Chapter 12

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Yeah, let’s rely on my older sister.
“You see, everyone says that Father is a workaholic. I feel lonely not being able to see Father, but he looks really cool when he wears the Imperial Guards uniform. I’m also going to enter the Imperial Guards when I grow up.”
“Is that so? So you like your Father, Noah.”
“I love Mother too. Mother is so kind and smells nice. I can endure even if Father isn’t here. I’m fine as long as Mother is with me.”

Noah’s eyes were sparkling. What a good boy you are, Noah.

“You really love your Mother, Noah.”
“Yeah. I’m going to marry Mother when I grow up. I’m then going to become an Imperial Guard and protect her.”

Mother-in-law Margot watched us warmly. Father-in-law sighed.

“Just what is that fellow doing? He’s working so much he neglects his family? That’s not what His Majesty would want.”
“Anton is devoted to his work, after all.”

While watching her lovely grandson, Mother-in-law seemed to be reminded of his father. Father-in-law must be blaming Anton for not coming home even though he has such a precious son waiting for him.

“That being said, he should make some time for his wife and son who are waiting for him at home. What about his belongings, since he isn’t returning home?”
“I was asked by Anton to send a maid from the mansion once every three days.”
“What a troublesome guy. Sorry, Yurika. We have been causing you trouble since you married into our family.”


Father-in-law said apologetically. Father-in-law seemed to be feeling sorry for me who had to marry a man with a child for my first marriage.

“Please don’t mind it, Father-in-law. I was happy to be married to this family, after all.”
“I appreciate you saying that.”

Father-in-law nodded to my response. Husband Anton is a workaholic and doesn’t return home much, but Noah was by my side all the time, so I wasn’t lonely whatsoever. The servants at the mansion are also all kind to me, so I was satisfied with my present life.
I was so happy that I felt like I would be punished if I complained about my husband not coming back to the house.
But that life will be over in a week, too.

“Yurika. What’s the matter?”
“Oh. No, it’s nothing. I just thought that I’m blessed, aren’t I?”

My Father-in-law is sharp. He was able to notice the change in my expression when I recalled my husband speaking about divorce. This place is too cozy, so I couldn’t bring myself talking about the divorce in front of my In-laws and Noah.
After a few hours, Noah became sleepy from tiredness, so we left Father-in-law’s residence. I wasn’t able to tell him about the divorce.

Just what should I do?
As I was pondering in the carriage on my way home, I suddenly thought of my fifth sister. It was the idea of my sister’s husband that led us to get married. Right. Let’s rely on my big sister. I returned home and immediately dispatched a messenger to my big sister, saying that I want to see her.

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