Chapter 36

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I will never be able to return again.
The girl asked irritatedly the stunned Anton.

“Are you buying or not?”

The girl who used to talk politely up until now seemed to be unhappy because of Anton’s attitude. Since he was about the same age as the girl, he looked foolish for being treated so politely before.

“I’m buying. I will buy all the flowers you have here.”

Speaking bluntly, it made the girl blink her eyes dumbfounded. She unexpectedly has a cute a face, he thought, attracted to the girl. At that time, he had a fiancée he treated as his real little sister, but he felt something different towards this girl in his chest area.

“What are you going to do with so many flowers?”
“I’m going to offer them to my Mother.”

His mother who died protecting him. In reality, it wouldn’t be strange for him to be loathed after his birth, but his mother saved him. For Anton, she was his lifesaver.

“I will help you carry it. Give it to me.”

The flower-selling girl who should have gone home after selling the flowers took half of Anton’s flower to help him.

“Where are you going?” She asked.
“The church further ahead.”

He replied and moved in silence.

“Your Mother is…?”
“She’s sleeping here.”

Anton kneeled before one of the graves. There was already a white lily on the grave. There was only a few people who visited his mother on her death anniversary. His father probably sent a butler to do it.
His father was a person who wouldn’t forget his mother’s death anniversary even if on a battlefield. His mother was loved by his father until the end. That was a salvation for Anton.


When he stood up after praying, he realized that the girl was still there.

“I’m sorry for having you come with me. You can go now.”
“Where are you going after this?”

The girl asked worriedly. Did it seems as if I ran away from home? He thought. It seems that he was someone who caused people to worry a lot.

“I’m returning home. It’s time for you to go home too, no?”

Come, let’s return. He presented his hand to the girl who took his hand in relief.

“Say, what is your name?”
“I’m Anton, and you?”
“I am Anna.”

They called each other’s names so naturally after that. They met each other again after many twists and turns. What is this if not fate?
He was surprised when he the girl appeared before him again, serving his second wife.

“So much time had passed since that day. I didn’t believe you would still remember me. That’s why I was so shocked when you called out to me.”
“Didn’t you remember me too?”

I mean, you are my… he couldn’t hear the rest of Anna’s mutter.
A silver pendant with fine decoration was swaying on Anton’s chest. It was a memento locket of his late mother. There was a portrait of a beautiful woman inside. That was all the proof Anton needed for Anna’s companions to accept him, and the reason Anton was able to step into this country so easily.

I will be able to avenge my mother. For that reason alone, being the son of Ligisia’s General Garland, and the status of the Commander of Imperial Guards were just a hindrance.
I will never be able to return again. I made up my resolve to leave the country, yet sometimes, I find myself missing the mansion back in the capital. Thinking of the people I left behind, my heart is breaking.

Even though I found returning back home bothersome when I was working, I find myself awfully yearning to return home. I consider myself a selfish guy.
As soon as I think of not being able to return to that life anymore, I start regretting my decision.

If I told Anna about it, she would make fun of me for saying this after letting them go. I don’t think I know what I want myself. Even so, I miss that warm home awfully lot.

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