Chapter 77

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I don’t want to see your face.
“I’ve heard a lot about you. It looks like you encountered quite a big success? I heard about the matter of Baron Baker’s party and Marquis Hattere’s punishment.”
“Why yes, thank you…”
“As expected of the brilliant youngest daughter of the Vise family. I know that other young ladies wouldn’t be able to accomplish what you did. My wife is out of the norm.”
“I am not your wife anymore. I’ve gotten permission to divorce from His Majesty.”
“Wasn’t I supposed to be treating my illness to the public eye?”
“You are quite well in the known about Ligisia’s matters, aren’t you? You already seem to have sneaked into that checkpoint, so I wonder if you were bringing more spies to your secret base?”

I found Anton, who was doing whatever he pleased in my Father’s territory, hateful. Father doesn’t know that Anton was involved in this. But even then, Father will have to bear responsibility for allowing Troylan’s spies to pass through the checkpoint.
Anton’s tone suggested that he didn’t feel this matter was any significant.

“No, it was just a coincidence we used that checkpoint. I thought it would be easier to avoid people’s eyes by using waterways than the land route. My companions who arrived first were trying to get us to the pier, but you caught my eye. They made you faint with drugs, but the guard immediately rushed over, so they could only hide you in a panic on the ship and retreat as soon as possible.”

Now that I have been kidnapped, it will be hard to track me. I can’t depend on that anymore. I asked with a slightly disappointed voice.

“Just what do you want to do?”
“Oh, stop it, Yurika. Aren’t you remonstrating me? You weren’t this meddlesome before, no? It’s about time for me to leave. I’m leaving for the palace. I will leave the rest to you, Anna.”

Anton got up from the bed and left after entrusting me to Anna. I felt something like an invisible bond between them.

“What is that person doing here?”
“That’s not something I can say.”

Anna wasn’t going to tell me. Her attitude was irritating.

“Since when was he your target? Were you guys in a deep relationship before the divorce talks? That time, when I was crying my heart out in your arms, you must have been ridiculing me while pretending to be comforting me, right? You are one cruel human.”
“It’s nothing like that. Lord Anton cherishes you as his own wife.”
“Oh my, what an exemplary reply worthy of a maid. But, I do not wish for that. How about we speak frankly? Anna. I’ve heard that you have been taking care of my husband’s personal and living quarters for his wife, me, who wasn’t able to take care of him because I was busy raising his child.”

Anna’s complexion changed several times as she retorted.

“Don’t you understand it well then? You are not fit to be Lord Anton’s wife, Madam.”
“Don’t call me Madam anymore. We have already divorced. I’m not his wife.”
“Ah. That’s right. I ended up forgetting. Madam was abandoned by Lord Anton.”


Anna grinned. I felt indignation at her provocations.

“Lord Anton told me in the bed. That he married you only to raise his child. He said he was happy to get such a good caretaker for his child. He said that since his wife is a soft-spoken person, he can use you in many ways because you would try to do your best without going against him.”
“In the beginning, he was upset about His Majesty’s recommendation, but he said he picked up something good in the end. Thanks to that, he could concentrate on loving me.”

You poor Madam. She laughed loudly while ridiculing me. I got up from the bed and approached her. I raised my dominant right hand, and a loud sound of slapping resounded around.

“Get out. I don’t want to see your face anymore.”

The timing was very bad as a maid entered right at this moment.

“Lady Anna. What happened?”
“So heartless. This person hit me out of sudden.”

When Anna held her cheek in pain, the maid ran up to her and stared at me.

“Oh my, what did you do to our gentle Lady Anna. Lady Anna, are you okay?”
“Thank you, Mille.”

Her cheek was swollen. Let’s go cool it down. The maid took Anna away.

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