Chapter 37

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The ideal couple.
“Yuri. What are you angry about?”
“I’m really not angry or anything.”
“Isn’t your attitude to me somewhat different?”
“You think so?”

Father-in-law and Mother-in-law who knew it was my birthday today come to congratulate me with Fii, who rushed along. I had a big party at my parents’ house, so I was happy to see my In-laws visit me.
It was when I was having a pleasant dinner in the dining room with everyone. Suddenly, Fii asked why I was acting cold only to him. I didn’t have such intentions, but it seems that my attitude to him must have been different.

“My, oh my. Fii, you can’t trouble Yurika so much. You will be hated.”

Mother-in-law Margot laughed.

“Mother, do you hate Uncle?”
“I don’t.”

Noah asked with a sad face. When I told him that I don’t hate him, a smile immediately bloomed on his face.

“You must like Uncle then.”

Such words resounded around the dining room. I felt like the time stopped for a moment. Everyone was looking at me. Father-in-law and Mother-in-law too. Even the maids who were waiting upon us near the walls. When my eyes met with Dora’s, I felt heat gathering on my cheeks.

“Wh, what are you saying? Noah.”
“Isn’t it only given, Noah. Yuri and I are childhood friends, after all.”
“Childhood friends, those are friends who get along well since young, right?”
“Correct. You remember it well, Noah.”
“As expected of Noah.”

Fii replied while I was confused. I was impressed that Noah remembered what childhood friends are since the last time I told him. My son is so incredible! The over-fond parent within me awakened. The quiet dining room came back to life.

“You are so clever, Noah. You know more than your gramps. Hey, Margot. How about another glass of wine?”
“Yeah. Noah is admirable. How about you stop drinking? You will get drunk.”
“Isn’t that fine? Today is Yuri’s birthday, it’s a joyous occasion.”
“You get drunk easily, though. You just want an excuse to get yourself drunk, don’t you?”
“Oy, oy, that’s rude of you, Margot.”

Mother-in-law scolded the humorous Father-in-law lightly. The stern-looking man looked like a small squirrel in front of his love, which made me feel envious. Father-in-law and Mother-in-law are an ideal couple that I had longed to be for three long years.

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