Chapter 91

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Jed’s Point of View
I was shocked to hear that the person who was talking to Elle was her father.
If it was her father, why was she so scared of him?
Was it because he was the one who kicked her out of the Ansanse Kingdom?
It was strange to see her so frightened.

“Elle was terribly frightened when she confronted her father.”
“That’s because he did something to make her afraid. That fool has left an indelible scar on Lady Elle’s heart.”

I guess she wouldn’t tell me if I asked.
I can’t imagine what the duke did. But there is no doubt that he did something to make Elle suffer.
I should have punched him at least once when I saved her.
It suddenly occurred to me why Giselle, Elle’s personal maid, was in Arburn in the first place?

“Can I ask you another question?”
“I will tell you if I think I can reply.”
“Why are you here, Giselle?”

If she had followed her master, Elle, I would have understood, but Giselle had been staying in Arburn before we arrived.
I’m sure something happened to Giselle as well.

“I was driven out of Duke Olivier’s household before Lady Elle was.”
“So it was the Duke who did it…”

It is obvious that Elle cares for Giselle, and that Giselle adores Elle.
I’m so angry at the Duke for tearing apart two people who were so close and ruining their lives.

“That fool must have come all this way to bring Lady Elle back. I have to get her out of here before she gets caught.”
“Are you leaving Arburn?”
“Yes. I will get her as far away as I can.”
“Let me go with you, please.”

I want to protect the person I love, just as Giselle wants to protect her precious master.
I’m not sure what I can do, but I can at least be a shield to protect Elle.

“Do you like Lady Elle that much?”
“I was treated as a nobody, but Elle was the first person who needed me, the one who saved me when I had no meaning in life.”
“Is that why you like her?”
“Yeah. You may think that my reasoning is simple and foolish, but Elle has been special to me ever since I met her four years ago.”

I fell in love with her because she became my friend after just one chance encounter.
It may seem like a silly reason for other people, but for me it was that of an impactful encounter.

“I won’t make fun of you.”

A gentle tone of voice escaped from Giselle.
When I raised my head, my eyes met Giselle’s, who was smiling as if she was troubled.


“I was also saved by her. So I understand how you feel very well, Your Highness.”

The gentle smile on her face was somewhat similar to that of her master.

“I understand how you feel, but I will not do anything that goes against Lady Elle’s wishes.”

Elle doesn’t want me to go with her.
This is why Giselle is telling me to give up in a roundabout way, because she knows that.
It is her kindness that she does not say it clearly.

“What if Elle allows me to come with you…?”
“If she says she’ll allow it, then I’ll allow it, too.”

Giselle told me with a wry smile and a look that says she thinks it’s unlikely.
The probability is low. I know, but you can at least let me hope.

“Your Highness.”
“Jed’s fine.”
“Lord Jed, may I ask you a question as well?”
“What is it?”
“Why don’t you reveal yourself to Lady Elle?”

I’ve thought about revealing myself.
Even now, I want her to remember who I am. But if Elle knew that I was the prince of the Fall Empire, I felt that she would avoid me even more than she already does.
When I expressed my feelings to Giselle, she said, “I see” with a wry smile.

“If you don’t want to tell her, I won’t tell her either.”
“Are you sure?”

If Elle knew who I was, she would certainly refuse me. It would be a good thing for Giselle, I suppose.

“Take it as my apology for treating you bad.”

Giselle lowered her eyes apologetically, and I muttered shortly, “I see.”

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