s presence. The two, one near the entrance beside the throne and the other in the center of the room, were staring at each other without words. It was Anna who moved first, urged by a soldier, she took her gaze off Anton and was taken away to the other side of the curtain.

“Is this good enough? Count Garland.”
“I appreciate your cooperation.”

When His Majesty called out towards the door from which we entered a little earlier, my ex-father-in-law Denis entered with his subordinates following him.

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