Chapter 92

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Jed’s Point of View
“Even if you have to get out of Arburn, Elle’s condition is not good, right? What are you going to do?”

I asked Giselle, who was about to leave the room, and she stopped and looked back at me.

“The Duke probably knows that Lady Elle is in this inn, so we have to leave as soon as possible.”
“I threw him off in the alleyways.”

He probably doesn’t know where the inn is.
That’s probably the reason why the Duke isn’t here yet.

“The reason why the Duke is in Arburn is that his search party found Lady Elle.”
“The search party has known for some time, then?”
“Most likely. They were probably watching her until the Duke arrived in Arburn.”

The reason they didn’t realize that someone was watching them was probably because the Duke’s search party is an excellent one.
I wish I had been more vigilant.

“Speaking of which, does the other side know about you, Giselle?”
“I don’t think they know. This is not my original appearance, after all.”

Giselle lifted the magic of her disguise.
Who appeared before me was a black-haired, blue-eyed, cold beauty.
It seems that, unlike Elle, she is good at disguises.

“You are totally a different person.”
“Unlike Lady Elle, disguise is my strong point.”
“Elle’s disguise sucks too much. It was inevitable for her to get exposed.”

Since my face is not well known as a prince, all I need to do is change my distinctive red hair, and it becomes a disguise. But Elle, who is known to many as the Duke’s daughter, is different. Changing her hair color and eye color didn’t erase her prominent, conspicuous noble face and good-natured lady-like appearance.

“Indeed. I was cautious, but it seems that I was too late.”

Giselle seemed to be dismayed by Elle’s disguise. Perhaps if they had met earlier, Elle would have never been discovered by the Duke.

“Then I will return to Lady Elle’s side. She should be awake by now.”
“How do you know?”
“I know her the best.”

The cocky look on her face was almost like she was trying to provoke me.
The moment Giselle opened the door after putting her disguise back on, she heard a commotion from the first floor of the inn.

“Did something happen?”
“That voice is…”

In an instant, Giselle’s expression became distorted.
When I tilted my head to see if there was a problem, “Lord Jed, I have a request” she said.
I nodded after seeing the desperate expression on Giselle’s face.

“Please, hide Lady Elle in your room.”
“What is this about?”
“The Duke has arrived at the inn. We cannot let him find her.”

The reason why Giselle’s expression twisted was because the Duke had arrived.
I can’t afford not to cooperate. But am I going to bring Elle, who was weak from a cold, into a man’s room?
I was about to tell her that she should take her to her own room, but the voices from below grew stronger. Someone was approaching us.
It would be impossible to take her to her room on the first floor now.

“Lord Jed, I leave Lady Elle in your care.”
“G, got it.”

It would only take a few minutes to hide her.
There was no way I could refuse Giselle’s desperate request.
When I entered Elle’s room, I saw that she was limp. It was probably because she had a fever. Her cheeks and neck were dyed red, which made her look strangely charming.

“I’ll tell you what, if you do anything strange, I’ll kill you.”
“I, I know, I know.”

I thought she should go with me if she was worried, but she told me, “I will deal with the Duke here.”
Most likely to let the Duke know that Elle was not staying in this room.

“I will come over when the Duke returns, so please be quiet.”

I nodded and took Elle out of the room.

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