Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Aren’t you too slow?
“Uncle come too. You will be lonely on your own.”

Noah who descended the staircase turned back. I also turned back and everyone was paying attention to Fii.

“Uncle, I like you.”

Fii who heard that was staring. That was an unusual reaction for him who is usually so composed. Killan and Dora were making strange faces.
We didn’t bring a driver along, so Killan was operating the carriage. I inquired from Dora who was sitting opposite to me while Noah slept on my lap.

“Say, Dora. Did you know about Fii?”
“Fionn-sama? Yes. I know of him. What about him?”
“Where did you get to know him?”

Dora was making a strange expression. She was puzzled about why I was asking something like that.

“Where you ask, in the mansion?”
“…? Which mansion?”
“In the mansion of the Big Master, Lord Denis’ mansion. We were greeted there by Lord Fionn. Lord Fionn is Lady Margot’s son, isn’t he?”

Hearing the name Fionn, the memories I have forgotten resurfaced. It was the name of Anton’s stepbrother. He was a child from Margot’s previous marriage she brought with her when Father-in-law married for the second time. That son’s name was Fionn.
That Fionn who didn’t show up during our wedding ceremony three years ago was Fii?


When I realized the truth, I desperately swallowed the shout I was about to let out.

“No way, Madam. Were you perhaps not aware?”
“… Well. Yes…”

Dora asked timidly. Then she muttered “So pitiful…” which I couldn’t comprehend. Both Killan and Dora seem to know something I don’t.


“Aren’t you too slow? To not notice that after seeing him so much. Moreover, young master Noah was calling him Uncle so dearly.”
“I’m sorry. I thought he was calling him Uncle because of their relationship as a child and an older man.”
“There’s no way that would be the case. Young master Noah is shy of strangers, he wouldn’t get recklessly attached to an adult he doesn’t know.”

Dora and I got closer during our time cleaning the office and stuffing our stomach at the sweets shop together. She was surprisingly direct. She even lectured me in the sweets shop, so I thought our roles as the master and servant reversed.

“Lord Fionn is pitiful. Even though he was putting in so much effort to move you, you completely forgot about him and don’t even remember…”
“You don’t have to say so much. What was Fii putting so much effort in?”
“Please confirm that with the person himself. It’s not something a servant like me should be saying.”

Ohoho, Dora suddenly laughed. And then, she made a face as if realizing that she said something inconvenient.

“Wouldn’t I get curious if you say so much?”

Tell me, I appealed but Dora’s mouth was shut.

“I will lose my life if I tell you. Madam, are you telling me to die?”

I think you are exaggerating. The sleeping Noah nearly woke up because of the ruckus.

“Keep it quiet, Dora. You almost woke up Noah.”
“Yess, Madam. Still, you are too cruel. Lord Fionn is too pitiful.”
“Be quiet, Dora.”

At the critical moment, I spoke like a true madam.

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