Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Father doesn’t come home.
When I married, my Father-in-law has already moved to a separate house with Margot and seemed estranged with the matters of Anton’s mansion in the capital, almost as if disconnected from it. Even so, the two of them showed up for our wedding. My Brother-in-law, Mother-in-law’s son was absent because he is studying far away, so I had not met him yet.

Anton is the one who unilaterally dislikes Mother-in-law, but maybe I should have been more friendly to them for Noah’s sake. I regret this very much.

If Anton divorces me, everyone will become strangers. I wish the workaholic Anton would care about Noah more…

“Have you become little heavier? You have grown up, Noah.”
“It’s still not enough. I’m going to grow much taller than you, Grandfather.”
“I see. I see.”

While thinking about this and that in my mind, I heard Father-in-law’s happy voice. Count Garland, who has a stern-looking face, broke into a broad smile after hearing Noah’s words. With a gentle smile on his face, I watched the heartwarming scene of Grandfather and grandson getting along. You could feel their blood relationship from their black hair and black eyes. Mother-in-law who sat next to them seemed to naturally blend in with them.
I was very envious. I couldn’t step into that picture, it was as if a barrier called bloodline was blocking me.

“Grandfather. Put me down.”

When my eyes matched with Noah’s, he came down from Denis’es arms, and came embracing me, saying “Mother.”
While I was patting his head, I heard Father-in-law saying “Is mother better than the old man, after all?” in a disappointed tone.
I was a bit proud of that. But, I will be cut off from the Garland family soon. That makes me feel lonely. I wish I had interacted more with you, not to mention Anton. I’m too late noticing that, though.

“Come on, go ahead and sit down.”


We passed through the reception hall. Margot encouraged us to sit down on the sofa. In-laws took seats opposite to us. The maids brewed us tea and placed sweets in front of Noah.
Noah didn’t reach his hands towards the sweets. His stomach was apparently already full from the milk and nuts Fii served him. Father-in-law who wasn’t aware of that misunderstood Noah for reserving himself and encouraged him to eat.
Noah leaned his head against my arm, seemingly sleepy. Father-in-law smiled wryly and spoke to us.

“How many years has it been since I saw you guys last? How is Anton doing?”
“It has been about two years, I think. Anton is doing fine. He has returned to work yesterday.”

I looked back to the day I last saw Father-in-law. If I recall correctly, Anton took Noah and I to visit him about a year after the wedding. But it feels like we left right after finishing greetings.

“You see, Father doesn’t come home often. He’s in the castle all the time. Working. I feel lonely.”

Noah remarked innocently. Hearing that, Father-in-law frowned.

“Anton doesn’t return to the mansion? Yurika.”
“He returned yesterday. It’s just that he seems to be busy with work, so he returns only once a month. It would be good if he didn’t harm his health, though.”
“Is that so?”

Father-in-law seemed displeased knowing that Anton wasn’t returning to the mansion much. I was afraid that Father-in-law would misunderstand Anton from Noah’s remark. Anton is immersed in his work because he doesn’t want to see his son. Perhaps it was superfluous to choose my words like that.

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