Chapter 64

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Are you acquaintanced with painter Roma?
“He’s almost like a princess.”
“The title is ‘A Prince’, huh. It’s meaningful.”
“It’s a custom that is gone by now, but it still existed during Grandfather’s generation, right? Numerous boys were passing away from an unknown disease, so they dressed the young boys in girl’s clothes to drive the evil out, right?”
“There were many marriages between relatives in the past, and that cycle apparently had adverse effects on their children. Roma had surely heard about that from somewhere and painted it.”
“You talk like you are acquaintanced with painter Roma.”
“That’s because I am.”
“Eh? You are acquaintances? No way?”
“I got the tickets thanks to that.”

Saying that, Fii placed his finger to his mouth. It seems my voice grew louder before I noticed. Thankfully, there was no one around, so I was the only one who knew that Fii was acquaintances with painter Roma.

“When did you get to know such a celebrity?”
“Call it a coincidence, but I saved him from thugs when I was visiting a different country for work and we became close after that. He was that country’s King’s royal painter, so people were very envious of him.”
“I see. He wouldn’t be able to use Lapis Lazuli for his paintings otherwise, huh.”

Fii said that painter Roma was a painter of a King who was watched by many envious eyes. I see, I can accept that. Lapis Lazuli is a scarce, high-class item. It’s not something a painter can afford. It might have been possible if a King of some country was his patron, though.
In fact, all of the painter Roma’s paintings are wonderful. The expressions of the people in the paintings draw me in. It feels like they would start talking from the painting at any time.

“So wonderful. I think I understand why every one of these is so wonderful. What do you think of this one, Fii?”


The one work I especially liked was titled “Woman in Blue Dress”, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the dignified appearances of the woman waiting backstage for her turn.

“What do you think about this woman? It feels like she’s gazing into the future.”
“Indeed. It seems like she’s about to step into a judgment scene.”
“That’s what it looks like to me.”

When I heard the outrageous words from Fii’s mouth, Fii smiled wryly. After that, I had fun looking at the paintings and asking Fii for his impressions.

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