Chapter 79

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A secret ally.
“That… Madam.”
“Don’t call me Madam. What is it. Do you want something from me?”
“Umm, you have not eaten your meal, so…”

Mille timidly addressed me.

“I don’t want to eat. Leave me alone.”
“It’s bad for your body. Won’t you at least have the soup?”
“Why? Even though I’m your beloved Lady Anna’s enemy?”

Mille, who had criticized me before, had completely stopped after that time, and has been concerned about my complexion instead. Was she told something by Anna? I was secluded in my room for five days already, and she started insisting because she hasn’t seen me eat during this time.
Anton is away from the mansion, so the three of us hadn’t dined together since then. Anna didn’t seem to want to look after me, so it was quite difficult for me.

I wanted to be alone for a while. Mille couldn’t leave me alone, most likely of guilt, after I told her my truth, so she has been coming to see me every few hours, but she had not seen me eat as of yet.

“What do I have to do for you to eat? I beg you. Please at least give it a taste.”
“Then, can you reheat the soup for me?”

Mille placed the plate with soup on the wagon and hurriedly left the room. At the same time, I heard knocking on the window. It was the crow, Blacky.

“That was a close one. But, you are a good child, aren’t you, Blacky?”

When I opened the window, the crow entered the room.

“What are you holding in your beak this time?”

Blacky said “Caw.” and let go of what he had in his beak. I tied a letter I was hiding near my chest around Blacky’s leg.


“Thank you, Blacky.”

Blacky roamed around the room. Seeing him like that healed me~ while thinking that, I tasted the steamed potato Blacky held in his beak. It’s really helpful that this potato can be eaten with the skin. I can destroy the evidence, after all.
Blacky has also brought me sweets and fruits, but he always takes the garbage if there’s any in his beak and carries them outside, so there’s no evidence left behind. He’s a truly smart crow.

The owner must have trained him well, but he may be smarter than some humans.

The first time Blacky knocked on the window of my room was when I was in a bad mood from sharing a table with Anton and Anna. Blacky was outside when I returned after having lost my appetite. At that time, Blacky carried a letter from Fii.

(I will definitely save you. Wait for me.)

These words encouraged me. After that, Blacky immediately flew away and returned carrying a bag of sweets. Since then, he would carry me food at least once a day and I enjoyed it very much, that’s why I have been not paying attention to the food that came from this house. However, they might get suspicious of me if I don’t eat at all.

“Lady Yurika, I finished warming it up.”
“I see. Thanks.”

Mille returned quicker than I thought. When I tried to hide Blacky, he hid under my bed as soon as I wanted to act. I am impressed by his cleverness.
The soup was a mil stew with seafood. When I scooped it out and carried it to my mouth, I felt it tasted nostalgic, and I ate it all because it tasted that good. When Mille saw me finish it, she took the plate from me with a look of relief on her face.

“I will withdraw then.”
“I got sleepy, so don’t let anyone in here for a while.”

Mille nodded to my words and left pushing the wagon. Having my stomach full, I got assaulted by drowsiness and tumbled on top of the bed.

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