Chapter 3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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You did nothing wrong, Madam.
“Anna, come here for a moment.”
“Madam. What is the matter?”

When I returned to my room after that incident, I noticed Anna, the maid I have brought from my parent’s home with me, and called her over. This isn’t something I can talk about with other maids, but she’s different.

“Weren’t you getting along during the lunch with Master? Did something happen?”

Anna was surprised by my vigor. She stared in wonder. She’s five years older than me. Her personality is calming, she is like a big sister I can talk about anything with. Her late husband was also working as an attendant at our home. She’s a reliable maid who offered to go with me when I was having anxiety about marrying into another family.

She was wondering what happened to me, who was supposed to be in a good mood since the morning but returned with resentment on my face. I explained to her what Anton told me.

“Anton told me that he wants a divorce.”
“A divorce? That’s quite sudden.”

Perhaps because she’s older and calmer person than me, she wasn’t that surprised. Instead, she inquired.

“Why is that?”
“Who knows? I have no clue. I thought I might have done something wrong, but Anton said there were no problems with me, he said he didn’t have anyone else he liked either…”
“That’s not something Master Anton would do.”

Anna affirmed.


“Yeah. We are talking about that workaholic Anton, after all. I have not heard any rumors either. But Anna, you have been taking care of Anton’s belongings, have you noticed something suspicious?”
“A perfume on Anton’s clothes, perhaps a lipstick on his shirt?”
“Madam, are you suspecting Master of cheating? That’s impossible. Master Anton is a very serious person. I did not find anything suspicious.”

I would tell you if I did, she added. Anna leaves the residence and visits Anton at the palace to take care of his things every three days.

“What do you plan on doing from now on, Madam?”
“Well, he told me to pack up, so I guess he will divorce me soon.”

It felt like I was getting kicked out of my home. Anna, who stood in front of me, was looking at me.

“I wonder what went wrong?”

Not being able to understand, tears fell onto my hands I had placed on my knees. Anna tightly grasped those hands.

“Madam, you did nothing wrong.”

When I impulsively hugged Anna, she gently patted my back. I couldn’t control my feelings and continued sobbing. Anna stayed by my side until I stopped crying.

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