Chapter 63

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Museum date with Fii.
The next morning, Fii appeared in indigo blue clothes with a dark blue overcoat. He is a handsome man from the start, so I thought everything he wore would suit him, but he looked even cooler than I expected. It’s a secret that my heart started pounding the moment our eyes met.
I was wearing my favorite light blue dress for outing and a hat of the same color, but Fii who told me “It looks good on you” kept staring at me, but thankfully, when I was feeling embarrassed, Dora spoke up.

“Fionn-sama. We leave Madam in your care.”
“Yeah. Let’s go then, Yuri.”

Fii presented his hand covered in a glove. His hand was large and warm. Which reminds me, it has been a while since I was escorted by a man. My husband’s hands were cold even through gloves. I thought men’s hands were just like that, but it seems that every person is different.

“I hope it’s not crowded.”

Fii didn’t talk a lot in the carriage. Instead, he stared at me much more, so my heart was pounding on its own. I’m glad I could go out with Fii, but I have never felt this awkward before.

When I used the window as an escape from his gaze, we were in front of the art museum before I noticed.
The museum didn’t seem crowded. I’m glad. I will be able to look leisurely. I was in high spirits. Fii, who got off the carriage first bowed, saying “Your hand please, Young Lady.” like a servant, so I ended up scolding him “I’m not young anymore.”

I wonder why I am so no good in this aspect. Why do I always talk so abusively in front of Fii?
Even though I was able to converse with Anton normally…
Grabbing my depressed hand, Fii started walking.

“This is like a date, isn’t it?”


A date. The word I’ve yearned for. Because my husband and I adhered to the public standards rather than communicating our feelings to each other, we never went anywhere together.
My husband was diligent at his work, so I thought married couples were just like this. Anton seemed to dislike being touched unnecessarily, so I felt lonely even by standing next to him. That’s why the word ‘date’ was foreign to me.

I never thought I would be able to go on one with a different person. Being escorted by a person of the opposite sex while dressed like this feels like a dream. Moreover, Fii was matching my walking speed. That also made me happy for no reason.
I was able to walk side-by-side with my husband, Anton, only when participating at evening parties. That’s only a few times a year. He would leave me alone after escorting me inside, he would also not pay attention to me on the way back, and it was difficult keeping up with him as he walked too fast for me.

“What is it, Yuri? What are you recalling that makes you laugh like that?”

Recalling the way Anton was escorting me, made me laugh sarcastically, so Fii asked with concern.

“It’s nothing. Rather than that, Fii. Look. Look over there, it’s so cute.”
“What is?”

When I stopped my legs in front of a picture, Fii stopped. A picture of a child of about three years was depicted in the picture. Noah was three when I met him for the first time.
The picture depicted a little child in a vermillion dress adorned with laces, ribbons, and jewelry, smiling awkwardly.

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