Chapter 80

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Would you be so kind as to not make fun of me?
How long did I sleep for? I woke up to a sudden tilt of the bed and the sound of flapping wings. The room was dark. It seems to have become night before I knew it.

“W, what?”

I suddenly heard a man’s scream. When I raised my body up, someone was being attacked by a bird on the bed’s side.


Blacky has apparently remained in my room without returning. Blacky spread his wings wide and threatened the other party while poking him with his beak.

“Anton? Blacky, stop it.”

Why is he in my bedroom? That was my first thought rather than considering whether I will be in trouble if Anton was harmed by Blacky. Blacky abided by my words.

“What is this thing?”

When Blacky’s attacks stopped, Anton who was in tatters stood up. Blacky came close to my feet and continued threatening Anton with “Caw, caw.” Seeing that, Anton grimaced.

“He’s my excellent guard. Why are you here?”
“No, well. I thought you might be feeling lonely sleeping all alone.”

I doubted his words. I suddenly became drowsy after eating the stew.

“Did you put sleeping drugs into the stew? You are the worst.”
“I thought you won’t let me touch you unless I do that.”

Anton admitted. I’m irritated by his bold attitude.

“Did you order Mille to do this?”
“Mille? Oh, the maid who carried in the stew? No, it was me who put in the sleeping drugs. She said she was going to reheat the stew for you, so I told her there’s already one ready to go.”

How well-prepared he is. Normally, the owner of the mansion wouldn’t reheat the food one by one for the guest. Mille saw Anton caring for me in front of Anna and I told her of our relationship. She might have thought Anton was trying to atone for abandoning his wife, so she took it from him when handed without any suspicions.
No wonder she returned so quickly.

“You must have loved me, no? And yet you seem to be avoiding meeting with me.”

Anton’s childish excuse gave me a headache. Was he such a foolish person before? You tried to violate me by using sleeping drugs.

“What a naive person you are. How would I like someone who abandoned his wife and child and ran away with another woman? The moment I found out, all the feelings I had for you vanished completely.”
“Sorry. I had reasons for that. It definitely wasn’t because I wanted to slight you. Anna is nothing.”
“Do you think I don’t know anything, Anton? Would you be so kind as to not make fun of me? I don’t think Anna would appreciate that, too.”
“I don’t think of you anything anymore. I don’t care if you two end up in this country together.”

I have no intention of getting back together with Anton. If he was going to marry Anna, I was fine with that. But I’m not going to give Noah away, though.

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