Chapter 34

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Just what are you thinking?
“Oh, Lord Anton. Raise your head. Have you gotten used to living here?”
“Thank you very much for your consideration. Your Majesty Liamus. Everyone is taking great care of me.”
“You are my lifesaver. Something of this extent is a cheap trade.”
“I only offered you advice. I was fortunate that someone of your status took my words into consideration.”
“Don’t be humble. If you didn’t tell me what my opposition was planning, this head of mine would be already lost.”

In the amber-lit corridor, Anton was lowering his head in front of the most powerful person in the country. Anna, whom he became a couple with, was also standing behind him.
The thin, oval-faced man who told Anton to raise his head was this country’s king, Liamus. He was the former Eight Prince who was ridiculed behind his back as someone who was lucky enough to pick up the throne.

His Majesty Liamus was always accompanied by several strong-bodied men. This was the cause of many wicked rumors spread around, but His Majesty never minded them, and he also joked with Anton “Want to wait upon me in my quarters?” before.
It was supposed to be a joke, but the serious Anton wasn’t able to laugh then.

“You also had it hard, Anna. What about the aftermath? You were not harmed by the opposition, were you?”
“No, I wasn’t harmed thanks to you, Your Majesty. Everyone in the family is safe.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Please give Dinos my regards.”

His Majesty was in a good mood and took the fierce-looking men away. Dinos was Anna’s father. A former diplomat who was in temporary retirement.
With the King out of sight, Anna spoke to Anton anxiously.

“Anton. Just what are you thinking?”
“Anna. Dresses suit you way more than the maid uniform.”

Anton did not answer Anna’s question on purpose. When he praised the way she looked in a dress instead of replying to her question, she leaked out a deep sigh. Anna was weak against Anton. Anna infiltrated Ligisia as a spy under the orders of the anti-monarch faction. She was supposed to look for a certain person. Because of that, she and her parents waited for an opportunity, until she got employed at Yurika’s house. Anton wasn’t aware of her from the beginning.


When he met Anna again, he recalled the day he met her during his childhood days, he began feeling more comfortable around her than other servants, and became aware of her suspicious behavior. The nose of a workaholic was good. He was really disappointed when he found out that she was Troyl’s spy.

But, he felt strange. That’s why he came back to the country his late mother fled.

“What are you planning?”
“Nothing. What’s wrong, Anna? You are acting strange.”
“You are acting strange. It’s a plan, but it’s a ridiculous plan.”

Anna couldn’t believe the nerve of Anton when she received goodwill of her master who hid her background and when he got himself attacked just to get closer to the king.

“Are you regretting it?”

Anna hesitated. It was no wonder they couldn’t trust each other. However, Anna wanted to be part of Anton’s plan no matter what.

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